COVID-19 Update

6/1/2020 - PBR Tournaments at LakePoint 

Game On! In accordance with Governor Kemp’s May 28 Executive Order and after speaking with members from the governor’s office, LakePoint Sports is excited to announce we are moving into Phase 2 of our reopening plan for baseball tournaments, showcases, practices and training, starting with the PBR Showdown at LakePoint, June 4-7.

As we move into Phase 2, providing a safe environment for athletes, coaches, and families on campus, as well as our team members and our local community, remains our top priority. It is important for all guests to know that our team went through a thoughtful and methodical process before moving into Phase 2, which includes over 50 safety guidelines across all sports and incorporates federal, state, and local guidelines for athletic venues.

While on campus, we encourage you to practice safe distancing and proper hygiene at all times. Safety guidelines are posted around the campus and at Adherence to these guidelines is vital to maintaining a safe environment for everyone on campus.

LakePoint Sports is excited to be hosting the nation’s top youth athletes and teams on campus as safely as possible.

For additional details on the CDC health and safety guidelines, please visit

For additional details on health and safety guidelines for the State of Georgia, please visit

5/18/2020 - PBR Tournaments at LakePoint

After evaluating Governor Kemp’s Executive Order and speaking with members from the state office this week, we are postponing all PBR baseball tournaments on the LakePoint Sports campus through May 31. We are incredibly disappointed that no tournaments will be held on campus through May 31, but our focus and top priority is providing the safest environment for all baseball players, coaches, scouts, families and guests as they return to the LakePoint Sports campus. We trust you understand this decision.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to once again hosting the nation’s top amateur baseball players and teams on campus as soon as safely possible.


In the coming weeks, Prep Baseball Report will be ready to serve the baseball community in a range of ways. The manner and means of re-opening  will be determined on a state-by-state basis, responsibly following all local, county, state and federal safety guidelines, as Prep Baseball Report continues to prioritize the health and wellbeing of players, families, scouts and staff.

Above all, our top priority is the health and safety of the baseball community we serve. Prep Baseball Report continues to monitor COVID-19 around the clock under the guidance of local, county and state health officials.

As states gradually come out of isolation, people will crave the connection and community that are fundamental to humanity. We all want baseball. Players, no matter the age, have had the spring season stripped away and, in many cases, need the critical summer season in hopes of earning a college scholarship. However, players and families will want experiences that are safe, familiar and convenient. With health and safety prioritized, we are defining the future of Prep Baseball Report events to meet evolving expectations and societal change. 

Every state - and even counties and cities within the state - are treated differently depending on the phased local safety guidelines. As we responsibly move toward playing baseball again, Prep Baseball Report is poised to adapt quickly, in meaningful ways that enhance the baseball experience for players, families, teams and scouts. We are accelerating many forward-looking initiatives to address the realities of the current situation.

At Prep Baseball Report showcase events and tournaments across the country, we will operate with an abundance of caution, under strict safety protocols meeting governmental guidance. We will alter check-in processes, limiting the amount of players per time slot. Social distancing will be strictly enforced, equipment will not be shared, spectators will be limited, wearing masks will be highly recommended during non-baseball activities. The safety protocols and guidelines will be communicated prior to, and during the event, to provide for the safety of all players and staff.  Prep Baseball Report flagship venues, LakePoint (Atlanta), Creekside (Kansas City) and Grand Park (Indianapolis), are all working with state agencies to deliver the safest atmosphere for tournaments. Coast-to-coast, we are in concert with our venue hosts to follow recommended practices for sanitation and disinfection of common high-traffic areas.

Furthermore, we are well positioned to operate even under these conditions.  Prep Baseball Report has significantly invested in technology to optimize the opportunities for players to be scouted and recruited by college coaches and professional scouts.  We have partnered with global leaders such as TrackMan, Blast Motion, Driveline and Vizual Edge, to provide the greatest value to both the players and scouting community. CLICK HERE to learn more about our technology partners.

These adaptations reinforce our safety-first commitment while responsibly helping the players and scouts alike inch closer back to what we have always known at the ballpark.  Prep Baseball Report is proud to be an active participant in thousands of communities battling this crisis and working toward a time of healing. After eight weeks of sheltering at home in the United States, we have embraced an approach of monitoring, rapidly adapting to, and even shaping, the next-normal.

Over these past months, I have been inspired and encouraged by the strength of humanity united in common cause. With continued resolve, courage and ingenuity, we will overcome this adversity. 


Sean Duncan
President, Prep Baseball Report