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Improve My Profile with HS Game Video

Now, you have the opportunity to keep your profile updated in the spring with game video - and, the video will be put infront of the 750+ college and pro scouts that subscribe to the Prep Baseball Report. 

Because our staff is busy scouting high school games in the spring, we are only accepting a limited number of videos to be edited and uploaded. Don't wait to register and reserve your slot.

How does this benefit you? We will help promote your update game video in three ways:

  1. The video will be added to your profile.
  2. The video will be listed in our spring scout blog, the mostly highly read article on our web site by college coaches during the spring (every Wednesday, we email college coaches with an update on new reports and videos).
  3. The video will be promoted through social media.

First, we will provide detailed instructions on the necessary camera (this includes smartphones) as well best practices on the size of video clips and the proper angles for taking video. In addition, we will send you examples of "ideal" game video, so that you are able to see first-hand the type of video that will be produced.

Then, once you capture the video, you will upload the files into a secure folder using easy, detailed instructions.

Finally, within a week, we will post the video in your profile, on the scout blog, and on social media.

Typically, the edited version of the video will be between 1:00-1:30 seconds in length, depending on the amount of video that is provided for editing. 

If you run into problems at anytime during this process, our staff will be available by email and phone to answer


+ Basic Video Package ($100)
This option allows you to collect video during the season and once you are satisfied with the video captured, you can submit the video to be edited and uploaded. As a reminder, you can only submit one time for the production of one video.

+ Standout Video Package ($199)
This option allows you to collect video during the season and submit video to be edited and uploaded four times. For example, in an eight week season, you could submit every two weeks to add new video to your profile and repopulate your performances to the top of the list in the scout blog and social media.

Again, we will provide a document that details the best practices and angles for taking video. However, below, we outline the type of footage that will be included on videos.

For infielders/outfielders, the ideal video footage should include:

  • In-game at bats
  • In-game defensive highlights
  • Baserunning footage
  • Video captured from pregame in/out

For catchers, the ideal video footage should include:

  • In-game at bats
  • In-game receiving
  • In-game throws
  • Video captured from between innings throws to second

For pitchers, the ideal video footage should include: 

  • In-game pitching from the windup
  • In-game pitching from the stretch

The video must be in-game video, not a highlight video made from a practice or workout. 


Since its inception in 2005, the Prep Baseball Report has evolved into one of the country’s biggest and most respected independent scouting services, with a singular focus of providing comprehensive coverage in every state. Now, more than 450 colleges and pro scouts subscribe to the Prep Baseball Report services.  We take great pride in providing the most thorough and comprehensive high school baseball coverage in each state.

Prep Baseball Report events are designed to give players the maximum exposure needed to advance to the next level. Not only will you receive high-level exposure from college coaches, but all players at events will be videotaped, and the edited performance will be hosted on the website.

All players will receive an online profile with their verified statistics, scouting report, picture and video. Additionally, all subsequent stories written about a prospect will be linked to the player’s profile, ultimately creating a one-stop shop for recruiters. Furthermore, the top players will be listed in our statewide player rankings and overall rankings.

Our ever-expanding player video library is a must for all college coaches. All statistics on the website are verified by our Prep Baseball Report scouts.


All players will have uploaded directly into their player profile (click here for example) on the PBR web site. Your profile will help you reach hundreds of coaches and MLB scouts from across the nation that subscribe to the PBR database. 

"I truly think PBR was the single most important factor in my college exposure. It showed me how I stacked up against other players in the state and motivated me to improve. My ranking helped me get on many college radars. PBR got my name out there to all the colleges across the country. It made my recruiting process a lot easier, because the colleges came to me instead of me having to go to them. After the rankings, when I did go a college camp or showcase, the coaches already knew who I was and spent extra time evaluating and getting to know me. Once the season started, coaches started to come to my high school and summer games, which directly led to visits and offers. For me, PBR was priceless." - Aaron Dolney, C, Detroit Country Day/Nebraska Recruit, 2019 

"PBR made it easy for the schools to verify my stats and to track my progress . The PBR staff also helped me by allowing them to see me at the events and getting to know me. This put them in a position to answer questions If a school would happen to ask about me to one of them . Overall my PBR experience was very positive and I can say beneficial to my recruiting." - Jacob Raymond, IF, Utica Eisenhower/Oakland Recruit, 2017
"The recruiting process can be stressful and challenging at times but the support and connections that Prep Baseball Report provides really helps link players with college coaches and find the right school for each player. PBR’s online profile page and Twitter account makes it easy for coaches to identify talent and connect with potential recruits. Multiple times Aaron Wilson matched me with college coaches or had them come out to watch me play that later lead to visits and eventually a commitment. My experience with PBR has been nothing but positive and the people there have helped tremendously in my recruiting process. In my opinion, PBR is a great recruiting tool that should be used by every player who is trying to reach the next level." - Kyle Jones, RHP, De La Salle/Toledo Recruit, 2018
"For me, PBR gave me an idea early in my high school career of what a showcase would be like and what to expect when you attend one. Also, the experience that I had at the Future Games allowed me to showcase myself in front of college coaches from the top schools all across the country. After the Future Games, I was contacted by several schools that otherwise maybe could not have seen me, including my future college, Wake Forest. This event, and several other great events that PBR puts on are great opportunities for anybody serious about playing baseball at the next level." - Parker Pilat, IF, Detroit Country Day/Wake Forest Recruit, 2020

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