2022 Rewind: Top Fastball Velocities

PBR Alabama Staff

As we are beginning to wrap up the year of 2022 and gear up for the 2023 Preseason, our PBR Alabama Staff has decided to gather all the numbers and data from our event schedule in 2022. With this being our third leaderboard from the year, we will break all of our numbers down and compile them into leaderboards for all statistical categories.

All of the data for the following exit velocity leaderboard comes from our TrackMan unit and is based on the information gathered from PBR Alabama events such as, Preseason ID's, Preseason All-State, Rising Stars, PBR Future Games, summer open events, Invite-Only events and our Scout Days.

Continuing our rewind of our 2022 leaderboards, we are taking a look at the Top-25 Fastball Velocities from 2022. Click HERE to view the 2022 Rewind: Top 60-Yard Dashes.



Rank Name School Class FB Velo Showcase
1 Jonathan Stevens Briarwood Christian 2023 92.1 mph South AL Preseason All-State
2 Thrasher Steed Gulf Shores 2022 90.7 mph South AL Preseason All-State
3 Christian Chatterton Brooks 2024 90.5 mph North AL Preseason All-State
4 Jackson Hunter Hazel Green 2024 90.4 mph PBR Future Games
5 Connor Gatwood Baker 2024 90.3 mph All-State Games
6 Mac Anderson Athens 2024 90.0 mph Excel Scout Day
- Joseph Garrison Priceville 2023 90.0 mph Vipers Baseball Weekend
7 Brodie Dunlap Corner 2024 89.8 mph PBR Future Games
- Carson Joyner Bayside Academy 2024 89.8 mph South AL Preseason All-State
- Garrison Kahn Oak Mountain  2023 89.8 mph Top Prospect Games
8 Alex Wade Madison Academy 2022 89.7 mph North AL Preseason All-State
9 Eli Driskell Faith Academy 2024 89.6 mph PBR Future Games
- Gatlin Pitts Bayside Academy 2024 89.6 mph PBR Future Games
10 Brendan Conner Corner 2024 89.2 mph PBR Future Games
- Colin Patterson West Limestone 2023 89.2 mph North AL Preseason All-State
11 Chase Ambrose Buckhorn 2023 89.0 mph Excel Scout Day
- Sam Mitchell Bob Jones  2023 89.0 mph Vipers Baseball Weekend
12 Gabe Young Mountain Brook 2023 88.9 mph Top Prospect Games
13 Chris Billingsley Bibb County 2023 88.8 mph Top Prospect Games
14 Charlie Berryman Mountain Brook 2023 88.7 mph Southeast Senior Games
- Mason Blasche Hoover 2024 88.7 mph PBR Future Games
15 Jack Thomas Kelly Mountain Brook 2023 88.1 mph Southeast Senior Games
16 Brody King Huntsville 2024 88.0 mph Vipers Baseball Weekend
17 Riley Miller Athens 2024 87.9 mph All-State Games
18 Carter Johnson Oxford 2024 87.8 mph PBR Future Games
19 Nicholas McCord Oak Mountain 2024 87.6 mph PBR Future Games
20 Andrew Bennett Mobile Christian 2027 87.4 mph Rising Stars ID


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Upcoming Events

Huntsville Preseason ID 1/3/23 Clutch Performance (Huntsville, AL) 
Birmingham Preseason ID 1/4/23 GeauxPlay Sports (Pelham, AL)
North Alabama Preseason All-State (Invite-Only) 1/7/23 Hartselle HS Indoor (Hartselle, AL)
South Alabama Preseason All-State (Invite-Only) 1/8/23 Saraland HS (Saraland, AL)


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