Quick Hits: Underclass Showcase

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

On Sunday, October 30th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Underclass Showcase at Grand Canyon University. The Underclass Showcase is an open showcase provided for players in the 2025-2026 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Underclass Showcase, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Brody James SS / RHP / Desert Mountain , AZ / 2026

One of the stand out performers in the 2026 class, had the top Velocity on the mound and in the infield on Sunday Afternoon. On the mound James FB ranged from 82-84 with 2117 spin during his pen, averaging 17.8 IVB and a max of 20.1 inches. While also showing ability to spin a breaking ball for strikes, James showed a SL ranging 68-69 with 2150+ spin and a HM max of -16.6. James has a high lift and over the top quick arm action with a strong lower half. He showed the ability to throw a three pitch mix for strikes. At the plate James has a tall stance with his toes pointed inward with pre pitch bat movement. A quick bat and strong lower half resulted in James having the highest EV of the 2026 attendees at 90.8 mph with ability to drive balls to both sides of the field.

Adolfo Pacheco C / 3B / Cesar Chavez, AZ / 2025

One of the most intriguing players at this past weekend's event was switch hitting catcher Adolfo Pacheco. Pacheco showed off a 76 mph arm behind the plate and a pop time ranging from 1.91-2.0 on the bag. Pacheco’s clean actions behind the plate showed during the bull pen portion of the event, showcasing smooth receiving skills and above average blocking ability. At the plate Pacheco has a tall slightly open stance and strong lower half. The righty swing looks to be more natural through his fluidity and aggressiveness in the box translating into a 94.1 max EV. Pacheco is a highly defensive catcher that we look forward to following this spring as he goes into his sophomore season at Cesar Chavez.

Hagen Wright OF / OF / Red Mountain, AZ / 2025

The 6-foot-5 220 pound, Arizona State Commit Wright was a force to be reckoned with in BP this past weekend with a max EV of 105.1mph and a hard hit percentage of 73%, leading both the Upper Class and Underclass on the day. During Wright’s BP he managed to put 2 balls over the left field net at GCU with a max distance of 402ft to the pull side. That wasn't the only stat that stood out on the day, Wright showed good actions in the outfield with a top arm velo of 89 mph. Wright is currently the #4 ranked player in the state of Arizona, we look forward to following him as he goes into his sophomore season at Red Mountain.

David Daniels C / OF / Horizon, AZ / 2025

One of the all around more complete players to attend the event this past Sunday. The C/OF showed a 71 mph arm behind the plate with a 1.99-2.05 pop time on the bag. Daniels has been a player we have seen a lot of in game play this past fall, and is no doubt a gamer on the field for a solid Swarm team. At the plate Daniels stands tall with his knees just outside of his shoulders with a light leg lift load. His flat compact swing puts him in a great position to hit resulting in his above average contact tool.

Tito Adelakun OF / Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ / 2025

The 6-foot-3 175 pound R/R outfielder had the second strongest arm in the outfield on the day at 87 mph. Adelakun has a lengthy frame with tons of projection for added strength and size. At the plate he has a wide base with a flat to slight uphill path that resulted in all of his balls batted working to the center part of the field. Adelakun will be one to watch in the 2025 class, with added strength projects to be a top outfielder. We look forward to following Adelakun as he goes into his sophomore season at SD O’Connor. 

Ganon Dwyer LHP / 1B / Catalina Foothills, AZ / 2025

The 6-foot-2 190 pound L/L University of Arizona Commit has a strong projectable build with plenty of room to fill out. At the plate, the left handed hitter reached up to 99 mph for his max exit velocity; working quick through the zone with a slight uphill swing, working to a high finish that produced line drives and deep fly balls to the gaps in his rounds of BP. In the field he moved with steady actions and fluid footwork with clean hands and transfer and a top INF velo of 76 mph from 1B.

William Strand 3B / C / Centennial, AZ / 2025

6-foot-2 210 pound, Strand has a tall, bulky build that has gotten significantly stronger since our last look. The right handed hitter has a short and powerful swing that works slightly uphill to the ball generating a consistent high launch profile with a max exit velocity of 99.1 mph and a hard hit percentage of 93%. Defensively we would like to see Strand clean up his actions with the glove to create more fluidity, as of right now Strand projects as an offensive first baseman.

Will Carpenter SS / RHP / Flagstaff, AZ / 2026

Carpenter had one of the top all around performances from the day. At the plate the 5-foot-8 145 pound left handed hitter stays compact through the zone with a repeatable and above average feel for the barrel. Carpenter drove balls hard to all parts of the field, and even with a smaller frame was able to reach a max exit velocity of 90 mph. In the field Carpenter showed to be an athletic, quick twitch defender with good feel for the glove and an above average arm getting up to 82 mph across the diamond.

Kyle Frazier RF / OF / Chaparral, AZ / 2025

Frazier had some of the highest upside at this year's Underclass Showcase. Frazier is a 6-foot 165 pound outfielder showcasing an athletic build with plenty more strength to come down the road. He showed a balanced powerful swing with quick hands resulting in a max exit velocity of 96.6, with the majority of his power working to the pull side. In the outfield, he moves fluidly, playing through the baseball well with good glove work.