Colorado Class of 2024 Rankings Released

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

PBR Colorado is excited to announce the new 2024 Colorado Rankings.

This Class of 2024 has a top end loaded with talented arms and athletes.  As always , Colorado  demonstrates players that have great projectability and steady development. The best days are ahead for this group. 

PBR Colorado has used valued  PBR Staff, Scouts, Past and Current HS Coaches and Past and Current Club Coaches as resources to update and add to this list.  Our Top 50 list is the result of highly successful PBR events, games, and scouting throughout the state. We will aggressively adjust and expand this list as we get more looks and more data on the 2024 players in the state. 

PBR Colorado is thankful and appreciative of the unprecedented participation our our 2020-2021 events.   PBR Colorado 2024 Rankings with an in-depth look at the TOP 5  prospects in the rankings:



1 Brock Lansville CO Thunder Ridge 2024 RHP Arizona State
2 Mitch Haythorn CO Eaton 2024 RHP  
3 Athan Kroll CO Valor 2024 RHP  
4 Matt Hansen CO Air Academy 2024 SS  
5 Brady Snow CO Chatfield Senior 2024 RHP  
6 Cade Collins CO Dakota Ridge 2024 SS  
7 Sean Togher CO Fort Collins 2024 3B  
8 Tate Gargasz CO Palmer Ridge 2024 3B  
9 Logan Madden CO Ralston Valley 2024 3B  
10 Easton Miller CO Fossil Ridge 2024 RHP


Our #1 Ranked player is 2024, Brock Lansville, RHP, ThunderRidge,  The talent continues in the Lansviille family.  Brock has shown FB 86+ with consistent and repeatable delivery.  Strength and projectable Velo to come.  Has very quick arm that plays well with his OS. 

2024, Mitch Haythorn, RHP, Eaton is our #2 ranked player in the state.  The growing RHP has long levers and continues to grow and develop.  Recently, FB 85-87.  Locates extremely well.  Haythorn has Plus SL 78 with late breaking two planes.  Has a 2-Seam and CH with + movement Very high ceiling. 

#3 on our 2024 rankings is Athan Kroll, RHP, Valor Christian . At our 8/22/2022 event Kroll was outstanding Great composure and repeatable delivery.  FB ranged 82-86 topping out at 86.1.  Strike Thrower. High ¾ release gives opportunity for arm side run and he has feel for OS.  Very High Ceiling and Projectability.   

#4 is 2024, Matt Hansen, RHP, Air Academy,  Hansen's aggressive attacking swing will catch your attention.   Demonstrates great balance and rotational acceleration. Produced Exit Velo of 96. Swing has intentional lift and shows consistent barrel contact. 

2024, Brady Snow, RHP, Chatfield rounds out the top 5 at #5.  Snow continues to develop his big frame.  He has made Big jump from Jr Future performance.  Having success at Chatfield as 2Way.  FB 83+ with more in the tank. 


Upcoming Fall Schedule

Colorado Fall Future Prospects Showcase CO 10/03 University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Colorado Fall I.D. CO 10/03 University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

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