Q&A with Underclass Invitational Participant Patrick Kauffmann

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

Prep Baseball Report Colorado is ready to hit the ground running in 2015 with two major events.  With the Underclass Invitational at Slammers South just two weeks away, limited spots are still available for this event. Over the next two weeks, PBR Colorado will continue to introduce you to 2017 and 2018 players who have committed to this event.  Continuing our second round look at registered players is Patrick Kauffmann, 5-foot-11, 195-pound, OF, 2017 from Denver East High School.

PBR:  Describe yourself as a baseball player to those who have never seen you play:

Kauffmann:  I'm the player that runs on and off the field. I'm on the quieter side, but I work harder than the leaders, I'm working out before practice - whether that's lifting weights or hitting balls off of tees. 

PBR:  What would be your dream school to play baseball at?

Kauffmann:  I don't really have an exact dream school but if I had to say it would be a division 1 baseball school that was either in California, Texas, or Florida. 

PBR:  What are your best assets on and off the field at this point in your high school career?

Kauffmann:  On the field I would defiantly say that my best assets are hitting to opposite field with power and hitting for average (as a freshmen I had the 8th best average for JV in the state of Colorado). Off the field I would say that I'm a very focused/determined person, I get good grades in school. 

PBR:  What does your off-season preparation look like this year compared to you freshman year?

Kauffmann:  My off-season freshmen year was just working out with my high school team - which was a joke. Now it's a lot different - I've realized I have a chance to play college baseball so now I lift 6 times a week, plus I do speed training twice a week, along with hitting twice a week with someone who got the chance to learn how to hit from Pete Rose. I try to eat really healthy - I don't drink soda or eat any candy and I try to take in 150 grams to 200 grams of protein each day.

PBR:  What is the best baseball advice you have received and try to follow to this point in your career?

Kauffmann:  The best baseball advice I have received is that bat speed is key to hitting but it doesn't matter if you have bad mechanics because the bat won't ever touch the ball. So I always try to work on my hitting mechanics to make sure my bat speed is very useful.

PBR:  What are your superstitions or routines that go on during a season?

Kauffmann:  I'm not a very superstitious person; I just go with what feels right.

PBR:  What are your goals for:

This Season: My goal is to have the best average in the state of Colorado. 

Two Years: In two years my goal is to be throwing 90+mph.  

Four Years: In four years my goal is to be a division 1 baseball player

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