2021 Top Tier Roos Tryout: Standouts

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PBR Florida Staff

The Top Tier Roos held their 2022 Summer Tryouts Friday, December 3rd through Sunday, December 5th at the Courthouse Performance Center and Steinbrenner Field Complex in Tampa, FL. The event featured players from the 2023-2025 classes participating in BP Friday, a pro-style workout on Saturday, and games on Sunday in front of the PBR Florida Scouting Staff.

Today, we will highlight the players who stood out to the PBR Florida staff. Several committed players listed, but most players are uncommitted and must follows for college coaches. We break the players down by their class and even included a few 13/14u standouts. Take a look.

2023 Standouts

2023 Keeton Burroughs, SS/2B, Calvary Christian

Burroughs continues to make a big jump as a hitter. Stays under control and balanced at the plate with a simple line drive swing. Uses the whole field to his advantage producing hard line drive hits.

2023 Kodi Deskins, C, Clearwater Central Catholic

Deskins recorded a 1.90 pop time behind the dish, quick work of the feet with body under control towards the target. At the plate, stayed timed up, hands staying inside the baseball as he consistently uses the whole field with hard line drives. One of the top uncommitted 2023’s in the state.

2023 Fletcher Hislop, OF, St. Petersburg

Hislop up to 87 mph from OF, arm worked quick and on top of baseball with throws on line. Line drive approach at the plate producing loud contact up to 93 mph exit velo.

2023 Kirk Kolano, 1B, Plant

Strong, sturdy frame. Kolano drives the ball with intent. Showed power potential to the pull side with exit velos up to 98 mph.

2023 Christian Madeira, INF/OF, Mitchell

Madeira showed arm strength from the OF up to 92 mph, long/clean arm path from a 3/4 slot. Didn’t get to see him pitch this weekend but is a two way follow with a mid 80’s fastball.

2023 Landen Maroudis, SS/RHP, Calvary Christian

The North Carolina State commit showed clean actions in the infield, fluid gather with soft hands coming from a 3/4 slot. Flashed the arm strength in the OF at 87 mph. Loose swing from the right side with the ability to drive the gaps with ease. Top 10 player in the state.

2023 Wes Mendes, LHP/OF, Jesuit

Mendes, a Vanderbilt commit, flashed the arm strength and clean arm action at 91 mph from OF with throws on line. Showed mature, athletic actions all around. Offensively, the right handed hitter has natural lift on contact with power potential to all fields. One of the top two-way players in the country.

2024 Standouts

2024 Elijah Boswell, SS/2B, Calvary Christian

Athletic middle infielder with a quick swing in the box. Stays short to the ball and works back up the middle with a simple line drive approach.

2024 Aidan Brigato, SS/RHP, Calvary Christian

Brigato shows an above average approach at the dish, swings with intent and continues to get better offensively. Live arm defensively up to 87 from the OF and 86 from the INF. Impressed on the mound as well up to 85 mph with a wipeout slider.

2024 Josh Castellani, 3B, Dixie Hollins

Advanced frame at 6-foot-5, 197 pounds. Creates leverage in his swing to drive the ball gap to gap. Power potential to the pull side.

2024 Rocco DeMarinis, 1B/3B, Plant

DeMarinis hits the ball hard every time we see him. Ball jumps off the bat offensively. Is a consistent in game performer with a lot of offensive tools to like.

2024 Jack Earnest, OF, Jesuit

Athletic two-sport athlete. Short to the ball with a level, line drive swing. Works back up the middle and to the pull side gap with intent.

2024 Jayden Harriel, 3B, East Lake

2021 Future Gamer continues to be an above average hitter. Natural lift on contact with power potential to all fields. Consistent hard line drives to the gaps.

2024 Kole Hopkins, SS/RHP, Tarpon Springs

Long lean frame that he uses well in the box. Hands are quick to the ball as he gets good extension on the finish.

2024 Atticus Huffstutler, C, Lakewood

Huffstutler stays balanced in the box with loose hands. Shows power potential to the pull side gap and hits the ball hard to all fields. On time and on the barrel consistently.

2024 Chayce Kieck, SS/RHP, Bolles

6-foot-1 frame moved well in the infield, flashed some range with controlled footwork. Arm worked quickly with throws on line at 83 mph across the infield. On the mound, pounded the zone to both sides of the plate with a hard, heavy fastball up to 86 mph. Slider is electric when he gets through it which creates good late action. High follow two-way in the 2024 class.

2024 Jace Kohler, SS, Calvary Christian

Kohler is an athletic player overall. Shows above average actions on both sides of the ball. Consistent in game performer and gamer that will be a nice addition to any college program.

2024 Cameron Mallo, SS, Hillsborough

Mallo continues to add strength to his frame and it shows with his offensive actions. Loose, level swing with the ability to hit the ball hard to all fields. Stays short and on the barrel.

2024 Jacob Lozano, SS, Jesuit

Balanced, athletic stance. Works back up the middle with quick, loose hands. Stays on the barrel and produces hard line drive contact. Has continued to make a jump.

2024 CJ Moore, OF, Clearwater

Tall, athletic frame at 6-foot-3, 175 pounds. Continues to progress every time we see him, shows a ton of upside with above average bat speed and power potential. Moves well defensively with an above average arm.

2024 Justin Marshall, C, Jesuit

Strong catcher who is above average behind the plate. Offensively, shows a level bat path staying through the middle of the field with a good approach at the dish. Some power potential in the swing.

2024 Zane Pestalozzi, OF, Jesuit

Pestalozzi showcased a smooth consistent approach with good power potential. Up to 98.5 exit velo and continues to get better.

2024 Logan Voelz, RHP, Wiregrass Ranch

6-foot-2, 190 pounds, Voelz generated swings and misses during his outing with a FB/CB combo. FB up to 86 mph and jumps out the hand. Shows feel to spin for strikes consistently.

FB: 83-86
CB: 72-73

2025 Standouts

2025 Teagan Davies, 1B, Dixie Hollins

Strong frame that he uses well offensively. Stays balanced in the box with a level bat path. Works the middle of the field.

2025 Brandon Gonzales, 3B, Calvary Christian

Tall, athletic frame. Creates leverage with a loose bat path. Drives the ball gap to gap with the ability to lift on contact.

2025 Logan Koslin, INF/RHP, Mitchell

Koslin uses a wide base in the box. Stays balanced and through the ball offensively with a quick bat. Produces hard line drive contact gap to gap.

2025 Austin Liss, OF/RHP, Steinbrenner

The Florida State commit was a standout all weekend in workouts and gameplay. On the mound, Liss is a high spin rate guy with clean arm action and present arm strength. Competed in zone effectively when on top of baseball.

FB: 81-83 (2500-2850 rpm)
SL: 72-75 (2700-2822 rpm)

Arm strength showed in infield workouts as well at 83 mph, a little inconsistent with accuracy but showed a high motor and effort. From the outfield had a long/athletic arm action with some zip on the baseball at 84 mph. 

2025 Riley McDonald, RHP/INF, Dixie Hollins

McDonald has a big strong frame that he uses to generate bat speed in the box. Gap to gap approach with power potential. On the mound, was up to 82 mph with the fastball. More velo will come as he matures.

2025 Mitchell Rodriguez, C, Lakeland Christian

FSU commit with huge upside on both sides of the ball. Stays short to the ball with above average bat speed for his age. Above average defender behind the plate. Definitely one to follow.

2025 Dylan Taft, C, East Lake

Long/athletic frame. Taft works back up the middle offensively with quick hands. Some length in the path but is able to create leverage and drive the gaps. Interesting follow.

13/14u Standouts

2026 Miguel Acosta

Acosta is advanced athletically for his age. Shows athletic actions at short with an above average arm. Aggressive line drive approach. Really impressed on the mound where he was up to 77 mph with the fastball.

2026 Carson Binder 

Binder shows an aggressive line drive approach with fast hands. Stays through the ball nicely. Attacks the middle of the field with intent.

2026 Drew Gerber 

Gerber showed the ability to drive the ball back up the middle. Hands are quick with an uphill swing plane.

2026 Hayden Larsen 

Long, lean frame. Hands work loose and direct to baseball working back up the middle consistently. Potential for power when he matures.

2026 Eli Millian 

Millian stood out during his batting practice session with a top exit velo of 84 MPH. A lot to like about the young 2 sport athlete, has a clean bat path with quick bat speed and power potential. Should be an interesting one to follow. 

2026 Cooper Riley

Riley showed consistent rhythm and timing hitting the baseball hard with some launch back up the middle. Should be a two-way player to follow as he was up to 76 mph with the fastball.

2026 Alejandro Soto Baez 

Good strong frame with advanced bat speed for his age. Stays through the ball nicely with quick hands.

2026 Brayden Spink 

Spink puts together solid rounds of bp with a good feel at the dish. Stayed consistent through the middle with a line drive approach. Shows athletic action in the infield and outfield and should be a player to follow.

2027 Camden Boehm 

Really impressed with Boehm, still 12 years old. Showed to be a definite future 2-way threat. Pounds the strike zone, looks solid in the infield and is advanced for his age behind the plate.

Good approach and quick hands at the dish as well.

2027 Caden Christianson 

Above-average bat speed for his age with good power potential. Gets through the ball nicely and shows the ability to go to all fields. Two-Way potential with the fastball up to 78 mph.

2027 Jathan DeHaven 

DeHaven stays through the middle well with good extension. Keeps hands inside the ball with quick bat speed.

2027 Lucas Farrar 

Gets good extension through the baseball with quick hands. Stays balanced and creates leverage in his swing.

2027 Roman Garcia 

Advanced approach for his age with above-average bat speed and good power potential. Exit velo up to 86 MPH.

2027 Hailey Grilli 

Grilli put together a nice round of BP. Gets the barrel to the ball and stays through the middle with a level, line drive approach.

2027 Beck Meier

Meier showed a balanced approach at the plate during bp. Has above average bat speed for his age and drove the ball to both sides of the field.

2027 Hudson Sapp 

Balanced at the plate. Sapp uses his lower half well to drive the baseball. Aggressive in his approach as he attacks the whole field.

2027 Wilson Shaw 

Shaw showed a smooth left-handed approach with above-average bat speed. Stayed with a line drive approach to all fields. 

2027 Joshua Wright 

Wright impressed all weekend at the KC tryout, moves well in the infield with a solid glove and shows an above average approach at the dish. 


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