PBR JUCO: Georgia Highlands Opening Day

PBR Georgia Staff
Hudson Graham

Georgia Highlands kicked off their season February 1st at LakePoint Sports. The Chargers have been on a tear since the 2021 season. They won the conference in 2022 going 45-11 and falling to Walters State in efforts to make it to the JUCO World Series. Head Coach Dash O'Neill has done a great job with the Chargers baseball program over the last couple of years. The 2023 team could be his most talented team yet. They have picked up a handful of division 1 transfers at the break including Jay Murdock from Mississippi State and Hudson Sapp from Ole Miss. They have a solid sophomore core that will pair well with the talented freshman and transfers. 

Wednesday, we were able to catch the first 10 innings of their season, and get an idea of where the Chargers are headed this spring. Highlighted below are a few players that had a successful opening day. 

Sophomore, RHP, Bryce Clark

Freshman, RHP, Ryan Wells

Freshman, RHP, Ryan Wideman

Sophomore, SS, Zayd Brannigan

Sophomore, 3B, Mitchell Walker

Freshman, RHP, Oliver Wood