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Chloe Williams
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To be the head coach of a team, one needs to have a good work ethic and a vast knowledge about baseball. From making practice plans to deciding final line-ups, every little decision can determine a team's success. In this article, the head coach of the Waukee Northwest Wolves, Jermey Heinen, discusses his time as a head coach, how he got there, the upcoming season and what it means to be successful.

Presented by Chloe Williams- PBR Iowa Intern (2021-2022)

Jermey Heinen, Head Coach, Waukee Northwest Wolves

Heinen is the first head coach for the Wolves. He went to school at Johnston and then attended the University of Iowa. While there he decided to go down an education path and wanted to coach. 

Heinen believes that being successful depends on his players. “Well, I think comradery is a success. I think kids buying into what the coach believes in and the coach respecting his players is important. I think there's a lot of things that come into success. You need talent, but also you need gritty players that want to do what's best for the team.

He continues, “Being a high character individual on and off the field. I think that does carry over in the game of baseball and having positive attitudes towards that is a really good thing.” 

When discussing the culture of the wolves Heinen says, “We bring excitement and passion to the game of baseball. We provide a fun atmosphere. We're upbeat. We're all in creating a positive culture that I think can go a long way as a team.”

Heinen is looking forward to the brand new Northwest team this season. He says, “We started from scratch. So to see some of that work and some of that go into the first game we play, that's super exciting for me. I just think the biggest thing for me is having a little bit of change that has inspired me to go a little bit harder.”

The wolves have been doing the basics to prepare for the season. Heinen says, “We've been doing arm care stuff our pitcher catchers have been getting together since January. We were able to get sticks to run a hitting program for our Northwest kids. I'm pumped to get going.”

However, coaching is never easy and there are difficult decisions to be made. “Some of the toughest decisions I ever have to make is that lineup of nine kids. I wish we had 24 spots that we can play everybody. And those are sometimes really tough decisions that I've had to make and they hurt, but you have to do it.”

Heinen has had a great amount of success in his coaching career and this year will be no exception. Him and the Wolves are looking forward to playing a great season of baseball.

Chloe Williams is currently a senior at Johnston High School and has been working for Prep Baseball Report Iowa as an intern since September 2021. She has been managing the Johnston baseball team since she was a sophomore and has also worked for the Iowa Sticks team as a data collector. In the fall, she plans on going to the University of Iowa to major in data science.

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