Uncommitted Position Players in Indiana's 2023 Class

Cooper Trinkle
PBR Indiana

As we are gearing up for the 2023 spring season, we still have plenty of talented seniors who have yet to make their college commitment. Today, we highlight ten uncommitted position players from Indiana’s 2023 class.

Cole Ballard, 3B/RHP, Westfield HS
6/22/2021 -  Athletic 6-foot-2, 205-pound solid frame. Begins in an athletic, tall stance with a smooth load, then uses a leg kick stride. Explosive bat speed with a max exit velocity of 94 mph. Soft hands and smooth footwork defensively. Long arm action from a high 3/4 slot.


Jacob Crowe, SS/RHP, Centerville HS
6/5/2022 - 6-foot-1, 195 pound proportional frame. Quick bat speed with an aggressive pull side approach. 95 mph exit velocity with an average of 88 mph at an event in the spring. Sure hands in the MIF with very quick lateral movements. 84 mph infield velocity with short arm action in the spring. 


Luke Diekmann, OF/RHP, Evansville North
4/23/2022 - The 6-foot, 185 pound Diekmann is one of the toolsiest players that Indiana’s 2023 class has to offer. He’s a 6.52 (60-yard) runner with barrel strength in the box and advanced bat speed. He reached a max exit velocity of 101 mph at an event in March. Diekmann is very athletic and shows plus arm strength in the OF (96 OF Velo), along with the ability to run a fastball up to 88 mph on the mound. 


Will Fremion, OF, Guerin Catholic
6/22/2021 - 5-foot-10, 175-pound athletic build. Fremion flashed a short, simple swing with a flat bat path and a line drive approach. His max velocity off the bat was 93 mph. Very good runner (6.79 60-yard) and an OF velocity of 84 mph. Sure hands in the OF with aggressive footwork. Multi-sport athlete.


Gavin McBeath, 3B, Perry Meridian
9/11/2022 - XL 6-foot-3, 230 pound frame. McBeath hits from a wide, grounded stance with a small load of the hands. Explosive bat speed with a max exit velocity of 97.5 mph. Middle of the order type with good power potential. Despite the large frame, McBeath moves well laterally and offers above-average arm strength (84 mph) across the diamond. 


Brad Nardi, OF/LHP, Covenant Christian
6/21/2022 - Strong, 5-foot-9, 170 pounder. Right-handed hitter that hits from a balanced stance with a smooth arm bar load, then uses a controlled leg kick. Hits to all fields. Smooth defensively with soft hands and a clean exchange. Very good runner (6.70 60-yard) with some arm strength from the OF (84 mph). 


Ben Orrill, 3B/OF/RHP, Madison
6/10/2022 - Orrill is a physical, 6-foot-2, 205 pound uncommitted two-way prospect that had a massive weekend at Indiana Open. Orrill threw a CG shutout on Day 3, allowing just 2 Hs and striking out 12. He showed a crossfire delivery with quick, compact arm action and tons of feel for his slurvey breaking ball at 69-72 mph. Orrill sat 83-85 mph on his fastball w/ solid command. Orrill’s offensive numbers were just as impressive, going 9 for 15 on the weekend with 3 2B’s and a 3B. He uses a leg kick stride and has efficient movements in the lower half. He has loose hands and rests the bat just above the back shoulder at launch. Uphill path with strength in the swing. 


Tripp Schroeder, C, Carmel
10/8/2022 - Very physical 6-foot-1, 230 pounder. Quick hands through the zone with a pull side approach. Tons of bat speed and projectable power from the right-handed hitter. Multiple exit velocities above 100 mph at our Indy Open event in August, topping at 102.9 mph. 1.93 - 2.07 pop time behind the plate. Quick footwork and a quick exchange behind the dish to go along with plenty of arm strength (82 mph from the crouch).


Evan Tuesley, OF, Penn
6/21/2022 - Long, athletic 6-foot 2, 175 pound build. Smooth, simple left-handed stroke that gets to extension and generates good barrel whip. Quick hands and the ability to hit to all fields. 85 mph OF velo and a 7.13 (60-yard). Tuesley is a skilled defender in the OF.


Zach Zychowski, SS, Hanover Central 
10/8/2022 - 5-foot-11, 185 pounder with an athletic frame. He hits from a tall, relaxed setup and has a loose, clean swing path. Top of the order, high contact type. In the infield, Zychowski has active feet, soft hands, and was comfortable making the routine play. Plays the game hard with a high motor.