Michigan Trio Enjoy Performing At Super 60

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Michigan Trio Enjoy Performing At Super 60

MCCOOK, Ill. - Another Super 60 and another outstanding showing by players from Michigan.

Evan Haeger, Parker Picot and Jarren Purify each did their best to get noticed at the 21st annual event on Sunday and came away with high praise from Shooter Hunt, the vice president of scouting for Prep Baseball Report.

“Simply put, Haeger was one of my favorite players at the event and was an elite performer all around,” Hunt said of the Detroit Catholic Central senior committed to Alabama. “He ran well, hit, and looked the part during the defensive portion. At the plate, the left-handed hitter didn’t need much to get the hands going before turning the barrel with some authority. The simplicity to his approach combined with a barrel that worked short-to-long is sure to allow him to succeed at higher levels.”

Picot also stood out to Hunt.

“Picot’s raw athleticism continued to show well at the Super 60,” Hunt noted about the Rochester Adams outfielder, like Haeger, an Alabama commit. “His speed stands out along with the frame and as the swing continues to polish, the louder outputs will continue to be seen.”

Purify, the top-rated 2023 in Michigan and a Clemson commit, has a big future on the horizon according to Hunt.

“I’d probably classify Purify as one of my ‘sleeper’ follows from the event,” Hunt said of the University Liggett senior. “I enjoyed following him throughout the day. There is an ease to the way he moves on both sides of the ball and it appears that his best days are certainly ahead of him. Wide-shouldered with a lean, athletic frame, there is much more to come for the right-handed hitter who took simple strokes that delivered firm gap-to-gap contact.”

Haeger, the 175th-rated 2023 in the nation, had a great time showing what he can do running a 6.60 time in the 60, fourth best at the event, while recording 100 exit velocity and 91 outfield velo.

“It was a fun event,” the 6-1 198-pounder said. “To have a chance to perform in front of that many people is always fun. The highlight for me was seeing all the guys I became friends with over the summer, and just going out and having fun.”

Picot also produced impressive numbers with a 6.58 run in the 60, third best overall, while hitting 100 exit and 93 outfield velo.

“It was a great event run by great people,” the 115th-ranked senior in the country said. “It was very easy and smooth. All the people that helped made it easy to follow and fun to be at. My highlight was being able to compete with great talent and seeing all my past teammates from across the country and getting to meet more amazing players.”

Purify, the 26th-rated 2023 shortstop in the country, had a 6.80 time in the 60, 85 infield velocity and 92 exit velo.

“Getting invited to the Super 60 was a very exciting achievement for me,” noted the 6-0 170-pounder. “When I got the invitation I was very excited to be invited to such a well-known event where the top talent in America showcase themselves in front of all 30 MLB organizations. It was truly an honor to be recognized as one of the top talents in America.

“It was also an honor to be the only participant who was directly from Detroit,” Purify added. “While I was there I believe I showcased very well and so did other participants. The event ran very smoothly and I recommend this event to anyone who ever receives an invitation. The PBR staff did a great job with this event and I thank them.”

All were up to taking advice while being thrilled to showcase their talents among players from 33 states and two provinces in Canada.

“I can take feedback I’ve gotten from scouts and use that to help develop for the season,” explained Haeger. “It was fun performing in front of the scouts. Having that many eyes on you can be intimidating but it was nice to just go out and do what I’ve been doing my whole life.”

Picot, the 19th-ranked 2023 outfielder in the nation, concurred with Haeger.

“Being able to perform in front of scouts was an amazing opportunity,” Picot said. “It was a chance to showcase who you are and put your name out there. It’s just an opportunity to show people who you are and to not worry so much. It’s an easy event made for people to have fun.”

Purify certainly enjoyed his time at an event that has had 37 former participants go on to the MLB.

“The highlight of this event for me was definitely seeing all of my friends from past events in the summer and reconnecting with them,” the 114th-ranked 2023 in North America said. “It was also great meeting a lot of professional personnel with the scouts and those who work with them. 

“Performance-wise, the highlight of the event for me had to be the hitting and the infield events. I believe I performed really well, especially to be in season for basketball. I was really proud that the hard work while balancing two sports was paying off.”

There is also an understanding that more work is ahead.

“There are definitely things I have to clean up before the season starts in April,” Purify said. “The most important one being that I have to get back into season shape and form. August was my last major event for the summer season and it’s been a long time since I last played a series of games in a row. However, I feel I’m in a strong position approaching the season. These things will definitely be cleaned up before the season begins and hopefully I have a great senior year.”

The chance to talk with pro scouts was also a plus.

“There were a few scouts that took the time to come over and speak to me,” Purify related. “All they really wanted to do was introduce themselves and ask me about what I did in the off-season to improve and ask questions about me to get to know me a little. It honestly meant a lot to me because it’s such a blessing to perform in front of very important people and especially with me being the only player from Detroit, it made it even more special because it showed them that Detroit has much more talent because I’m certainly not the only one.”

Admittedly, it was a bit stressful performing in front of scouts.

“It was definitely nerve-racking coming into the Super 60 because I had no idea what to expect,” pointed out Purify. “It was very similar to the PDP League which I participated in this summer so the number of scouts didn’t really frighten me seeing I have been in front of that quantity of personnel before. But knowing that I had to perform even better than last time had my nerves jumping. However, I enjoyed and embraced the fact that there were so many people in the room that could potentially change my life and I am grateful for a good turnout and performance.”

Haeger is happy to continue to make contacts with scouts.

“There have been many to reach out to me and my advisor,” Haeger said. “It means to me that I showed well and the event was a good jumpstart to my spring season.”

Picot had similar thoughts.

“I had the opportunity to talk with some pro scouts,” Picot noted. “A lot of it was just small talk saying it was nice to see you again and how are things - many of them have done home visits with me. This meant a lot to me because it showed they care and know of me.”

Purify, who turned 17 in November, was thrilled with how it all turned out.

“The Super 60 event was almost like a ‘redemption’ event for me,” Purify said. “Yes, I showcased very well all summer. However, I felt as if my presence to scouts hadn't been pinpointed enough. I wanted the Super 60 to be my ‘Oh yes, this kid is very good’ moment. I came into the event with a chip on my shoulder and I performed with confidence and trust in my actions and I certainly had a great outcome because of it. Confidence is key.”

Coming from a state that has had the likes of William English, Werner Blakely and Greg Pace as recent participants at the Super 60, Picot summed up what being part of the event meant.

“All around it was an amazing experience and something that I would recommend for everyone if they get the opportunity,” Picot said.

Super 60 Over The Years - Michigan Prospects

Who Attended?

Name Position Class High School
Evan Haeger OF 2023 Detroit Catholic Central
Parker Picot OF 2023 Rochester Adams Alabama
Jarren Purify SS 2023 University Liggett Clemson

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Evan Haeger

Evan Haeger OF / Detroit Catholic Central, MI / 2023

Parker Picot

Parker Picot OF / SS / Rochester Adams, MI / 2023

Jarren Purify

Jarren Purify SS / 2B / University Liggett, MI / 2023

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