Q&A with Jefferson College Commit LHP Jimmy Schork (Rockwood Summit, 2018)

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

Jimmy Schork (Rockwood Summit, 2018) is a 5-foot-9 165-pound left-handed pitcher and has committed to Jefferson College.

Schork is a strike thrower with thee pitches. all pitches have movement, fastball at mostly 85-86 mph, two-seam action, late, 2-to-8 shape curveball, sharp and late, looks like fastball out of hand, 72-73 mph, change up has sinking action, 76-78 mph, fastball arm speed, athletic build wth quick arm speed, shows ability to throw any pitch in any location, repeats delivery.

Last summer, Schork attended the Missouri Underclass Games and earned a spot on Missouri's Future Game Team.  Schork is currently 3-0 this spring with 26 strikeouts and a 3.79 ERA in 20.1 innings of work.

Here is a look inside the recruiting process for Jimmy Schork.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process? Was it as expected? Easy/Difficult?

Schork: The recruiting process was a big surprise for me I didn't know how it go or what would happen with all the colleges. The process was very difficult for me very stressful because I had a lot of colleges watching me and talking to me towards the end of my sophomore year. It just kinda took off from there and I waited to see what my best offer would be and what my best option would be.

PBR: Did location or distance from home play a factor in your decision?

Schork: The location played a big factor. I didn't want to go somewhere 8 hours away, I wanted to stay close to home so I can have family and friends able to come visit me and watch me play ball.

PBR: Where did JeffCo first see you? How did your relationship develop with them?

Schork: JeffCo heard about me through my pitching coach. One night at lessons my coach said he would like to take some video of me throwing and after he was done he said can I send that to JeffCo. About a week passed I got a phone call from Coach Evers saying he would love for me to come down and tour the campus and watch them play a game and the relationship has been solid so far.

PBR: Who is the best player you have faced in your state, and why?

Schork: The best player I have faced this year Lucas Kunkel form Eureka. He has a good fastball with nice tail and has a good curveball, not a very big drop but it gets the job done. He knows how to put hitters away.

PBR: What do you do in the offseason to keep yourself in baseball shape and prepare for the upcoming season?

Schork: In the off-season i went to P3 and did a lot of running and long toss to keep my arm in shape. I did pitching lesson one day a week and got in the weight room as much as i could.  It increased my velocity a lot.

PBR: What is the most memorable moment in your baseball career to this point?

Schork: The most memorable moment in my baseball career would being throwing my the first no hitter of high school baseball season as a freshmen. I had the no hitter and my coach didn't even know i had one. He took me out of the game and come to find out our other coach tells him, "you know what jimmy has right now right"? He said,  "no what"? The other coach says, "hes got a no hitter".  My coach said,  "oh ***** Jimmy get back on the bump".

PBR: What do you like most about JeffCo and what were the key factors in making your decision?

Schork: What I love about JeffCo is that their pitching program is known for sending guys on the the next level and getting them where they need to be. I loved the coaches and what their school had to offer. The big key factor was the pitching program and how well they were coached and taught.

PBR: What other schools were on your short list before you made your final decision?

Schork: Missouri State, Indiana-Kokmo and Dyersburg State.

PBR: When did the recruiting process really start to heat up for you? Was there a particular game or event that you feel turned the corner for you?

Schork: The recruiting process really started after I pitched at the Future Games, one of the best showcase anyone could get invited to. I played with the best and against the best .

PBR: Describe your experience at the PBR Future Games?

Schork: The Future Games was the best showcase i went to. I loved playing with the best and also playing against the best. It was really fun and had a competitive atmosphere. Everyone wanted to win.

PBR: How have you and your team done this spring?

Schork: Our team has done great things so far. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to play with in the spring. Winning games and having fun playing the game we love.

PBR: Where do you play in the summer? And what has been your most memorable experience with them?

Schork: I play from STL Naturals in the summer. My most memorable moment is going out of town and having fun with my friends, just messing around and playing baseball.


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