Podcast: Wait... They Ranked Them Where

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
Prep Baseball Report

Brandon and Matt are back and looking forward to sitting down weekly throughout the year to talk all things baseball in North Carolina and more.  The guys will discuss players, events, games, and anything else they may have seen while around the field recently.

This week the guys talk about some of the following:

 + Teams We Have Seen Lately
 + Pro5 Academy | Carmel Christian | Cary Academy | Weddington | Sun Valley
 + Southern Piedmont Conference - 3 Game Series & why they are good
 + Developing Pitching for the Long Run
 + World Baseball Classic - Positives and Take Aways
 + Is There a Way for Players to be Prepared for Post-Season
 + Pro Ball vs. College Baseball rhythms and approaches.  How they differ...
 + Advantage of Young Players Heading to the World Baseball Classic
 + NHSI Preview... Brandon is heading to Cary to see some of the top HS teams in the country
 + TC Roberson repping NC at the NHSI
 + Flashback to NC Teams in the NHSI in recent years
 + Crosschecking... Using the NHSI to update NC Players in the Overall Rankings
 + The Power 25... Why are they ranked there
 + Newcomers to the Power 25
 + Spring Break is coming... Tournament Schedules Posting to PBR
 + Spring Break Coverage - Where we are excited to go

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