Killelea Discovers Navy Is The Perfect Fit

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Killelea Discovers Navy Is The Perfect Fit

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Jack Killelea C / OF / Salisbury School, CT / 2023

SALISBURY, Ct. - It was only recently that Jack Killelea figured out what he wanted in his future.

“Growing up I wasn’t like the others,” the Salisbury School senior explained. “Most know at a young age they want to go to a military school, but It wasn’t until freshman and sophomore years for me. Once I looked into it more and more it excited me. The military aspect fired me up.”

Once interest came from the Naval Academy, Killelea knew it was the perfect fit.

“Baseball only lasts so long, so hopefully I’ll have a good career set up,” the second-rated 2023 catcher in Connecticut related. “I think it will set me up more than what other schools have to offer.”

The 19-year-old understands the demands that being a student-athlete at Navy will entail.

“There will definitely be both physical and mental challenges,” Killelea said. “I just have to stay confident and keep preparing myself the way I have.”

Navy is of strong belief that the 34th-rated New England senior will be a good fit.

“They saw me play twice and after that they offered,” Killelea noted. “I’ll primarily be a catcher, but they saw me play outfield, too. I hit solid at the camp they saw me at and saw I was a good leader on the field.”

That is just part of what Killelea believes he can provide the Patriot League program.

“On and off the field I’ll be a great leader, great student and great teammate,” Killelea said. “I had a good connection with the coaches. On the field I’ll be one of the bigger hitters in the lineup and contribute with the bat.”

Improvement is vital according to the 5-10 190-pounder.

“In the past I used to struggle striking out, but every season my strikeouts have gotten lower and lower,” Killelea related. “When they put me in I just need to relax, prepare myself and continue to work on that.”

The idea of playing at the next level began at a young age.

“I always wanted to play college baseball when I was growing up,” the fifth-ranked 2023 catcher in New England reflected. “Once my freshman year hit I started having more interest in doing it and then my sophomore year colleges started showing interest. It started becoming realistic for me then.”

Credit for making it happen begins at home according to Killelea.

“My parents have been the most important and have had a big impact on me,” Killelea said. “All my coaches have helped and coach Kevin Huber has been awesome. He has a very great connection with the Navy which is why I went to Salisbury.”

To know where the future lies is exciting according to the seventh-rated senior in Connecticut.

“It’s definitely very rewarding,” Killelea said. “There was a lot of pressure during Covid, a bad time to be a baseball player being recruited. You just had to stay focused and know it all would work out. Once I got my offer it was one of the greatest feelings ever in my baseball career.”

Killelea, who carries a 4.2 GPA, is leaning toward a major in history and political science at Navy.

“I’m looking forward to, hopefully, going in with the other recruits and making an impact,” Killelea concluded. “As for school, I just have to work hard and stay confident.”

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