2023 PBR Ohio High School Invitational: The Heat Sheet

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High School Invite Content:

2023 PBR Ohio High School Invitational: The Heat Sheet

***To view the velocity of all pitches for each pitcher from the tournament, please click here.

****Listed below are each pitcher 80+ mph.

Name Position Class High School
Fastball Velocity
Evan Shapiro RHP 2023 University School 90-92, 93T
Drew Erdmann RHP
2023 Walsh Jesuit 90-92
Ryan Piech RHP 2023
Walsh Jesuit 87-90. 91T
Shawn Sullivan RHP 2026 Walsh Jesuit 86-88. 89T
Cody Markus RHP 2023 Toledo Central Catholic 84-87, 89T
Sam Pece LHP 2024 Walsh Jesuit 85-88
Henry Slaby RHP 2024 St. Edward 85-88
Maximus McClellan RHP 2024 St. Edward 84-87, 88T
Vinny Gallaher RHP 2024 Clay 83-87, 88T
Harper Lann RHP 2025 Walsh Jesuit 82-85, 86T
Austin Guerra RHP 2024 Toledo Central Catholic 82-85, 86T
Sebastian Stevens LHP 2024 Ottawa Hills 80-84, 86T
Jase Kennedy RHP 2023 Clay 83-85
Aiden Castile LHP 2023 Massillon Jackson 81-83, 84T
Jeffrey Oister RHP 2025 Massillon Jackson 79-83, 84T
Luke Godlewski RHP 2024 St. Edward 79-82, 83T
Deacon Nelson RHP 2026 University School 79-82, 83T
Izaac Hynes RHP 2024 Massillon Jackson 78-81
Jackson Snyder RHP 2025 Ottawa Hills 78-81
Aaron Moss  RHP 2025 University School 78-81
Riley Penn LHP 2024 University School 78-81
Anthony Barnes  RHP 2023 Clay 77-79, 81T
AJ Wertz RHP 2024 Massillon Jackson 76-79, 80T
Griffin Cochran RHP 2023 Massillon Jackson 76-79, 80T


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