5 Star MidSouth Scout Day: TrackMan Files

Colton Provey
PBR Tennessee Scouting Director

On Saturday, October 16, the PBR Tennessee scouting staff hosted the 5 Star MidSouth Scout Day at Rose Park in Nashville, TN. The event featured 45 prospects from all high school grad classes. 

Today, we’re continuing our post-event analysis by examining the data measured by our TrackMan units. The technology is able to capture information that’s difficult to capture by the naked eye, like pitch-by-pitch metrics and batted-ball data. We’ll explain more below:


Rank Name State School Class Pos Velocity (max)
1 Trent Miller TN Greenbrier 2023 RHP 89.6 mph
2 Parker Day TN Trousdale County 2024 RHP 89.1 mph
3 Dylan Rodgers TN Siegel 2024 RHP 86.2 mph
4 Braden Bornstein TN Lipscomb Academy 2022 RHP 83.4 mph
5 Evan Tomlin TN Tullahoma 2024 SS 83.4 mph

Rank Name State School Class Pos Spin Rate (max)
1 Dylan Rodgers TN Siegel 2024 RHP 2446 rpm
2 Parker Day TN Trousdale County 2024 RHP 2346 rpm
3 Trent Miller TN Greenbrier 2023 RHP 2277 rpm
4 Patrick Cantrell TN DeKalb County 2022 LHP 2253 rpm
5 Tyler Kingdon TN Lebanon 2024 RHP 2246 rpm

Max Fastball Velocity: This metric calculates the speed of the pitch as it’s released from the pitcher’s hand.

Spin Rate: This metric calculates the rate of spin on the baseball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Historical data shows that high-spin fastballs lessen the impact of gravity, allowing for more ‘rise’ (or less fall, in other words) as it carries through the zone. Low-spin fastballs typically indicate the pitch has greater horizontal action, often making it tougher to square up, but generally easier to make contact with, leading to more ground balls, while high-spin fastballs show a correlation with swings and misses.

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