PNW Spotlight - Uncommitted 2024 C's

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

As we prepare for our preseason events, we continue to look back at various prospects who impressed throughout the 2022 year and project to have big 2023 seasons. 

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Today we're spotlighting 5 uncommitted catchers in the 2024 class from both Washington and Oregon who have impressed with their offensive potential 



Jack Edmunds C / 3B / Eastlake, WA / 2024

Ultra physical frame at 6’2, 215 lbs. Edmunds is an imposing presence in the box. Offensively, he hits from a tall, upright set up with a slightly open lower half. Uses a knee-knock type load as hands push down & back to create separation before launching swing. Barrel covers depth in zone with an uphill finish after contact. Creates easy bat speed and is strong at point of contact. Behind the plate, does a solid job keeping his large frame compact and works his hips beneath the baseball. Keeps arm action short from a ¾ release. Has the athleticism and body control to also handle duties at 3B. Arm gets longer/more extended from hot corner and shows a bit more velo than at C.

Joel Fernandez C / 2B / Davis, WA / 2024

Strong, compact frame with a powerful lower half at 6’0, 210. At the plate, starts tall and open with hands in a relaxed position. Gets into high leg lift but controls weight shift and lands soft with lead leg. Slight push back load with the hands. Short levers in upper half stay compact and tight to core, allowing him to accelerate barrel easily and stay inside of the ball. Raw power has the potential to play to all fields. Defensively he’s a consistent receiver. Showed a 1KD set-up while keeping chest upright and maintaining a soft glove hand. Also has the athleticism and footwork to handle INF as well. Light on his feet with quick, active steps to the ball. Comes through the play with momentum then uses a quick exchange with easy arm action and ¾ release

Jaxen Mentink C / OF / Sumner, WA / 2024

Strong bodied with powerful levers at 5’10, 210 lbs. Starts balanced with tall, upright posture at the plate and relaxed hands. Gathers weight back with a quick toe tap load prior to taking forward stride. Hands stay below rear shoulder and use a subtle scap load to create stretch against front side. Hand placement allows him to get barrel into the zone quickly while staying on plane. Strong, powerful wrists create above average bat speed. Capable of spray hard contact to all fields. Behind the dish has polished receiving skills with a strong glove hand. Subtle moves laterally to get to the ball and catch it out front. Slightly staggered set-up prior to getting out of crouch. Short arm action after exchange then length out front at release from ¾ slot. Ball carries to target. Also has the arm strength (84 mph) to handle OF duties and is a quality runner

Ty Sheldon C / 3B / Liberty, OR / 2024

6’0, 175 with some wiry strength in the frame. Sheldon finished the year strong with his best offensive showing in the Fall, showing improvement with his raw power and bat speed specifically. Sets up in a slightly wide stance with direct alignment towards pitcher and a tall set-up. Slight weight shift back before taking a short, low forward stride. Hands use a short down & back load to create separation. Consistent lift in the swing with an uphill path at contact. Looks to drive the ball to his pull-side & has present gap to gap power. Strong front side at contact. Defensively he’s vocal behind the dish and stays engaged with the pitcher. Used both a 1DK set-up as well as a more conventional, staggered crouch when receiving. Easy transition into throws with high arm action and a ¾ release

Sam Trojan C / 3B / Lake Oswego, OR / 2024

Strong, athletic build at 6’1, 190. Hits with a wide set up in the box with feet spread and slight hip hinge. Uses a reverse toe-tap to load prior to taking forward stride. Hands stay near back shoulder with a short, tight load. Keeps levers compact with the barrel staying inside of the baseball. Impacts the ball with a direct stroke that produces hard, line drive contact. Power should play to all fields Defensively has solid mobility with his lower half and avoids getting too stiff or rigid despite being a larger framed catcher. Strong glove hand that receives the ball out front with control. Tight, short arm action with over the top release. Keeps momentum behind the ball with true ball flight to the bag. Runs well for a C and the overall athleticism plays well behind the dish.


Seattle Preseason ID WA 01/28 EL1 Sports - Puyallup, WA
Super 60 Pro Showcase NATIONAL 02/05 The MAX - McCook, IL
Pacific Northwest Preseason ID WA 02/05 NW Sports Hub - Centralia, WA
Central Washington Preseason ID WA 02/11 The SIX Athletic Training Facility - Moses Lake, WA
2022 Scout Day - Baden Baseball WA 02/20 EL1 Tacoma
Pacific Northwest Preseason All-State (Invite-Only) WA 02/21 NW Sports Hub - Centralia, WA
Oregon Preseason ID WA 02/25 PK Park - Eugene, OR
Boise Rising Stars ID WA 05/07 Capital High School - Boise, ID

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