Quick Hits - Pacific Northwest Preseason ID

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

On Sunday, Feb 5th we continued our Preseason ID workouts at the NW Sports Hub in Centralia, WA for the Pacific Northwest Preseason ID. The ID event combined both WA and OR and welcomed 2023-2027 prospects to the facility. All in all, we saw over 90 players throughout the day. 

With batting practice, bullpens, defense and athletic testing, preseason events allow athletes to show off their progress and development from the off-season and present the most up-to-date information on themselves heading into the spring season. 

Quick Hits is a recap of some of the top performances that stood out to us on Sunday. It is not a ranking or top prospect list. Additional content including statistical leaders will be coming out as well. 

Players are listed in alphabetical order

For the full event roster plus player stats, click HERE

quick hits

PNW Preseason id

‘25 OF Braden Bartholomae (Skyline, WA)
One of the most consistent pure hitters in the ‘25 class. Bartholomae has always shown a knack for controlling the barrel in the box and the physical tools are starting to make the bat more potent. Peak EV of 89.6 mph with an impressive avg EV of 84.7. The narrow gap between his top EV and average highlights his ability to consistently put quality swings on the ball and produce hard contact. Saw improvements across the board in speed plus arm strength as well. 

‘24 RHP/3B Conor Beard (Clackamas, OR)
Beard recorded the top FB at the event when he touched 86.7 mph. FB sat 83-86 with easy effort and he showed feel for a SL and heavy CH. His overall bullpen established him as an arm to know in the ‘24 class heading into the season. Well-rounded athlete at 5’11, 175. He has 2-way potential as a 3B prospect as well. 

‘25 OF Jackson Bell (Liberty, WA)
Long, lanky and projectable. Bell checks a lot of boxes physically and the actions all project for future development. Speed should play in the OF with his lengthy strides and there’s present arm strength as well. Offensively he creates quality bat speed & gets plenty of leverage from lower half. Uphill swing path should lead to more power as he continues to mature physically.

‘26 OF Noah Benedict (Puyallup, WA)
6’1,195 lbs and one of the more physical athletes we’ve seen in the class. Posted a 6.92 in the 60 and showed improved arm strength from the Fall. Swing really works from the left side with tight rotation and strong wrists into contact. Gap to gap power presently with consistent line drive contact. High ceiling position player

‘25 OF Brayden Buck (Tualatin, OR)
First look at the physical left-handed hitting OF prospect & Buck made a loud impression. Strong upper half with a stocky frame and powerful levers. Above average arm from the OF with short, over the top release. Aggressive intent in the box with an uphill path and power potential. Stays tall to give added leverage. Swing covers depth in the zone. 

‘26 RHP Jack Cochran (North Creek, WA)
Exciting arm in the ‘26 class with present feel for pitching and substantial upside. Cochran sat 77-79 while showing a tight SL and faded CH. The frame and arm both project and there’s a lot to dream on with how easily the arm works. Wouldn’t be shocked to see the pure stuff make a big jump quickly as we get into the season.

‘27 3B/RHP James Collier (Silverton, OR)
6’3, 185 lbs with advanced physicality already. Collier is a specimen for his age. Defensively he profiles to corner INF down the road & has the chance to be a middle of the order bat. Simple set-up in the box with a no stride approach. Powerful right handed swing with an aggressive uphill path and consistent lift. On the mound showed a tight, quick arm path with emerging velocity and feel for spin. Currently 74-78 with much more to come as he gets additional seasoning. 


‘25 OF Gabe Coltman (Lincoln, OR)
Coltman put on an offensive show during the workout and led several major categories. Finished at the top in Peak EV, Avg EV and Avg Bat Speed while also showing sound defensive actions for OF with an above average arm. At 6’4, 220, it’s a strong athletic package and Coltman heads into 2023 with some of the best offensive tools in the state for any class.

‘26 SS/RHP McCrea Curfman (Bainbridge, WA)
Lean, wiry athlete with 2-way potential. Curfman can play a smooth SS and hits with a level swing and line drive approach. Really stood out on the mound this workout as FB velo has ticked up into the 80s and he is spinning a hard SL up to 2,300 rpm. His easy movement through the delivery and whippy arm action should allow his pure stuff to consistently improve.

‘27 SS/RHP Manny Ehinger (Lakeridge, OR)
Ehinger put on a show throughout the workout on Sunday and has the highest of upsides as a 2-way prospect. At 6’2, 165, it’s a pro frame with length and room for significant strength. Fluid mover on defense at SS with plenty of arm. Athleticism shows at the plate with exceptional bat speed and rotational numbers while producing a peak EV of 92.4. Also topped at 84 mph on the mound with the FB. Will be an exciting follow as he continues to mature.

‘26 INF/RHP Nolan Fahey (Tahoma, WA)
Fahey put it all together on Sunday with a balanced 2-way performance that showcased his feel for the game and 2-way potential. On the mound is where we saw the biggest jump as his FB touched 79 and he tightened up the CB to 2,234 rpm. Still has room for strength as the frame is extra lean and wiry.

‘25 C Jaylen Kennedy (North Thurston, WA)
Strong armed defensive catcher at 6’1, 180. Kennedy had a strong showing behind the dish with a quick exchange and short, tight arm action. Offensively took a professional round of BP with one of the top Peak and Avg EVs on the day. Simple, quiet set up with a flat barrel that kept the ball up the middle of the diamond.

‘26 OF Dylan Mamiya (Kennewick, WA)
One of the top overall athletes & hitters in the ‘26 class. Mamiya has made consistent progress physically and is starting to impact the baseball at a high level. Smooth left-handed stroke at the plate with quick, strong hands. Good OF profile as a L/L prospect. Also has 2-way ability on the bump with a FB at 77-78 with arm side run from a ¾ slot and a late sweeping SL. 

‘25 C Deacon Meller (WF West, WA)
6’0, 170 with pound for pound strength and an athletic build. Meller excelled behind the dish with next level arm talent and clean actions out of the crouch. Ball carries easily out of hand with accuracy to the bag. Offensively, uses a open set up then closes off with a short forward stride. Hands start low then accelerate easily into the zone with strong wrists at contact.

‘24 1B/LHP Nate Merritt (Prairie, WA)
Some of the best LH pop we’ve seen in the class. At 6’4, 218, Merritt topped at 96.9 with his EV & averaged 87.2 across his rounds. High grades on the bat speed and rotational numbers make him an exciting power prospect from the left-side. Also has 2-way potential as an arm with a 3 pitch mix. Arm strength plays well at 1B with one of the top velos we saw on Sunday. 

‘25 C/RHP Kelan Stewart (Seattle Prep, WA)
Stewart has always impressed with his athleticism at the C position and pure arm talent. The velo played exceptionally well out of the crouch on this look and he also added some increased strength at the plate. Added a dimension to his game we haven’t seen before with a solid bullpen, working 81-83 with the FB and ripping off a CB at 2,382 rpm.

‘25 OF/RHP Derek Thompson (Tumwater, WA)
Tooled up athlete at 5’11, 175 who had a loud performance on both sides of the ball. Powerful runner with arm strength from the OF and an explosive bat. Hands accelerate the barrel into contact with few moving parts in the swing. Was also up to 86 mph on the mound with a sweeping CB at 64-68 and heavy CH at 70-73. Will be a big riser in the ‘25 class. 

‘24 INF Ryan Tobler (Skyline, WA)
Tobler put together one of the best combinations of speed and power at the workout. Running in the 6.90 range for the 60 and then finishing towards the top of EV during BP. From the left-side, gets creates easy rotational power and gets his barrel to the ball. Defensively he’s made a jump in the pure arm strength and continues to move well laterally with his athleticism

‘26 INF/OF Beckett Turnbow (Tahoma, WA)
Quick twitch, high energy athlete with versatility on the diamond. Turnbow has plenty of arm to handle both INF & OF duties and showcased clean actions from both spots. The feet really work on the INF and he maintains his tempo through the play. Offensively uses a controlled leg kick to get separation and stays inside of the ball well, working the gaps and keeping a line drive approach. 

‘26 OF Zach VandenBrink (West Linn, OR)
Extra strong frame at 6’0, 193 lbs with a proportional build. VandenBrink carries the size well and has consistently translated his development into offensive output. The bat speed took a big step forward on the weekend, up to 77.4 mph and he topped at 90.6 mph with his EV. Continues to look more confident at the dish as he gets more reps. Exciting bat to follow in the class

‘25 INF/RHP Isaac Watson (Prairie, WA)
Strong, stocky build at 6’1, 200 lbs. Watson is a good mover on the INF with a short, quick release across the diamond. Offensively he was one of the most consistent hitters on the day with a short, compact swing and balanced rotation into contact. More power on the way. Flashed the arm strength on the mound as well with a FB up to 82.3 and ability to manipulate spin on his breakers. 

‘25 C/RHP Ernie Whelan (Issaquah, WA)
5’11, 180 lbs with a strong upper half and functional strength. Has the arm strength & receiving ability to stick behind the plate at the next level. Arm talent works on the mound with FB at 81-83 & a full arsenal with his CB/SL/CH. Offensively it’s easy, low effort bat speed producing hard EVs with line drive contact.



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