2025 Utah Top 10 Prospects: Spring Edition '23

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

Spring Edition '23

Austin Park SS / OF / Juab, UT / 2025



2023 Overall Stats


G 26 AB 88 R 43 H 38 AVG .432 HR 2 RBI 28 2B 8 3B 6 BB 13 SO 8 SB 19


G 9 IP 31.2 W 4 L 0 ERA 1.55 H 19 R 12 ER 7 BB 15 SO 57 


Sophomore sensation SS/RHP-Austin Park, a ‘22 PBR Future Games alum and one of the top 200 players in the country, who has two D1 power 5 offers on the table and is talking to numerous other P5 schools in the PAC 12, Big 12 and ACC, along with a nationally ranked Big West school. Park so happens to be the #1 ranked player in the ‘25 class by PBR Utah. 


2022 PBR Future Games

The #1 ranked ‘25 in the class and for good reason, the lean wiry athletic Park, has the makings of a really good player moving forward, as he took his turns through the workout, but kept things in check, as he is still preparing for the 3A State Football playoffs for the undefeated 10-0 Juab Wasps. A WR on the gridiron, and an uber projectable SS/CF on the diamond, Park is a 2022 PBR Future Games alum and already has some D1 offers on the table, but is in no hurry to make a decision, as he has 3 years at the HS level. Park had a great workout and the actions remained abv avg and looked very similar to that of his Future Games performances, however his data took some leaps forward over the last 3 months since LakePoint. He achieved his best tools marks of hand speed, 23.5, EV of 93.3, Avg EV 87.9, Max Distance 339, 7.01/60 on grass (soft track) vs. a 7.07 on turf in GA. He also fired off 83-84 mph easy accurate throws across the diamond from SS. Looking forward to seeing Austin next spring and the considerable gains and momentum he’s creating. 


The top 2025 Position player in the state in this scouts opinion, regardless of others that may have committed and played for team USA. The upside of this kid is that of a HIGHLY athletic, lean long and twitchy 3 sport star with abv avg movement patterns. Park was first spotted at the Fall Prospect ID last November at Snow Canyon HS, and I’ve been squarely in this kids corner since. Was seen by every school in the state at the Top Prospect Games, July 12th at Pleasant Grove HS. Austin is skinny w/lean wiry strength and pound for pound strong, while oozing projection w/added weight/strength to come. The setup is semi wide w/a slight crouch and his bat held at a 45-degree angle. He shows hand and bat speed and the ability to sit back and recognize off speed mistakes and flashes HR power to the pull side now. Defensively he can play SS/CF and make each position look very natural. At SS he shows glove and athletic actions with soft hands and plays through the baseball. His arm is strong and accurate with 83 mph throws across the diamond and 85 from the OF. The arm is very loose and fluid and I can see upper 80’s across the INF and 90 from the OF over the next 2-3 years. Already has 2 D1 offers!





Chase Johnston LHP / 1B / Maple Mountain , UT / 2025



2023 Overall Stats

 G 9 IP 53.1 W 5 L 1 ERA 1.18 H 36 R 18 ER 9 BB 19 SO 77


Johnston is projecting like top college level pitcher project, as he was 80-84 at the Future Games last July, however as he's filling out and the body/strength are maturing, so has his velocity. The Delivery is the same and he shows deception thru a high glove to kick delivery, that stretches out nicely as he gains momentum down the slope. The FB now plays 83-85 T86, and with continued growth physically and his strength matures into man strength over time, the FB projects nicely into a high 80's to low 90's type LHP, that should garner D1 offers. The CB has quality shape and TQ tilt w/depth, and projects for a harder version CB with added bite as time goes on. The type of arm to project over the next 2-2.5 years, as he just made his 1st start of his sophomore season, and the line score read: IP 5 H 2 R 2 ER 0 BB 0 SO 11. This folks is a D1 arm w/pitchability and with former Utah Tech and BYU pitching coach of a decade, as his head coach at Maple Mountain (Jeremy Thomas), Johnston is in good hands throughout his remaining HS years. 

Johnston will be a returner for the 2023 PBR Future Game in Atlanta on July 26-29 a the PBR LakePoint Sports Complex!



2022 PBR Future Games

Johnston came to the Summer ID in July of 2021 and was in the low to mid 70’s with his FB, but you could tell the arm action and delivery to throw harder, but feeling was it was much further down the road, a credit to Chase, as he came into the 2022 HS season, as a starter in the rotation as a freshman, while being tutored by his new head coach, Jeremy Thomas, who I signed to his professional contract back in the day. Thomas was the pitching coach for over a decade at Dixie State and BYU, so Johnston was learning from a high level instructor. Johnston dominated the competition at the 5A level for Maple Mountain, as he became the ace of the staff, and finished the season with a 7-3 record, 3.31 ERA with 61.1 IP, 55 H, 22 BB and 84 KO’s. The state that stuck out for me was he only allowed 4 unearned runs all spring. That means he has swing and miss stuff and can leave runners stranded and bail out his defense when errors are committed. That’s the competitor stat that I use to see if a pitcher can compete, as well as pitch, with swing and miss stuff. Johnston’s FB was 81-85 at the Future Games and this past weekend was 83-85 with a spin rate of 2,374 which is MLB avg and is why his velocity plays up and misses bats. The CB has downward tilt at 68-71 and the CH 77 has kill spin at a spin of 1,666 to complete a 3 pitch mix. With 3 years of HS, it wouldn’t surprise me if a classification MVP contender is in his future as well as reaching the low 90’s and becoming a serious D1 prospect from the left side of the rubber. 


The #1 pitcher in the 2025 class, showed why at the Future Games, as he threw outstanding in his 2 innings of work. Showing a tall flexible high kick to his delivery, while landing sound out front with a loose, fluid HTQ arm slot. The delivery has the features at clean up over the next 3 years to turn into a D1 prospect. The FB 80-84 has the makings with his loose arm to turn into a 90 mph arm in due time. The CB has OH to TQ shape with depth/bottom. The CH fades with turnover sink and feel. Chase put up a monster year as a freshman ace on the varsity, as he punched out 84 batters in 62 IP with only 22 BB. Winning 7 games as well, Chase didn’t look dazed by the competition at the Future Games and if he stays uncommitted, he will once again be headed to LakePoint in 2023!



CJ Mascaro OF / LHP / American Fork , UT / 2025


 Committed: Texas Christian U

2023 Overall Stats

G 24 AB 75 R 31 H 24 AVG ,320 HR 3 RBI 19 2B 5 3B 3 BB 12 SO 20 SB 8


A 6.96/60 with a 93.3 EV, will get you noticed as a freshman, especially when you are projected to see some time as a freshman at national powerhouse American Fork. Already receiving D1 offers and a variety of college interest in-state as well as out of state from power 5 programs, Mascaro is a PBR Future Games invite for this July and will most likely be a very early D1 commit. 


Dylan Singleton LHP / 1B / Mountain Ridge, UT / 2025



2023 Overall Stats

G 7 IP 34 W 1 L 3 ERA 2.88 H 34 R 21 ER 14 BB 12 SO 47 


2022 PBR Future Games

Singleton who I first spotted at the Preseason All-State and was intrigued by his delivery and upside with long lanky features received the prestigious honor of representing Utah at the PBR Future Games, has made significant progress over the past 8 months and especially the last 3 ½ months since the FG’s. The body looks to have added 10 lbs and that can make all the difference as he was 78-80 in Atlanta, but this past weekend, the ball was coming out firmer as the FB was 82-85 T86, that’s a 6 mph increase in just a ¼ of a year! The spin rate jumped from 2106 to 2278. The CB 68-70 with a spin of 1954 and although it was 70-71 and virtually the same spin, it had added depth and he was finishing the pitch much better than before. Dylan worked a clean inning in this look in the game action and with 3 years of HS left, and still filling out his 6-1 175 frame, that has 25 lbs more he can add, it’s not out of the question to vision a low 90’s FB in his future, paired with the breaking ball that will give LHH’s fits. Was excited about what I saw and look forward to him joining us again for the 2023 PBR Future Games once again!


A lean athletic young immature build, that is the late bloomer physicality type. Features a med kick to his delivery and breaks over the rubber and shows a longer HTQ arm action, that needs to get into his legs better, as he is upright at release and follow through. He does land on the ball of his foot, which helps with balance and K throwing ability. If he can get over his front side better and reach out and bend his back into his follow through, the velocity should come. The FB 78-82 is angle and plane. The CB shows TQ shape with some OH type arc with depth as well. The CH shows fade at the plate and needs to add some depth. Makings of a 3 pitch mix that is in the development stage right now. But this is a young arm and with the right coaching, he should come on in the next year or two. 


With a projectable young frame to add size and strength down the road, Singleton is a Future Games invite for ‘22, based on a K throwing mentality and clean mechanics with some upright finish at the end. The arm is super clean and fluid and gets it up and into the power position at foot strike. It’s a fast arm for a 15 yr old and only 79-80 mph now with the FB, this should jump into the mid 80’s in’s years time. The CB 69 is spun with TQ tilted shape and has depth, while giving promise for added spin and tighter shapes and spin with added physical development. An exciting projectable arm to keep a close eye on over the next 4-6 months through the HS season and into the summertime. 



Cal Miller C / 3B / Viewmont, UT / 2025


 Committed: Brigham Young U

G 23 AB 70 R 33 H 31 AVG .443 HR 0 RBI 22 2B 5 3B 4 23 SO 7 SB 8

2021 15U USA National Team

Riley Brown 3B / RHP / Brighton, UT / 2025


Committed: Utah

2023 Overall Stats

G 22 AB 70 R 23 H 28 AVG .400 HR 4 RBI 19 2B 7 3B 1 BB 14 SO 13 SB 10


Brown has had a solid youth career and entered Brighton as a freshman expected to contribute right away and he did and more, hitting .350 w/5 2B’s, a HR and 19 RBI w/8 BB and 9 K’s in 96 PA’s. That’s a high contact rate, especially for a freshman. Over the summer, Brown was very good and was invited to the Top Prospect Games, where we had 11 college assistants and head coaches from various top ranked JUCO and all the state D1 schools in attendance. Brown performed well and caught the attention of the U Utah, as he blasted a couple of balls high and deep over the LF fence, and culminated his workout by also blasting a ball over the high net and house beyond the LF fence at Pleasant Grove HS. The metrics at both events were good, as he posted hand and bat speed marks of 21 and 75 respectively with an EV of 97.4 at the Top Prospect Games and 95 at the All-State Games. Brown has worked extremely hard at tightening and toning his blocky frame, and it showed last Sunday, as he is leaner, tighter and looks more athletically physical. It will be fun to track Riley at future PBR events and throughout the 2023 season and even two years beyond that as well. 


Brown is a strong RHH with a thick, strong lower 1/2 and has natural strength to drive the baseball and the ball explodes off his bat w/authority. A Power Showcase rep for Utah a year ago in Florida, along with a stint with the 15U Team USA trials, Brown also had a very solid freshman campaign as a middle of the order guy on the varsity. During game play at the Top Prospect Games, Brown hit a ball high and deep down the LF, that had big carry for a long HR and drew oohs and awes! one of those players that is a little more physically developed than others his age, so it remains to be seen if he can keep maturing physically and continue developing his tools and grow his skills in the game. But there is a lot to like a the plate w/HR strength and big hitting metrics for his age. 



Merrick Bostock 3B / SS / Orem, UT / 2025



2023 Overall Stats

G 25 AB 63 R 26 H 28 AVG .444 HR 3 RBI 26 2B 8 3B 0 BB 12 SO 8


Week 8 (April 24-30) Stat Line

G 4 AB 12 R 11 H 10 HR 2 RBI 13 2B 4 BB 2


This hands down for the week of April 24-30, should have been the PBR Utah Player of the Week! I'm embarrassed to say that I missed this performance, due to his school not inputting their stats on a weekly basis. All Bostock did was absolutely dominate in every phase of the game, and from the plate, was as hot as a hitter can be. But it was worth the snub, as I picked up on it, and was straddling the fence, and Bostock made the decision easy for me, as he will earn an invite and trip to Lakepoint in Atlanta, as part of #TeamUtah, at the 2023 PBR Future Games!



Positional Profile: 3B/SS Young 15 yr mold MIF from a very good HS program at Orem HS. Has present strength to drive the baseball with loft. Has actions in the middle to develop and work from. The arm and speed will come as he gains lower body mass and strength, along with added arm strength. Current level projection is JUCO.

Body: 6-0 185-pounds. Lean lanky proportioned frame w/considerable room for weight and strength gains.

Hits: RHH. Even prop square stance w/the bat over his back shoulder in a flat setup. lift the barrel back to a 10-15 degree vertical angle for his load. Uses a small lift of his foot and sets his down softly Fires the bat in a slightly uphill tight compact stroke, and impacts the ball out front. Spins through the ball w/an upright posture and whips the bat into a high one hand follow through.

Power: 95 max exit velocity, averaged 84.2 MPH. 361' max distance. Has present strength and can drive the ball deep as he led the underclass group with a max batted ball distance of 361 ft.

Arm: RH. INF-73 mph. Below avg arm right now and should increase as he continues to build overall arm and body strength. Shorter INF type compact arm action. Needs to get his feet set and under him, to better his accuracy on his throws across the diamond.

Defense: Semi aggressive approach to the ball and bends at the waist and knees, and does need to get into his legs better, and get his torso down and over the ball, get into a better sight line. Think back flat, like a table top.



Max Moffat OF / RHP / Woods Cross, UT / 2025


Committed: Utah Valley U

2023 Overall Stats

G 27 AB 93 R 31 H 38 AVG .409 HR 3 RBI 34 2B 11 3B 1 BB 14 SO 11 SB 11

Xaviah Patch 3B / SS / Stansbury , UT / 2025



2023 Overall Stats

G 26 AB 80 R 17 H 41 AVG .512 HR 0 RBI 26 2B 10 3B 0 BB 8 SO 6 SB 4




Jake Andreas RHP / 3B / Dixie, UT / 2025



2023 Overall Stats

G 7 GS 2 IP 17.1 W 2 L 1 ERA 4.85 H 21 R 12 ER 12 BB 10 SO 29





2023 PBR CA-NV-AZ-UT ProCase (Invite Only) UT 06/04 University of Southern California - Dedeaux Field
Utah Rising Stars ID UT 06/07 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse
2023 PBR Scout Day: NorCal Valley Utah UT 06/12 Snow Canyon HS
2023 PBR Scout Day: CBA Summit UT 06/17 Snow Canyon HS
2023 PBR Scout Day: Rawlings Tigers UT 06/29 Skyline High School
Top Prospect Games (Invite-Only) UT 07/11 Salt Lake Community College
PBR Junior Future Games NATIONAL 07/25 LakePoint
2023 PBR Future Games (Utah Invite) UT 07/26 LakePoint Sports - Cartersville, GA




Scholzen was brought on as the Utah Scouting Director for Prep Baseball Report after serving 9 years as the Four Corners Scouting Supervisor with the Milwaukee Brewers (2011-2020). Prior to his run with the Brewers, Scholzen worked for the Los Angeles Angels for 11 years (1999-2010), serving in a similar capacity as the Four Corners Scouting Supervisor. In all, Scholzen served as a full-time scout for 20 years. Scholzen also received a 2002 World Series ring for his contributions as a scout. 

With the Angels, Scholzen created an Angels Scout Team, in which he coached the likes of current and former major league players: Kris Bryant, Kevin Gausman, Greg Bird, Tyler Wagner, Aaron Blair, Joey Rickard, Donn Roach, Johnny Field, Taylor Cole and Paul Sewald to name a few. During his run with the the Angels, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Angels rookie ball affiliate with the Pioneer League Orem Owlz, helping guide the Owlz to the 2005 and 2007 Pioneer League titles.

Prior to becoming a professional scout, Scholzen served as the head coach at Southern Utah University between 1993-1997. At the time, Scholzen was the youngest Division I head coach when he was first hired at 24 years old. The Southern Utah baseball program was dropped after the 2012 season. While coaching at Southern Utah, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Alaska Goldpanners in 1995, as they won the Alaska League Championship. 

A native of Utah, Scholzen played at Hurricane HS and was twice named 1st team All-State and an AAU HM All-American, before moving on to Utah Valley CC and Eastern Oregon University, earning All-Conference honors on three separate occasions. Scholzen played in the Angels’ organization from 1991-1992.