Prep Baseball Report

Team Utah Future Games - Team Preview

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

As Team Utah descends on the LakePoint Sports Complex in the Atlanta suburb of Emerson, GA on Wednesday, let’s take a look back on the past two installments of the #SwarmingBees and where we stand now.

The 2021 first edition from the Beehive State, will be hard to top and some factors were attributed to the strength and overall next level ability of the players involved. Did we get the right players and were our evaluations right or did we miss? Well it’s a resounding “YES” that we got it right. More on that in a minute…

First we had the luxury of what we all will have a year from now and that’s that all players involved in the Future Games, will be picked from a pool of all uncommitted players, as with all rising sophomores and juniors around the country will not allowed to commit until after August 1st of the fall of their junior school year.

So the 2021 version was especially strong because we didn’t have to eliminate any players from consideration, because this was the classes that were in the 8th and 9th grade and because of the CoVid pandemic were not allowed to be seen or evaluated in person by NCAA institution coaching staffs. So the appetite was there for schools to descend on Atlanta for one of the strongest classes of uncommitted talent in the history of scouting national uncommitted showcases, as the PBR Future Games is the grand daddy of them all. With a team that ended up having 10 of the 19 players go on to commit to D1 schools and 4 commit to nationally ranked JUCO’s, while a few remained uncommitted to this day, due in large part with a couple, in that they have not embraced the power of marketing through social media and they are not gaining the traction needed to get offers. Below are all the infielders that were selected to the squad and every one of them, drew attention as one of the strongest groups in Atlanta. Below are their commitments. 

Those players were:

Ryder Robinson (American Fork/TCU)

Petey Soto (Crimson Cliffs/Utah Tech)

Grant Scholzen (Hurricane/Pacific)

Cole DeCastro (Desert Hills/CSI) 

1B Billy Bird (Timpanogos/Utah) 

The impressive combination of advanced tools and skills among that group, ultimately bore out a result that was pretty impressive and I don’t think there was another state that could claim this next accomplishment…three of those players as seniors in 2023, took home classification MVP’s

Ryder Robinson - 6A MVP

Billy Bird - 5A MVP

Petey Soto - 4A MVP

Ironically Trey Evans-OF from Crimson Cliffs took home 4A MVP the following year in 2022 as a sophomore, making it 4 state players of the year! Not one state can lay claim to 4 different players taking home state MVP honors!

Amongst the Pitchers, we had hard throwers with high spin rate FB’s and breaking balls, and came away with some bidding wars amongst schools for the following players services. 

Easton Barrett (Springville/ASU)

Easton Davies (Orem/ASU)

Brayden Marx (Pleasant Grove/Hawaii)

Cameron Nielson (Cottonwood/Utah)

Myles Topham (Canyon View/CSI)

Nolan Miller (Salem Hills/CSI)

Nielsen could have been included amongst the SS group, as it’s yet to be determined which way he will go at Utah this fall, as I didn’t have the playing time for 5 SS’s, thus Nielson only pitched in Atlanta! Ironically Nielson took part in the position player workout and led the group in exit velocity, hand and bat speed and also as a junior was named Region 7 MVP, primarily for his bat!

Catcher Luke Taylor was a quick commit as a young 2024 shortly after the event and would later de-commit from his school the following summer, eventually committing to USC shortly thereafter. 


I only wanted to focus on the 2021 group for now, as the 2022 version is still in the process of figuring out which direction players will go, as there has been ample time now to study and dissect this group, but the process has been slowed down by schools, as so many commitments came out of the 2023 class and in some cases, especially in-state, most of the spots have been gobbled up at certain positions and three of the pitchers in the 2025 class can’t commit until after this upcoming Future Games, thus we have those three arms returning this week to once again draw the interest of schools in attendance. It's expected, based on the history of the event, to be in the neighborhood of 350 college coaches from mainly the D1 level, but some D2’s and D3’s, but close to 80% will be of the D1 variety. 

This group of young men are especially strong in that like some teams that are put together, there are strengths and weaknesses, but my feeling and belief is that every player on this roster will more than likely play at the next level. But on paper, just looking at this club, the pitching staff is expected to turn heads, as this group top to bottom is the strength of the team, with every arm on the staff having touched a minimum of 86 mph with their FB’s at some point throughout the spring and or summer. 

NOTE: The #SwarmingBees is the hashtag I use on social media for any player that has been chosen by myself over the years to represent the state of Utah at regional or national level events aka, the Future Games, West Coast Games, Super 60 and the West Coast ProCase. Any one of these events or a combination of these events, when I post a Twitter or Instagram piece on these platforms, if that player has been named to one of those teams, I dub that player a #SwarmingBees player.

We now present the 2023 PBR Future Games roster below with links to player profiles (click their RED highlighted name) PBR event video and or social media posts, along with their scouting report, which is in their profile links as well. The PBR ranking is where they are going into the event and will be updated shortly after the event once again. HAPPY READING…Enjoy!


Case Beames RHP / Brighton , UT / 2025

Oct 30, 2022

FB Max Spin Rate: 2758 / FB Avg Spin Rate: 2598

CB Max Spin Rate: 3309 / CB Avg Spin Rate: 3246

UPDATE: FB 83-86 / CB 76-79 (July 2023)


This is an intriguing case, no pun intended, with a FB/CB combo with incredible spin rates and zone % 's at the most recent All-State Games. A skinny 6-1 145, that really needs to add 10-15 lbs of weight to distribute his frame and overall projectable build. The weight room needs to be his friend, as he has the chance to throw hard, and with peripheral data of the FB/CB, suggests FB velo is on the way. With a tall medium kick to delivery, Case features balance throughout and breaks over the rubber and gets down the slope well, and exhibits a very loose arm to project. The FB 80-82 with a spin max of 2,758, which is elite and gets downhill and hitters swing over the top, when down. The CB 75-76 is thrown as hard as any CB I've seen in a while, for a FB that low. The spin is ludicrously elite, with a spin max of 3.309, and avg’ed 3,246. This is the highest spin recorded in 2 years with PBR Utah, eclipsing #1 ranked ‘23 prospect Brayden Marx’s 2,990. With a spin rate that fast and thrown with that kind of velocity, this indicates that FB velocity is coming soon and may take a bigger spike than most. Once this kid puts on weight, with the added strength, this kid has a chance to be good.



Blake Brotherson RHP / Orem, UT / 2025


Positional Profile: RHP/1B Blake is a 15 yr old, 2025 w/considerable upside for physical growth, weight and strength gains. Shows feel for 3 pitches and works the FB/CB in the zone for consistent K's. The type of arm that you should see 2-3 mph increase each year in HS, and should be a 90+ arm within 2 years, and breakout as a senior with big velocity. Can only dream and can't wait to follow him and see his progress every 3-4 months as the years tick by.
Body: 6-2, 155-pounds. Lean, lanky w/a proportioned athletic look. What the look like at 15 yrs old
Delivery: Simple side side and he rocks into a flexible high kick to delivery. Stays online and directional to the plate, and lands firm on a soft toe/flat foot. Gets okay ext now, and finishes into a 3/4 finish out front and is somewhat upright after release and follow through.
Arm Action: RH. Clean takeaway from a medium high glove break. Fluid in back and rotates his arm stroke into the power slot w/a clean arc through a HTQ release point.
FB: 83-86 mph. FB has carry and is firm and to the naked eye, he appears to be throwing harder than registered. The ball exits clean and with the rising life, it jumps on hitters T2324, 2201 average rpm.
CB: 71-74 mph. Controlled with feel to land and hit the mitt. The pitch is a K and he has easy TQ tilt and medium depth. As he throws harder with maturity and the spin increases as well as the velo, the pitch will add depth and harder bite through the zone. T2049, 1998 average rpm.
CH: 72-75 mph. Threw a few that faded with fair depth and bottom. Needs to throw more and gain added confidence. T1617, 1574 average rpm.



Miles Layton RHP / Brighton , UT / 2025

UPDATE: at a recent college prospect camp, this past weekend, Layton touched 86 with his FB, after touching 80 at the same camp a year ago this time. Looking forward to Miles showing off his gains and improvements in Atlanta on Friday, as he is slated to be the starting pitcher, throwing the first 3 inns of the Kentucky matchup at 12:30 pm on field 11 at the LakePoint Sports Complex. 

The epitome of a command pitcher, that shows an understanding of what he’s doing on the mound. At the Future Games, he didn’t have his best FB velocity, as he’s been as high as 84-85 over the summer and was more in the 79-82 range and works corners and keeps hitters off balance with a big breaking CB and deceptive fading CH with late sink. The delivery is sound and simple with a flexible high kick to delivery and breaks over the rubber and gets his arm up and into the throwing position at a flat foot strike. The arm action is clean and crisp from a HTQ slot and gets good extension out front into a ¾ finish out front. A great teammate, who is always into the game and pays attention to what is going on and is eager to learn and has a passion for the game. 



Ethan Iacono RHP / Mountain Ridge, UT / 2025



A young RHP that I'm looking forward to following throughout the 2023 spring. Iacono features a med frame to a lean, wiry projectable athletic build. There's definite room for added physical development, as he continues to mature and fill out. The delivery has the makings to project K's, as the base is in place, to continue to tweak some things and become a more efficient mover down the slope. A NWU delivery w/a med arm stroke and breaks over the rubber w/his outer spikes dug into the rubber for leverage and footing. The arm works properly and is clean thru release. The FB 82-85 T86 and has plenty of room to grow into a low 90's arm within a couple of years. Does feature the makings of FB spin of 2,289 max and can see a 2400-2500 in time, as the velocity grows and develops. The CB 73-74 with 2,285 spin max and once again, could reach as high as 2,400-2,500 with added forearm/finger strength. The CB 71-74 can back up at times and loose proper rotation, yet flashes the makings of a TQ SLV arc and shape with depth at times. Needs to continue to finish the pitch and rip the seams. If the tools translate to performance this next spring, Iacono will be on the short list for the PBR Future Games next July.



Beckham Stanger RHP / Woods Cross, UT / 2026



The tall freshman RHP with bloodlines, as his older brother is a LHP at Salt Lake CC, Stanger has height and loose long limbs with athleticism to continue to develop and blossom with projection into a low to mid 90's FB one day and sooner in HS, rather than later. Already a firm 83-87 T88 and pitching with confidence and performance at the 6A level. A consideration for the PBR Future Games in July, Stanger is near decided upon, just needs to continue performing and make a solid push over the next 3-4 weeks. Already in the rotation as a freshman says a lot about his ceiling and where his floor is right now!



Andrew Lyon RHP / Snow Canyon, UT / 2025



The son of former MLB pitcher, Brandon Lyon and the younger brother of Isaac Lyon, who is a rising sophomore at Grand Canyon U. With these types of bloodlines, one would expect Andrew has picked up a thing or two about pitching. A former neighbor of Jeff Scholzen, Andrew grew up and continues to be around a plethora of next level players in his community, with over A DOZEN, current college commits and college baseball players. Andrew will be in the PBR Future Games, and receive attention no doubt, with his 6-3 180 ideal size and assortment of pitches. A controlled tall and fall delivery with a flexible high kick to his delivery, Lyon gets the ball out of the glove clean and is fluid through the slot with ext out front. The FB registered 85-88 at the Top Prospect games and his best secondary pitch was his father’s as well, that being a avg to solid avg CH 77 that shows promise to play plus in time, as his velocity climbs and the separation becomes more apparent with the FB/CH combo. The CH shows FB arm speed and deception, along with fading sink life and is able to kill the spin and create depth at the end. Keep an eye out for this kid, as he shows definite D1 potential with added development physically and arm strength wise. 



Mason Henry RHP / Pleasant Grove, UT / 2026


 UPDATE: 2023 HS Season (Freshman)


G 6 ERA 1.11 IP 12.2 H 10 R 5 ER 2 BB 4 SO 11

Recently Pitched a 7 inn CG, allowing his lone run in the 7th and sat with the FB at 85, while touching 88 and 87 in the 7th. Looking forward to seeing what "Hawk" can do on the big stage!


This one is gonna be good! When he finishes growing and his coordination catches up with the massive growth spurt he’s taken on in the last 1 ½ years, the movement patterns are in place to work with. Mason the son of longtime Pleasant Grove HS Coach, Darrin Henry and the younger brother of Miami Marlins MLB catcher and former 2 time Utah Gatorade Player of the Year, Payton Henry. Mason is just an 8th grader, and the swing works with a short compact stroke w/length through the zone into a two handed finish. Once the lower ½ becomes sturdy and strong, the bat head will fly through the zone w/impact and back spin. With an exit velocity of 90.1 and a max distance of 332’ and impacting the baseball with a sweet spot contact rate of 78%, these are really good for an 8th grader. As well as the Trackman numbers, the Blast Motion data of hand and bat speeds of 24.1 and 70 are gonna jump exponentially in time. On the mound, it’s an imposing physical look out at the mound, with a big downhill plane and steep angle of attack coming at hitters with a fluid arm and tall compact delivery and big whippy back kick at finish. The FB 76-79, which has been in the low 80’s, touching 85 at times, was down a bit, yet the CB 65-71 w/a spin of over 2,000, which again is solid for his age and it features a big TQ downward tilt with solid shape and definition. The depth is quality and with the steep plane, it’s easy for hitters to give up on the pitch, only to see it drop in for a K. At the event, Henry actually showed better K zone command and feel for the CB vs the FB. It’s gonna be fun to watch his development. 



Chase Johnston LHP / Maple Mountain , UT / 2025



Johnston is projecting like top college level pitcher project, as he was 80-84 at the Future Games last July, however as he's filling out and the body/strength are maturing, so has his velocity. The Delivery is the same and he shows deception thru a high glove to kick delivery, that stretches out nicely as he gains momentum down the slope. The FB now plays 83-85 T86, and with continued growth physically and his strength matures into man strength over time, the FB projects nicely into a high 80's to low 90's type LHP, that should garner D1 offers. The CB has quality shape and TQ tilt w/depth, and projects for a harder version CB with added bite as time goes on. The type of arm to project over the next 2-2.5 years, as he just made his 1st start of his sophomore season, and the line score read: IP 5 H 2 R 2 ER 0 BB 0 SO 11. This folks is a D1 arm w/pitchability and with former Utah Tech and BYU pitching coach of a decade, as his head coach at Maple Mountain (Jeremy Thomas), Johnston is in good hands throughout his remaining HS years. 

Johnston will be a returner for the 2023 PBR Future Game in Atlanta on July 26-29 a the PBR L:akePoint Sports Complex!


Dylan Singleton LHP / Mountain Ridge, UT / 2025



Singleton who I first spotted at the Preseason All-State and was intrigued by his delivery and upside with long lanky features received the prestigious honor of representing Utah at the PBR Future Games, has made significant progress over the past 8 months and especially the last 3 ½ months since the FG’s. The body looks to have added 10 lbs and that can make all the difference as he was 78-80 in Atlanta, but this past weekend, the ball was coming out firmer as the FB was 82-85 T86, that’s a 6 mph increase in just a ¼ of a year! The spin rate jumped from 2106 to 2278. The CB 68-70 with a spin of 1954 and although it was 70-71 and virtually the same spin, it had added depth and he was finishing the pitch much better than before. Dylan worked a clean inning in this look in the game action and with 3 years of HS left, and still filling out his 6-1 175 frame, that has 25 lbs more he can add, it’s not out of the question to vision a low 90’s FB in his future, paired with the breaking ball that will give LHH’s fits. Was excited about what I saw and look forward to him joining us again for the 2023 PBR Future Games once again!





AJ Thomas C / UTL / Maple Mountain , UT / 2025



The son of former Utah Tech U / BYU pitching coach and now Maple Mountain HS Head Coach, Jeremy Thomas (Former MiLB RHP). AJ has grown up in clubhouses and ballparks since birth. An athletic mover with a high baseball IQ. Thomas is a switch-hitter with a mirrored stroke from both sides of the plate, yet at his current experience and strength level, he is definitely stronger from his natural RH side. Features an online flat through the zone stroke to hit and as he gets stronger and develops physically, shows the mechanical parts, to really take off as a late bloomer. Defensively he shows twitch and a baseline to continue to refine and develop as a defender. As a catcher, shows leadership qualities and leads by example and how he goes about the game. Has been schooled in the fundamentals. 


Carter Turley C / 2B / Dixie , UT / 2025



An athletic catch and throw defender with near 2.0 second pop times, shows solid movement patterns and the instincts to catch and defend. Comes from bloodlines with the ability to get better and take instruction with his cousins, Noah and Gavin Turley (uncle Jason, played for the Astros), being students of the game and having success at the next level. Carter shows passion and love of the craft, and wants it. Turley has the type of med stature to continue to develop physically to increase his strength and impact the baseball from an offensive standpoint. A slightly uphill approach through the hitting zone from a conventional square even prop stance to hit, needs to flatten the swing and shoot balls on a line vs gearing for power. The hands work in the swing and he stays inside and through the baseball with barrel release out front. An athletic gate to run, also lends to being versatile at 2B as well, much like a Biggio. A Future Game rep at LakePoint coming up, will get attention and we will see where his recruitment takes him, but there is next level ability now and with further improvement over the next two years, he could become a standout defensively with an emerging bat!



Austin Park SS / CF / Juab, UT / 2025


West Coast ProCase (Report)

A former PBR Future Games alum, is also headed back to Atlanta once again next month, Park is the #1 ranked player in the Utah class of 2025, and was the only ‘25 repping the #BeehiveState at the event. The leader of the Utah 3A State Champions, Park showed his highly projectable tools as he took his turn in the OF and at SS in showcasing his athletic twitchy movement patterns and EZ avg MLB arm strength. A clean throwing arm that also generates upper 80’s FB’s from the mound. After having his way with 3A competition in his first two years of HS, the sky’s the limit for Park moving forward. A fast bat that can already handle velocity at the plate, Park shows a clean stroke and the ball jumps off his bat with backspin and carries through the gaps. Pull HR power now, as he continues to add weight and matures with age, there should be all fields solid avg to plus raw power in his future. With two P5 standing offers from the Future Games a year ago, Park also has CWS teams on his trail as well.


Merrick Bostock 3B / SS / Orem, UT / 2025



A lean athletic physical look, that appears to continue filling out, the more I’ve seen him. A tall upright approach to hit, from a semi open stance to hit. High hands and takes his hands higher into his load in an unconventional approach in his setup and overall operation to hit. Lays the barrel open on approach to start the hands towards the baseball. Has some funk and a different way of hitting, yet has abv avg hand/eye to find the barrel in a short compact stroke at contact, and a long through finish. The knack to find the barrel in a quirky way to the naked eye to hit, is fascinating, in that he can hit velo and makes adjs to off speed. With a max EV of 100.6 at the Preseason All-State w/a hand speed of 23.4 and max bat speed of 75.5, gives promise that the hands are hitter-ish. At the Top Prospect Games, the BP was solid as he barreled balls at a 70% hard hit rate, while keeping the plane of the bat in direct contact with the baseball at an 86% rate of accuracy. Defensively needs to work on his footwork and his approach to the baseball. Looks to be a more reactive and instinctive type defender that works better on a corner, where he likes to play side to side and not go get the baseball. Could see a more physical 2B type with the bat or is athletic enough to play an OF corner with the bat his carrying tool.




Xaviah Patch 3B / Stansbury , UT / 2025



A lean wiry athletic LHH 3B with a frame to add quality weight and add strength with a strong and dedicated weight program to tap into his latent power and swing plane to produce even added distance and carry to a 2B’s type approach to the gaps. “X Patch” had one of the better HS seasons in the state as far as producing some “base” numbers with the base hit, batting avg and 2B’s. A high contact type approach with a low ball approach to hit with a flat bat through the zone with an inside out/long through and full wrapped finish behind the back shoulder. Drives the ball on a line with backspin to all fields, and finds the barrel often w/48 base hits this past spring. One of the better overall hitters in the 2024 class, earning a Future Games spot at LakePoint this next week. Defensively shows the soft hands and side to side agility to stick at the hot corner, yet needs to get his feet set and in sync to utilize his fringy arm, to play even better and add carry. Can’t wait to see what he does against quality age appropriate pitching in Atlanta, to get a better gauge on his instincts and baseball IQ. 



Noah Gatti 2B / SS / Jordan, UT / 2025



The younger brother of perennial All-State OF'er, Noah Gatti, a USU-Eastern Commit, Noah has the bat and glove to stay on the dirt at 2B, as an offensive 2B at the next level. Should be getting his shot to start at 2B, and team with Future Games SS, Bo Williams for the next two years. Has the base pre-pitch rhythm and timing as his feet hit the ground in his pre-pitch setup, as the ball crosses home plate. Fields out front and from the ground up. Does have bat speed and he accelerates the head of the bat at contact. Is where most top sophomores are at from a EV and data standpoint at his age and see this only getting better and better as he physically matures and grows. Not a runner like his brother, and will need to rely on his baseball instincts, field awareness and being a quality base runner. What does standout, is the bat and it will be fun to watch his development over the next three years. 



RJ Wilson 3B / Pleasant Grove , UT / 2025




Mays Madsen OF / SS / Lehi , UT / 2025



The son of former Utah Valley Head Coach Eric Madsen. The bloodlines are thick, as his father played D1 ball and his older brother Maddux Madsen is a QB at Boise State, his other older brother Mick Madsen was the starting 3B at Utah Valley and another brother McGwire Madsen will be playing his college ball at CSI. If you didn’t pick up on the first names of the brothers, re-read this again! Mays was the catalyst out of the lead off spot for the 2022 5A State Champs and put together a big 2023 campaign as he hit .380 w/2 HR’s, 30 RBI, 8 2B’s and 2 3B’s along with a stellar 20/4 BB/SO ratio in 131 PA’s while swiping 24 bases, as a get down and dirty kinda style is his mantra! A gamer that puts pressure on the defense with all our hustle style of play and puts the ball in play hard and looks for the extra base. A baseball player!

Sammy Smith OF / RHP / Roy , UT / 2026



Athletic & what they look like. Pleasant surprise, as he was unknown before the event and showed really well. Two way player for now, as he is just a freshman and he shows flashes of next level potential as a hitter and pitcher. Leaning towards the bat right now. Shows fast hands, while producing elite hand and bat speed marks of 26.3 and 79.5 with a very projectable EV of 90.6. With a 6-1 185 Lb build, the hope is that he continues to improve and get stronger, as well as continues to grow and develop. Looks the part right now of an upperclassman and the body is tight and toned throughout! Also produced a 85 mph velo from the OF and on the mound features a loose arm to reach a FB max of 84 with an over the top downer CB 68 and fade life CH 73. Really looking forward to following his progress as his freshman campaign gets underway next spring. 


Dylan Frank OF / 2B / Bingham , UT / 2025







PBR Junior Future Games NATIONAL 07/25 LakePoint
2023 PBR Future Games (Utah Invite) UT 07/26 LakePoint Sports - Cartersville, GA
2023 PBR West Coast Games UT 08/04 UNLV & College of Southern Nevada
Northern Utah Open UT 09/16 Ridgeline High School
2023 PBR Scout Day: GBG Utah UT 09/30 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse
Utah State Games (Invite-Only) UT 10/29 Snow Canyon High School
2023 Utah Winter Update UT 12/02 The Hive - Juab High School Fieldhouse




Scholzen was brought on as the Utah Scouting Director for Prep Baseball Report after serving 9 years as the Four Corners Scouting Supervisor with the Milwaukee Brewers (2011-2020). Prior to his run with the Brewers, Scholzen worked for the Los Angeles Angels for 11 years (1999-2010), serving in a similar capacity as the Four Corners Scouting Supervisor. In all, Scholzen served as a full-time scout for 20 years. Scholzen also received a 2002 World Series ring for his contributions as a scout. 

With the Angels, Scholzen created an Angels Scout Team, in which he coached the likes of current and former major league players: Kris Bryant, Kevin Gausman, Greg Bird, Tyler Wagner, Aaron Blair, Joey Rickard, Donn Roach, Johnny Field, Taylor Cole and Paul Sewald to name a few. During his run with the the Angels, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Angels rookie ball affiliate with the Pioneer League Orem Owlz, helping guide the Owlz to the 2005 and 2007 Pioneer League titles.

Prior to becoming a professional scout, Scholzen served as the head coach at Southern Utah University between 1993-1997. At the time, Scholzen was the youngest Division I head coach when he was first hired at 24 years old. The Southern Utah baseball program was dropped after the 2012 season. While coaching at Southern Utah, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Alaska Goldpanners in 1995, as they won the Alaska League Championship. 

A native of Utah, Scholzen played at Hurricane HS and was twice named 1st team All-State and an AAU HM All-American, before moving on to Utah Valley CC and Eastern Oregon University, earning All-Conference honors on three separate occasions. Scholzen played in the Angels’ organization from 1991-1999.