Ryan Maggy
Ryan Maggy
Ryan Maggy
Ryan Maggy
Ryan Maggy
Ryan Maggy




Peru (HS) • NY
6-1 • 175LBS • L/R
Travel Team: Allstars Academy


2024 National

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Physical: Lean, athletic 6-foot-1, 175lb frame with projection left in the actions. 7.54 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: LHH - Upright, open stance with the barrel resting on the shoulder to begin. Utilized a toe tap stride with weight shift into impact, initiating the bat head through an early-slotted, slightly uphill path into the hitting zone. Sweet lefty stroke with lots of bat-speed available, manipulating the inner half with quicker hands. Notched a T91 mph bat-exit velocity with ability to spray hard contact around the field from gap to gap. Featured doubles power in the box when getting synced up, creating efficiency out of a top of the order role (two hitter) with extension on the front-side. Good in-game swings while posting mature at-bats, not cheating himself early in counts. 

Defensively: The shortstop started at a bent position hopping in the “prep step” to activate the feet. Stayed on the toes, gaining ground to the ball, right-left and maintained direction to the target. Fielded calmly with a fast release in rhythm from a H ¾ slot, able to stay clean and precise in his steps with good tempo across the diamond. Worked up to a 73 mph arm strength with room for more.


Physical: Even-proportioned, athletic 6-foot-1, 175lb frame with strength carried. 7.29 runner in the 60-yard dash.  

Offensively: LHH - Upright, slightly open stance with the hands starting lower at the shoulder to start. Utilized a gather load and toe-tap stride to initiate the bat head through a slightly uphill, quick path into the hitting zone. Impressive hitter, staying inside the legs and lagging the barrel en route to a loud batting practice round. Featured a middle of the order approach working up to a T91 mph bat-exit velocity on a 33% line drive rate (via Trackman). True doubles power and top of the order type skillset, notching a 333 foot batted ball distance at his peak. 

Defensively: The third baseman demonstrated choppy, active feet getting to the right of the ball and manipulating angle down through towards the target over the front side. Fielded cleanly and funneled at the waist, releasing from a H ¾ slot across the diamond (live, accurate, 86 mph arm that carried). 

Pitching: RHP - The righty showed repeatability in the delivery with some pace, operating with comfortable tempo down the slope into a stiff/adjustable front side at footstrike. H ¾ release and strike-thrower showing athleticism on the bump, pounding at 80-81 mph for strikes. Mixed a tunneled 70-71 mph CH with killed spin and turned to a lateral 65-68 mph SL as the punchout offering.


Pitching: Builds momentum well starting with a side step and hesitation before driving up, down and out while getting into the back side and accelerating over a strong front side. Long arm swing drawing straight back out of the glove before getting through a clean 3/4 release. 

FB: Life through the zone flashing ride and arm side run. SL: 10-4 shape with up to 12" horizontal break. CH: Good hand speed with arm side fade up to 18.7"


Physical: Lean, projectable 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame with feel throughout. 7.42 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: LHH - Flashed sneaky strength in the box starting from a balanced, slightly bent and open setup as the hands worked loosely off the shoulder. Utilized a leg hang stride in order to initiate the bat head through a whippy, slight uphill attack from a low-hand launch position. Plenty of hard contact and barrels to the RCF gap, evidenced by an 86 mph peak bat-exit velocity as well as a 69% fly ball rate (near 300 foot batted ball distance). Real confidence at the plate with quick hands (23.4 mph hand speed) and a developing power ceiling down the line (20.4 G’s of rotational acceleration). Liked to get long levers extended at the front of the plate. 

Defensively: The shortstop featured rangy actions in either direction with a feel for lateral movements and above-average pace from the left side. Hop in the “prep step” allowing for a good first step, presenting the glove hand early from a low, on time position. Easy control of the glove, working in and out of the legs at the fielding window with no issues; kept momentum towards the target with a quick release from a high ¾ slot; accurate 84 mph arm strength across with natural carry.


Physical: Lean 6-foot, 160-pound frame with advanced athleticism throughout his game with room to add strength. 7.58 runner in the 60-yard dash while showing off long strides. 
Offensively: LHH. Balanced, slightly open stance with the hands working loosely just in front of the shoulder. Utilized a launch position down beneath the shoulder coupled with a controlled lift and replace stride to initiate the hands through a whippy, slightly uphill path and into the hitting zone. Athletic actions throughout the swing with quality stretch upon footstrike allowing for above average hip rotation through the baseball creating leverage upon impact. The hands worked towards the front of the plate with consistency, getting to a power position and jolting the hands through extension; mostly pull-side approach during batting practice with ability to plug the RCF gap. Stayed behind the baseball well and handled pitches in any quadrant, recorded a peak bat-exit velocity of 90 mph according to Trackman Baseball / 36% fly ball rate. 
Defensively: The shortstop featured active footwork with feel for routes in any direction, medium posture on the approach while getting the hands out in front while fielding off of the middle of his body, good momentum downhill through the target and held positioning well with a low center of gravity after fielding. The arm played accurately out of a low ¾ slot with slight run to it. INF - 72 mph 
Pitching: RHP - Started from the left side of the rubber with above average pace in the delivery, side rocker step into a medium-high leg lift, got solid directional drive through the backside and out towards the plate, quality extension on the release out of a whippy, high ¾ slot with some fluidity to it. FB ranged from 76-79 mph with arm-side run and command in the zone, up to 2113 rpms of spin per Trackman Baseball, mixed in a 64-65 mph SL that backdoored at times and showed short, late shape across the zone. Countered with a 66-67 mph CH thrown with quality sell, deception shown at the plate.


Physical: Lean, athletic build. 8.09 runner in the 60; 4.9 home-to-1B.
Offensively: LHH. Upright, tall, open stance with his weight on his back foot, hands start down and back hands work back along with a toe tap and medium stride for timing Short, direct barrel path, swing stays level to and through the point of contact, good use of lower half. Hard contact to pull-side. 75 MPH raw exit velocity.
Defensively: Starts low and shows his glove early, hands get on the ground early and he works well from the ground up. Long arm swing with a 3/4 arm slot. INF - 71 MPH.
Pitching: Starts with a sidestep and hesitation before building momentum with a high leg lift, sits into back leg as strides out in line to release and follow through with intent. Long, whippy arm action to a 3/4 release. FB: T73, 70-73 MPH. Has life out of the hand flashing some arm side run. CB: 56-59 MPH. 11-5 shape with sharp break when he gets on top at release point.  

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