At the conclusion of last season, we posted our inaugural PBR TN All-State teams featuring three rosters and 75 total players. Those teams were selected based on a blend of high school stats and also prospect profile as it was a great way to recognize some incredible individual performances from the 2021 season. For this upcoming season, we've decided to put together a PBR TN All-State watchlist in the form of the PBR TN Top 100. To be clear, this is not a top 100 prospect rankings. This list is formed based on a combination of factors: 1. projected production in hitting/pitching 2. player will play an integral role in their school's success 3. simply these are the players that opposing coaches do not want to see on the mound or at bat in big game moments. As we release the list you'll see: Mr. baseball winners/finalist, limited players per high school, some power 5 commits will not included, some D2/Juco commits will be included, and uncommitted players will be included. This list is centered around production and the ability to impact games every single night of the season. 

We can look at it a few ways, so first let's think of it as a 2022 TN high school fantasy baseball rankings. If you were constructing a team, you're gonna want guys who suit up every night and are gonna log a lot of at bats and innings on the mound to maximize stat output. This list features a lot of team's aces and meat of the order hitters, who may play a key position defensively or produce as a two-way. Fantasy sports websites always put out a preseason rankings to help consumers draft and help maximize their season success. The second way to to observe the list, is consider crossing sport lines in comparison to the annual NFL Top 100. For those not familiar, the NFL Top 100 is a preseason publication that honors the top 100 players voted on by the players. They usually roll it out and players give insight on other players abilities, but often fans are fully engaged in dissecting and criticizing the surprises and "snubs." For an example, I think it would be hard pressed to convince anyone that Tom Brady is NOT the best player to suit it up in the NFL, entirely based on his stats, records, awards, championships, etc. However, Brady has only been voted no. 1 three times in the past decade with his last being before the 2018 season. Also, Cooper Kupp was arguably the best wide receiver this past season, racking up nearly 2,000 receiving yards and a Super Bowl MVP, but he wasn't featured on the preseason list. Soooo with that being said sit back and enjoy the list, its purpose is a fun way for players and parents to follow numerous skilled high school kids this season. 

*One more time for the people in the back: This is not a Top 100 prospects list*