Michael Wearne (Jr.)
Michael Wearne (Jr.)
Michael Wearne (Jr.)
Michael Wearne (Jr.)
Michael Wearne (Jr.)
Michael Wearne (Jr.)
Michael Wearne (Jr.)



Wearne (Jr.)

Saint Joseph's College (ME)
East Catholic (HS) • CT
6-1 • 180LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Shoreline Breakers


2021 National

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Wearne is an athletic 6-foot-1, 175 pound right-handed hitting infielder. He hits out of an even stance, with the hands in a relaxed position. The swing begins with a small leg lift and a slight push back of the hands. The bat head takes a quick, direct path through contact and shows some carry to the pull side gap with an exit velocity of 87 MPH. 

Defensively, he showed a good arm over at third base with a velocity of 77 MPH on his throws across the diamond. His feet are light and he gets into a good fielding position. The hands are soft with the glove relaxed out in front. As he transitions through the ground ball, he stays in line with his target and finishes through his throws. He also ran a 7.4 second sixty.

Exit Velocity- 87 mph
INF Velocity- 77 mph

6-foot-1, 170-pound, longer, lean athletic frame. Rounded shoulders, with plenty of room for added weight and strength gains. A right-handed hitting left-side infielder, the glove is soft, fields out front, working low to the ground, moving through the baseball with real good flow to glove side. The arm action is clean, slightly longer on the back, can shorten over time, clocked at 79 mph. Makes all routine plays, sticks his nose in there. At the plate, hits from the right side, even feet, loose, relaxed hands set above the shoulders, path is level to up, more gap to gap, has an understanding of what he is doing. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 87 mph and ran a 7.49 sixty-yard dash. Big time follow.

Exit Velocity: 87 mph

Arm Velocity: 79 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.49


6-foot-1, 170-pound, longer, lean athletic frame. Squared off shoulders, with rom for added weight. A right-handed hitting infielder, can play all three spots, more comfortable on the left side. Defensively, threw 75 mph, across the diamond, has enough strength to stick on the left side. Starts and stays low, fields out front, hands are soft, comes through the baseball, feet are clean and accurate. Feel for starting and turning the double play from all three spots, with flow on slower roller. Offensively, even feet at shoulder width, relaxed and loose hands. Lower half is under control, simple, pick up and put down. The swing path is level through the zone, rolls the hands late, approach is more field to field.  The tee exit velocity was clocked at 81 mph and ran a 7.50 sixty-yard dash. Contact hitter, can handle and maneuver  he barrel to the baseball.

Tee Exit Velocity: 81 mph
Arm Velocity: 75 mph
Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.50


5-foot-11, 165 pound wiry, lanky, medium build athlete. He’s a versatile player and can play almost every position in the infield. During his reps at third-base he showed soft hands and good control of the glove. He has quiet footwork and is able to square his body to make accurate throws to first-base his arm strength was 72 mph. At the plate has even feet and loose hands. There is movement with the bat prior to swinging, but has a solid contact level swing. He clocked in at 79 mph with his exit velocity. The approach is more to pull side, has natural lift in the swing, creating deep fly balls.  On the bump, he has easy repeatable mechanics, throws from a ¾ slot and has command when he doesn’t dip his elbow and guide the ball. His fastball topped at 73 mph, late armside sink to it. Shows two solid secondary pitches with a slurve type curveball at 60 mph and a sinking changeup sitting 64-66 mph. Adding strength will be key for him in his development. 

Tee Exit Velocity: 79 mph
Arm Velocity: 72 mph
Home to 1st: 5.0


5-foot-11, 165-pound, longer, lengthy, athletic frame. A well proportioned athlete, with room for added weight. A two-way player, at the plate, starts even, at shoulder width. The hands are loose at the shoulders, bat having tilt to it in the loaded position. The swing is down to level, clean path through the hitting zone. At times looks to open early, with a pull approach. The bat has life and whip through the zone. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 76 mph, with more in there as he adds strength. Ran a 7.71 sixty-yard dash. Defensively, can play all three spots, better suited for second base long term. The hands are soft fields out front, with momentum, moving towards target. The arm was clocked at 73 mph, all starts and turns were performed correct. Off the mound, simple balanced repeatable delivery. The lift is athletic, slot is ¾ to higher slot, tall on the backside, pitching down hill. The fastball reached 74 mph, with heavy arm side run and sink to it. The breaking ball, was clocked at 60 mph. Works quick with a good tempo, attacks the zone.  Time will tell which way he will go.

Exit Velocity: 76 mph
Arm Velocity:  73 mph
Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.71


5-foot-9, 135-pound, smaller, thin athletic frame. The shoulders are sloped, will add strength and mass to frame. A two-way player, worked out at shortstop, solid prep steps, feet move throughout. The catch is soft and out front, clean transfer into throwing arm. The arm works out of a natural ¾ slot, clocked at 73 mph, look for it to improve with the arm action being so clean. Moved well to both sides, backhand play was clean and the feeds starting double play were on time. Offensively, starts even from the right side, hands are loose and set lower with pre-pitch movement to them. For timing uses a higher knee to knee kick, hands have separation leading into a bit of an arm bar, could shorten a tick. The swing is flat through the zone and barrel catches up and is on time for the most part. The finish is with two hands, approach was more middle to pull. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 74 mph and ran 5.0 down the line. Off the mound, delivery is simple, stays in line, front foot slightly open on contact. The arm action is super short and clean on the back side, creating heavy sink to arm side. The fastball was clocked at 73 mph, more in there as he adds strength. Showed solid feel for the slider at 63 mph, able to throw it for a called strike, along with creating swings and misses. Forward lean in the delivery, could stay over the rubber a tick longer. A strike throwing machine. Strength is a must, big follow down the road.

Home-First: 5.0
Exit Velocity: 74 MPH
Arm Velocity: 73 MPH

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