This one-of-a-kind event featured the best uncommitted Class of 2025 prospects and select 2026 prospects from our 40-plus state coverage area and Canada. The
2023 PBR Future Games took place from July 26 through July 29 at LakePoint in Emerson, Ga., where over 375 college coaches were in attendance.

+ View the event's complete statistical leaderboards here.
+ To view the stat leaders across numerous categories, here's the National Data Dive.
+ We pulled the pitching leaders from select categories in this Pitch Data & Leaderboards piece.
+ Shooter Hunt named his 'Workout Day Winners' here after Day One's showcase.
+ Danny Wallace was named the MVP after a stellar week-long performance on Team Midwest.
+ Eston Simpson cruised for Team Georgia under the bright lights to earn MV-Pitcher honors.

Below you'll find a running list of the players who earned roster spots at this year's event and have since committed to play at the next level, sorted by state abbreviation and the player's last name.


Eli Bozeman RHP AL 2025 Jacksonville State
Hudson Gilman C AL 2025 Jacksonville State
Zack Johnson C AL 2025 Alabama
Steven Cavaco 1B AL 2025 Ohio State
Nick Richardson OF AL 2025 South Alabama
 Jameson Scissum RHP AL 2025 Mississippi State
William Tonsmeire OF AL 2025 Southern Miss
Bruce Littleton LHP/1B AL 2025 Southern Miss
Brady Wilson RHP AL 2025 Auburn
Ty Marsh 3B AL 2025 Western Kentucky
Joshua Henson SS/RHP AL 2025 Southeastern Louisiana
Christian Helmers RHP/SS AL 2025 UAB
Edward McLeod, Jr. 1B AL 2025 Samford
Blaize Ward IF AR 2025 Missouri
Beau Billeck RHP AR 2025 Louisana-Lafayette
Jayden Sloan OF AR 2025 Central Arkansas
Cade Palmer C AR 2025 Little Rock
Cael Turner RHP AR 2025 Oklahoma State
Dillon Askew LHP AR 2025 Xavier
Drew Gartman IF AR 2025 Arkansas State
Landon Carter IF AR 2025 Arkansas
Walt Jones SS AR 2025 Arkansas
Jayden Garrison OF AZ 2025 San Francisco
Cohen Baack RHP AZ 2025 Utah Valley
Lucas Shannon RHP/1B AZ 2025 San Diego
Shane Miranda C CA 2025 Notre Dame
Brock Ketelsen OF CA 2025 Stanford
Rohan Kasanagottu RHP CA 2025 USC
Marc Emmerman SS CA 2025 San Diego State
Tyler Walton RHP CA 2025 UC Santa Barbara
Grayson Boles 1B CA 2025 Texas
Tim Piasentin SS CAN 2025 Miami
Josiah Romeo RHP CAN 2024 Florida State
Ben Goodacre RHP CAN 2025 West Virginia
William Labonte RHP CAN 2025 Arizona State
Jordan Jacob IF CAN 2025 Pittsburgh
Rober Scalzo RHP CAN 2025 Utah
Owen Gregg IF CAN 2025 Utah
Joey Marino IF CAN 2025 Cloud County
Alex Uher RHP CAN 2025 NW Flordia State
Adyn Schell 3B/RHP CAN 2025 Missouri State
Philip Cheong OF/SS CAN 2025 Stanford
Landon Kauffman OF CAN 2024 Portland
Trevor Gottsegen OF CO 2025 Iowa
Carter Wilcox LHP CO 2025 Iowa
Owen Morgan SS CO 2025 Oregon
Connor Larkin OF/1B CO 2025 Oklahoma
Sean Goldy SS CO 2025 West Virginia
Wyatt Rudden RHP CO 2025 Michigan
Spike Magill C CO 2025 Indiana State
Charlie Pearce RHP CO 2025 Old Dominion
Ethan Zufall RHP CO 2025 BYU
Vedant Sharma RHP CO 2025 Harvard
Jack Espiritu Niswonger C/3B CO 2025 Dartmouth
Mike Spadaccino OF CT 2025 St. John’s
Daniel Margolies LHP/1B CT 2025 UCONN
Cole Raymond RHP CT 2025 Georgia Tech
Harrison Engle RHP CT 2025 Fairfield
Ryan Paine SS CT 2025 Fairfield
Brandon Rovinelli RHP CT 2025 Columbia
David Pengel OF CT 2025 Northeastern
Garrett Snyder RHP CT 2025 Notre Dame
Logan Rembish RHP CT 2025 Wofford
Tyler Stone RHP CT 2025 Virginia Tech
Easton Massey C CT 2025 Boston College
Bennet Gary OF/LHP FL 2025 Miami
Gavin Howard SS FL 2025 Georgia Tech
Reed Biemiller RHP FL 2025 Florida Gulf Coast
Alex Arciniegas RHP FL 2025 Florida Gulf Coast
Frank Wells SS FL 2025 Georgia Southern
Rene Ramirez C FL 2025 South Alabama
Kiernan O'Neill SS FL 2025 UCF
Eli Blair LHP/1B FL 2025 Florida
Nick Diaz 1B FL 2025 Georgia
Gabe Gonzalez C FL 2025 Texas Tech
Thomas Achey LHP FL 2025 Stetson
Merrick Beamish RHP FL 2025 UCF
Charlie Willcox RHP FL 2025 Georgia Tech
Johnthan Lopez SS FL 2025 FAU
Cooper Underwood LHP GA 2025 Georgia Tech
Noah Allen RHP GA 2025 Georgia
Dean Livingston RHP GA 2025 Georgia
Jackson Peavy LHP GA 2025 Georgia
Clayton Hicks RHP GA 2025 South Carolina
Aiden Kitchings RHP GA 2025 Missouri
Jackson Taylor SS GA 2025 Clemson
John Loudon OF GA 2025 Navy
Sinjon Lash RHP GA 2025 Navy
Landon Ludwig RHP GA 2025 Davidson
Porter Berryman LHP GA 2025 Brown
John Stuetzer OF GA 2025 Flordia State
John Davis OF GA 2025 Georgia Southern
Judson Hartwell 1B GA 2025 Georgia Tech
Michael Dee MIF GA 2025 Georgia Tech
Terrance Bowen SS GA 2025 Oklahoma State
Michael Hunter Stonecipher C GA 2025 Kennesaw State
Matthew Pearch RHP GA 2025 Yale
Jake Howell LHP GA 2025 Georgia State
Eston Simpson RHP GA 2025 Clemson
Brady Christman C GA 2025 Georgia Southern
Ethan Garrett RHP GA 2025  Georgia Southern
Taitn Gray OF/C IA 2025 Notre Dame
Diego Baker RHP/1B ID 2025 Southern Idaho
Joey Arend OF/LHP IL 2025 Xavier
Drew Winslow RHP IL 2025 Oklahoma State
Karlos Otero SS IL 2025 Northern Illinois
Brady Green C/3B IL 2025 Northern Illinois
Liam Arsich OF IL 2025 Toledo
Joshua Holst LHP IL 2025 Air Force
Tucker King RHP IL 2025 Cincinnati
Connor Blue RHP IL 2025 Cincinnati
Trey Meyers OF IL 2025 Indiana
Ben Toft OF IL 2025 Iowa
Caden Earing RHP IL 2025 Illinois
Quinn Schambow C IL 2025 Oklahoma State
CJ Deckinga 3B/OF IL 2025 Michigan State
Nathan O'Donnell INF/RHP IL 2025 Creighton
AJ Putty 1B IL 2025 Illinois
Zach Bava C IL 2025 Illinois State
Gavin Triezenberg SS IL 2025 Arizona
Austin Musso RHP IL 2025 Kansas
Peter Thompson RHP IL 2025 Penn State
Huston Dunn IF IN 2025 Ball State
Will Jaisle RHP/OF IN 2025 Notre Dame
Maalik Perkins OF IN 2025 Ball State
Andrew Krupa OF/RHP IN 2025 Ball State
Logan Cotton RHP IN 2025 Indiana
Xavier Carrera RHP IN 2025 Indiana
Davian Carrera 1B IN 2025 Indiana
Colton Sims 3B/OF KS 2025 Vanderbilt
Deacan Pomeroy C KS 2025 Oklahoma State
Ethan Reynolds 3B KY 2025 Western Kentucky
Reece Harbison SS KY 2025 Western Kentucky
Brady Atwell OF/C KY 2025 Western Kentucky
Blake Campbell OF KY 2025 Air Force
Eli Baker RHP/3B KY 2025 Radford
Carter Walters OF KY 2025 Marshall
Charlie Slabaugh OF KY 2025 Columbia
Luke Hayes C/RHP KY 2025 Morehead State
Nicholas Ballard LHP KY 2025 Louisville
Lucas Hail RHP KY 2025 Kentucky
Nick Griffith SS KY 2025 Kentucky
Ransom Payton LHP KY 2025 Kentucky
William Patrick OF LA 2025 LSU
Ryan Darrah OF LA 2025 Arizona State
Drew Ferguson RHP LA 2025 Louisiana Tech
Ross Lindsey LHP LA 2025 Alabama
Cole Flanagan LHP/OF LA 2025 Louisiana-Lafayette
Josh Lim MIF/OF LA 2025 Louisiana-Lafayette
Noah Lewis OF LA 2025 Louisiana-Lafayette
Casey McCoy SS LA 2025 Louisiana-Lafayette
Bryce Wilson LHP LA 2025 Louisiana-Lafayette
Brock Davis SS LA 2025 Northwestern State
Brock Laird MIF LA 2025 Southeastern Louisiana University
Cooper Tarantino C/1B MA 2025 Northeastern
Scott Longo LHP MA 2025 Northeastern
Charlie Criscola SS MA 2025 Northeastern
Max Andrews IF MA 2025 Northeastern
Charlie Criscola SS MA 2025 Northeastern
Jackson Morse SS MA 2025 George Mason
Sebastian Ortiz 3B/OF MA 2024 Wesleyan
Ryan Burke RHP MA 2025 Lafayette
Charlie Kubiet RHP/3B MA 2025 UCF
Jordan Regulski RHP MD 2025 Wake Forest
Will Twomey SS MD 2025 Pittsburgh
Joe Nottingham RHP MD 2025 Georgia
Uli Fernsler LHP MI 2025 TCU
Brett Leonard SS MI 2025 Eastern Michigan
Scott Leonrad IF MI 2025 Eastern Michigan
Kellen Payne RHP/OF MI 2025 Nevada
Slade Moore LHP MI 2025 Michigan
Isaiah Domey 1B/OF MI 2025 Michigan State
Keagen Kohlhoff RHP/OF MI 2025 Kentucky
Jaden Pydyn OF/RHP MI 2025 Army
Sean Fox IF MI 2025 Ohio
Andrew DiLodovico C MI 2025 Bowling Green State
Mike Zielinski OF MI 2025 Wright State
Jake Leonard SS MI 2025 Wright State
Wyatt Mosley LHP MI 2025 West Virginia
Ethan Felling LHP MN 2025 TCU
Hunter VaDeer RHP/OF MN 2025 Creighton
Blake Eckerle C MN 2025 Utah
Owen Marsolek LHP MN 2025 Western Kentucky
Oliver Lindstrom LHP MN 2025 Minnesota
Noah Hahn SS/3B MN 2025 St. Thomas
JD Dohrmann RHP MO 2025 Missouri
Caeden Cloud  SS MO 2025 Kentucky
Jadyn Furgason RHP MO 2025 Texas A&M
Jackson Akin IF MO 2025 Oklahoma
Leo Humbert OF/LHP MO 2025 Missouri
Camden Lohman RHP MO 2025 Missouri
Jack Quetschenbach OF MO 2025 Kansas State
Ryan Bradford OF MO 2025 Kansas State
Tanner Graham RHP MO 2025 Evansville
Michael Callahan OF MO 2025 Missouri State
Jackson Vaughn OF MO 2025 Wichita State
Easton Phillippe C MO 2025 Wichita State
Carson Ramos  SS/OF MO 2025 Northern Illinois
Ethan Rogers LHP MO 2025 Wichita State
Mason Lee 1B/LHP MO 2025 Arkansas State
Nolan Jaworowski 1B MO 2025 Cincinnati
Lucas Weitholder SS MO 2025 Saint Louis
Eli Skidmore RHP/OF MO 2025 Saint Louis
Reign Williams OF MO 2025 Central Arkansas
Jake Thomas RHP MO 2025 Butler
Cooper Waddle LHP/OF MS 2025 Southern Miss
JL Farr RHP MS 2025 Arkansas
South McCoy OF MS 2025 Southern Miss
Dayne Wray IF MS 2025 Louisiana-Monroe
Braden Maranto SS MS 2025 Southern Miss
Baylor Roberts SS MS 2025 UAB
Leo Odom RHP MS 2025 Ole Miss
Eli Wheat IF MS 2025 Jones College
Ethan Walker C MS 2025 Pearl River CC
Gabriel Hodges RHP/OF MS 2025 Pearl River CC
Jarvis Woody RHP MS 2025 Pearl River CC
Drew Holliman OF MS 2025 East Central CC
Aiden Steht RHP MS 2025 Memphis
Brady Saxton OF MS 2025 NW Florida
Jake Cackovic RHP NC 2025 North Carolina
Matt McKnight IF NC 2025 North Carolina
Zach Bender OF NC 2025 North Carolina
Davis Cabbage RHP NC 2025 UNC Wilmington
Micah Simpson LHP NC 2025 West Carolina
Wilmer Martinez MIF NC 2025 Georgia State
Connor Robertson 3B NC 2025 VCU
Xavier McCoury SS NC 2025 South Florida
Conor Booth OF/C NE 2025 Nebraska
Danny Wallace OF/RHP NE 2025  Oklahoma State
Griffin Novacek OF NE 2025 UCF
Eamon O'Gorman 3B NE 2025 Creighton
Troy Peltz OF/1B NE 2025 Nebraska
Brady Ferguson RHP NE 2025 Iowa
Nikola French C/INF NE 2025 South Dakota State
Brendan Horne SS NH 2025 Vanderbilt
Leo Boucher RHP NH 2025 Penn State
Dawson Guerard RHP NJ 2025 Rutgers
James Hare RHP NJ 2025 Rutgers
Joey Erace SS NJ 2025 Rutgers
Curtis Chropuvka 3B NJ 2025 Lafayette
Carter Grande OF NJ 2025 Fairfield
Bennett Siegel OF NJ 2025 Old Dominion
Joseph Vaccarella RHP NJ 2025 Tulane
Matthew Ferrara SS NJ 2025 Seton Hall
William Mahala OF NJ 2025 Virginia
Matthew Delaney 1B/OF NM 2025 LMU
Nolan Eberwein OF NV 2025 USC
Mack Edwards LHP NV 2025 UCLA
Caden Kirby MIF NV 2025 Nevada
Jordan Watkins RHP/IF NV 2025 Air Force
Mateo Noto SS NY 2025 Indiana
Joe Carucci OF NY 2025 Monmout
Tyler Johnston RHP/SS NY 2025 Niagara
Aaron Lugo 3B NY 2025 Wright State
Luke Becker OF NY 2025 Le Moyne
Branston Lindquist C NY 2025 William & Mary
Hudson Cavallo RHP NY 2025 West Virginia
Ryan Strnad C NY 2025 Seton Hall
Brad Curtis RHP NY 2025 Siena
James Haughton SS NY 2025 Rhode Island
Carter Christenson SS OH 2025 Ohio State
Drew Tajblik IF OH 2025 Toledo
Grant Keffaber RHP OH 2025 Kent State
Ian Cain INF OH 2025 Kent State
Preston Zumwalt  INF OH 2025 Toledo
Cooper Gilkerson RHP OH 2025 Wright State
Landen Doll LHP OH 2025 Marshall
Daniel Briggs MIF OH 2025 Ohio 
Noah Kubasky LHP/1B OH 2025 Kansas State
Grant Jolly RHP OH 2025 NC State
Taylor Belza C OH 2025 Auburn
Gaige Albright LHP OK 2025 Oklahoma State
Eli Ramirez UTL/RHP OK 2025 Oklahoma
Noah Entrekin LHP OK 2025 Dallas Baptist
Whaetly Chaloupek RHP OK 2025 Texas Tech
Slater de Brun OF.LHP OR 2025 Vanderbilt
Connor Parry RHP OR 2025 Portland
Alexander Pearson 1B/LHP OR 2025 Washington
Avery Smith C/3B PA 2025 Penn State
Dylan Firmstone RHP PA 2025 Penn State
Isaiah Shayter RHP PA 2025 Penn State
Nolan Behm IF PA 2025 Pittsburgh
Tommy Kratz 3B/OF PA 2025 St. Joseph
Max Forgione OF PA 2025 St. Joseph
Nick Reese LHP PA 2025 Hofstra
Michael Poole RHP RI 2025 Maine
Braeden Campbell C/OF RI 2025 Binghamton
Brady Gold SS SC 2025 Wofford
Landon Fowler RHP SC 2025 Clemson
Andrew Palmer OF SC 2025 East Tennessee State
Stow Rogers C/3B SC 2025 Charleston
Bradley Anderson RHP SC 2025 South Carolina
Will Craddock IF SC 2025 South Carolina
Jackson Dial RHP SD 2025 Arizona State
Nathan Eisfelder OF TN 2025 Tennessee
Ari Bethea RHP TN 2025 Tennessee
Colton Denton C/3B TN 2025 Tennesee
Reagan McCluskey C TN 2025 Dallas Baptist
Darrell McDowell RHP TN 2025 Tennessee
Connor Hamilton RHP TN 2025 Vanderbilt
Harrison Cassle MIF/RHP TN 2025 Navy
Malachai Halterman UTL TN 2025 Lipscomb
Kirk Weatherford OF TN 2025 Evansville
Justin Fallon OF/LHP TN 2025 Tennessee Tech
Cason Hill MIF TN 2025 Samford
Madden Williams 3B TN 2025 Samford
Cole Draper RHP TN 2025 Wofford
Cayden Mitchell INF TX 2025 Arkansas
Carter Rutenbar C TX 2025 Arkansas
Brady Janusek OF TX 2025 Oklahoma
Mason Murphy RHP/1B TX 2025 Oklahoma
Baron Mannis LHP TX 2025 TCU
Caldwell McFaddin RHP/IF TX 2025 Baylor
Blake Beheler 1B TX 2025 Texas State
Mitchell Morton C TX 2025 Xavier
Conner Helms SS TX 2025 Texas State
Kaleb Rogers RHP TX 2025 Texas
Chase Johnston LHP UT 2025 BYU
Austin Park SS/RHP UT 2025 BYU
Dylan Singleton LHP UT 2025 Yale
Bryce Neely OF VA 2025 Virginia
Zach Zelazney SS VA 2025 Radford
TJ Woodson SS VA 2025 Baylor
Cash McDade C VA 2025 Baylor
Kaleb Williams SS VA 2025 VCU
Jackson Toole 3B/OF VA 2025 Longwood
Nate Hawton-Henley OF VA 2025 Maryland
Weston Lillard RHP VA 2025 Virginia Tech
Jake Wise RHP VA 2025 William & Mary
Caden Merritt OF/RHP VA 2025 Virginia Military Institute
Trey Campos OF VA 2025 James Madison
Ren Deveraux RHP VA 2025 Penn State
Jett Bristow OF VA 2025 Virginia
Julius Bagnerise SS VA 2025  George Mason
Mason Pirello IF WA 2025 Washington State
Matt Manjooran OF WA 2025 Davidson
Ryan Brennecke LHP WI 2025 South Carolina
Carter Kutz UTIL WI 2025 Nebraska
Loren Georger RHP WI 2025 Baylor
Sawyer Deering RHP WI 2025 Tennessee
Ethan Bauerschmidt RHP/ATH WI 2025 Penn State
Preston Yaucher SS/RHP WI 2025 Penn State
Adam Urban RHP/SS WI 2025 Minnesota
Jack Lutz MIF WI 2025 Indiana State
Eli Bryant INF/RHP WI 2025 Kent State
Marek Bolson C WI 2025 Kent State
Brolan Frost LHP WI 2025 Iowa
Trevor Vande Hey OF WI 2025 Iowa
Adam Kudronowicz LHP WI 2025 Central Florida