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Wyatt Hoffman

Physical- Strong, athletic, 6-foot, 170lbs frame. 7.79 runner in the 60. 

Offensively- Starts in an athletic stance with an even base and the bat resting on his back shoulder. Quiet pre-pitch and into the load, uses a moderate leg lift before he explodes through the zone with quick hands and a strong lower half. High-intent swings with decent feel for the barrel, making consistent hard contact with an uphill swing path. Max exit velo of 94 MPH.

Defensively- Starts in a traditional catcher’s setup with a wide base and slightly offset. Uses his strong lower half to get out of the crouch, bringing the hands up to the ear before unloading from a high ¾ arm slot. 81 MPH arm from the crouch, 2.05-2.10 pop time.