Since 2005, Prep Baseball Report’s mission has been to provide the most credible scouting and event platform to help players and recruiters alike. As baseball has evolved, so have we. 

Prep Baseball Report has recently partnered with global leaders in the baseball technology and analysis space to deliver an unparalleled in-event and post-event experience. Now, at events across the country, players will receive actionable data from their event performance,  captured by industry-leading technologies, so they can elevate their game and get to the next level. Players will now receive actionable, post-event data from our industry-leading partners, including:

  • TrackMan
  • Blast Motion
  • Vizual Edge
  • Swift PErformance
  • 3motionAI

Partner Since 2020

"At TrackMan, it is our mission to work with the leading organizations and individuals in every sport, which helps us develop our products and knowledge. I’m pleased to report that our Portable system customers include the top professional teams and PBR.  PBR is making a huge statement in baseball by making TrackMan Portable available at their events.” 

 – Matt Frelich
VP Sales, TrackMan Baseball 

“TrackMan is the pioneer of the data-driven age. They created the market and they are still the industry leaders in ball tracking capabilities. TrackMan is the gold standard. Their portable unit is packed with groundbreaking technology and is the most reliable and accurate portable system in the world.”

 – Sean Duncan
President, Prep Baseball Report


With one simple calibration from behind home plate, the TrackMan B1 unit has the ability to track batted ball flights or pitches with the accuracy of the TrackMan Stadium units made commonplace around major league baseball over the last decade. 

TrackMan Stadium units are the undisputed industry standard in ball tracking and player evaluation. The TrackMan B1 Portable unit is based on the same optically enhanced dual radar technology, so measurements captured during events and in-game are directly comparable. As the world’s best players have all been measured by TrackMan, PBR players can see how their data compares, offering them a unique opportunity to learn and improve. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, the Portable tracks every ball with equal reliability to eliminate the necessity for guesswork. It combines the best of image tracking, radar technology and video analysis to output the most accurate data in every environment. 


TrackMan technology gives instant analysis of all the commonplace metrics we see in the game of baseball today including batted ball launch angles, exit velocity, distance, pitching velocity, spin rates and much more. 

Pitching Features Include:

  • Pitching data access includes: release speed, spin rate, spin axis, release height, extension, horizontal and vertical break, and location on each pitch 

  • See each pitch trajectory in 3D from multiple viewpoints

  • Create defined tags to label and compare pitches

  • Pin pitches together to create tunneling visualizations between different pitch types

  • Visualize each pitch location

Hitting Features Include:

  • Hitting data access includes: Exit speed, distance traveled, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, contact depth and contact side/height for each swing.

  • Visualize plate coverage

  • Pairing of all data points on each swing


Following an event, all players get unrivaled access to their data in the TrackMan app, where they can create custom dashboards that unlock both hitting and pitching data. The TrackMan app also integrates with high-speed video, managing external cameras and capturing video clips directly into the app automatically – and pairing the video with each pitch. Pitchers can see the complete pitch trajectory in 3D, create defined tags to label and compare pitches, pin pitches together to create tunneling visualizations between different pitch types, and much more. Pitchers will have access to release speed, spin rate, spin axis, release height, extension, horizontal and vertical break and location on each pitch. Hitters can see exit speed, distance traveled, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, contact depth and contact side/height for each swing.

Key ball flight metrics will also live inside player profiles at for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level. TrackMan’s advanced data metrics will augment what players already receive from a PBR showcase, which includes an edited video of their performance, personalized scouting reports, verified statistics, run times and positional velocities. 

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Partner since 2020

“Prep Baseball Report is the leading independent, ground-level scouting service in the country. We are thrilled to elevate PBR’s product offering with this partnership. By incorporating Blast information into PBR’s showcases and tournaments, we are giving athletes access to an incredibly powerful tool that can help them get college scholarships and pursue their dreams of playing in the major leagues.”

 – Mike Woods
VP Business Development, Blast Motion

“Blast Motion is the industry leader in swing analysis. Their technology and player deliverable is best in class and has been adopted at the highest levels of baseball. The data collected at our events will be a great benefit for our scouting staff. Equally as important, the feedback and post-event analysis for the players will help them continue to improve.”

Sean Duncan
  President, Prep Baseball Report


Prior to their round of BP, the knob of the player’s bat will be equipped with a BLAST motion sensor and instantly send feedback to our databases with a flurry of metrics from bat speed to on-plane efficiency. 

Blast Motion provides motion analysis and performance insights by intelligently combining the bio-mechanics of movement with sensor data, video capture technology and cloud-based software services.

Blast Baseball is the No. 1 swing analyzer used by nearly all major league teams, the majority of the Power 5 Conferences, hundreds of collegiate programs, and thousands of high schools, elite travel teams, hitting facilities and youth customers for coaching, training and recruiting. 


Blast technology is designed to help coaches evaluate and improve a player’s swing through automatic swing quality assessments, video analysis and comparisons, 3D swing tracer visualizations, and personalized performance reports. Bringing this technology to Prep Baseball Report events, arms the player with a wealth of knowledge about their swing. 

BLAST metrics Include:

  • Bat speed

  • Hand speed

  • Rotational Acceleration

  • Connection (Early and at Impact)

  • On plane efficiency

  • Attack angle

  • Vertical bat angle

  • Power

  • Time to impact


Following events, players will receive a 30-day Blast Premium Services subscription, providing them with access to their swing analysis and Blast Motion hitting assessment report. This report provides professional-level swing analytics designed to help players improve their hitting performance and get recruited.

Key hitting metrics will also live inside player profiles at for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level. Prep Baseball Report will use Blast data to enhance PBR Player Profiles and will create swing metric leaderboards for different levels of play, so participants can measure their performance and know how they compare with their peers.

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Partner Since 2020

“Partnering with Prep Baseball Report gives us an incredible opportunity to provide cost-effective vision training for athletes who want to elevate their game. Vision training in any sport is imperative, but particularly in baseball where reaction time and hand-eye coordination are crucial. By adding the Edge Score to PBR Player Profiles, we envision Vizual Edge becoming a standard part of scouting reports to gauge visual processing skills.”

 – Brian Kopp
Executive Chairman, Vizual Edge

"This partnership is a great value to all the players coming to Prep Baseball Report events. The old baseball mantra of 'see ball, hit ball' is easier said than done. Vizual Edge gives players the data they need to see where their vision is and how they can improve it."

 – Sean Duncan
President, Prep Baseball Report


As part of the Prep Baseball Report showcase, every athlete begins their Vizual Edge journey by completing a baseline evaluation. With a set of 3D glasses and a laptop, the web-based evaluation allows for better insight into where an athlete’s strength and weaknesses are in their core-six visual skills. The Vizual Edge assessment is widely used in youth, high school collegiate and professional baseball, including several MLB scouting departments who look for additional metrics when making drafting decisions.


During the evaluation, an athlete is assessed on six individual exercises, each one testing a core-six visual skill:

Alignment – Proper alignment creates no difference between the perceived location and actual location of an object.

  • Timing of swing

  • Crispness and decisiveness in movements

Depth Perception – Uses both eyes to locate objects in space to judge their distance, speed, and direction.

  • Timing of swing

  • Judging the ball’s spin, speed and trajectory

Convergence – The ability to focus on objects within close proximity and judge their movement and impact.

  • Ability to focus on incoming pitches

  • Hitting high-velocity pitches

Divergence – The ability to locate objects in the distance, impacting an athlete’s ability to anticipate and react.

  • Ability to locate the ball out of the pitcher’s hand/early pitch detection

  • Ability to pick up spin/movement early

Recognition – The ability to observe, process and recall a series of visual targets, and respond properly.

  • Ability to pick up pitch type and pitcher cues

  • Baseball IQ and anticipation

Tracking – Allows an athlete to process and follow an object while always monitoring all aspects of the game.

  • Overall reaction speed

  • Monitoring of a developing play & tracking of the ball

Each of the above skills are tested separately during an athlete’s evaluation, and each is weighted based on reaction speed, accuracy or station score, depending on the exercise.


Each Vizual Edge test results in an Edge Score, which assesses six key visual skills and provides athletes, parents, coaches and scouts a benchmark number for overall visual ability. Prep Baseball Report will add the Edge Score to PBR Player Profiles and create leaderboards for different levels of play, so participants can measure their visual skills and compare them to their peers. 

An athlete’s Edge Score is a comprehensive score out of 100 that takes all core-six visual skills into account. The Edge Score is calculated into one weighted overall score that provides athletes, parents, coaches and scouts with a benchmark number for assessing the athlete’s overall visual ability.

Post event, players will have the ability to train with the Vizual Edge platform to enhance their vizual skills. Utilizing technology previously reserved for professional athletes, Vizual Edge created the Edge Trainer. The computer-based training module combines 3D technology with decades of clinical research in sports vision to sharpen neural pathways between the eyes and brain. With a series of training sessions designed to improve the speed, coordination and efficiency of eye movements, the Edge Trainer helps players improve their timing, balance, hand-eye coordination, reaction time and decision making. 

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Partner Since 2021

“We used to need a full biomechanics lab, or complex multi-camera systems to deliver these types of reports in the past, but with PitchAI - one camera is all we need to deliver an accurate biomechanics assessment to identify deficiencies, strengths, and areas for development in these top prospects. Working with PBR has really helped us understand how to use biomechanics assessments in the player development process - both in practice, bullpens, and games.”

 – Dr. Michael Sonne
Chicago Cubs Baseball Scientist 

"ProPlayAI is a groundbreaking technology that will provide pitchers immediate, actionable feedback that will help them learn about how their body moves, become more efficient in their sequencing and, ultimately, help prevent injuries. We couldn't be more excited to be partnering with ProPlayAI so we can provide this amazing product to the masses."

 – Sean Duncan
President, Prep Baseball Report


During a Prep Baseball Report showcase, a pitcher’s delivery will be video captured during his bullpen sessions from the side and analyzed through 3motionAI biomechanics platform for baseball pitchers. Powered by computer vision algorithms that extract 3D skeletal data from a single 2D video camera such as an iPhone, the platform provides full-body kinematics to analyze lead-knee dynamics, torso and pelvic motion, arm motion, and aspects of the kinetic chain and pitch efficiency. 


In the world of velocity, spin rate, and launch angle - knowing HOW you move is just as important as knowing what pitch to throw next. Biomechanics has become an integral component in every major league baseball organization, and helps baseball players achieve peak performance and health. 

Through a simple video capture players will be able to dive into a number of biomechanical metrics about how they move on the mound. 

3motionAI metrics include:

  • Arm Speed

  • Elbow Flexion

  • External Rotation

  • Shoulder Abduction

  • Hip/Shoulder Separation

  • Stride Length

  • Horizontal Abduction

  • Knee Flexion

  • Knee Extension Velocity


Putting this biomechanical data to use is a key component in assessing and improving the movements of the pitcher. Post event, pitchers will receive an emailed report with a breakdown of their biomechanics from their bullpen session. As well as the ability to access their data and video through the 3motionAI app and dashboard. 

Players' biomechanical videos and metrics will also live in their PBR profile, enhancing their profile to create a more complete picture of their skill sets and abilities for coaches and recruiters. Leaderboards will also be created for different levels of play, so participants can measure their biomechanical traits and compare them to their peers. 

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Partner Since 2022

“Sean Duncan was looking to 'future proof' his technology investment, and our products met that expectation with ease. Businesses like PBR are looking for an end-to-end solution, and our products, apps and cloud service along with our willingness to work with PBR to integrate with their own systems made his choice easy. At the end of the day we are the new Gold Standard in this technology space"

 – Mark Fisher
Director, Swift Performance

“Baseball is behind the times in athletic testing at the amateur level. So when we decided to make a large investment to help affect change, our main priority always starts with delivering the players insightful data to help them advance to the next level. While doing all our market research, it became abundantly clear to us that Swift Performance is the gold standard in athletic testing, and its technology is second-to-none. Beyond that, Swift’s end-to-end capabilities enables us to ingest all the data so it can hit players’ profiles immediately to receive instant feedback from their performance.”

 – Sean Duncan
President, Prep Baseball Report


Prep Baseball Report events across the country will be equipped with Swift Performance’s industry-leading athletic testing technologies to capture pinpoint accurate, actionable data for all participants, ultimately delivering new insights into athletes’ speed, explosiveness and power for recruiters to evaluate.

Participants at all Prep Baseball Report events will be put through a jump protocol on Swift’s industry-leading EZEJump system, which will deliver key insights around an athlete’s explosiveness and quick-twitch athleticism.  

In regards to running, athletes will still perform the 60-yard dash, as that historical context is still valuable for athletes and evaluators. More importantly, however, we are implementing three more timing gates at the 10 and 30 yards, to capture athletes’ quickness, explosiveness and reaction time. 


Through both systems, the Swift UNO timing gates and EZEJump mats, athletes will be evaluated on a multitude of metrics that goes beyond just the 60 yard dash, the common measuring stick for athleticism in baseball. 

Chief among the critical outputs, athletes will receive their Reactive Strength Index (RSI), which is a key insight into their explosive strength. RSI is derived from the jump height divided by ground contact time. 

Not only will an athlete receive their 60 yard dash time, but we will also calculate an athlete’s top-end speed in miles per hour.

Athletic Testing Metrics include:

  • 60 yard dash

  • 30 yard split

  • 10 yard split

  • Top end speed (mph)

  • Reactive Strength Index

  • Vertical jump


Eleven MLB organizations and countless universities rely on Swift Performance with their athletic testing, chiefly because Swift equipment is the most accurate and versatile timing equipment on the market. And now Prep Baseball report participants will receive the same actionable data.

All athletic testing outputs will be delivered to PBR player profiles for the benefit of players, coaches and recruiters alike to assess athletic abilities and train any weaknesses they may find. These datasets can be contextualized in our Performance Tiers, so athletes will know where they stack up in their state and class.