Prep Baseball Report

2021 Mississauga Tigers Scout Day

Name State School Class Pos Commitment
Alan Altuna ON John Fraser 2023 RHP Notre Dame College
Tyson Amankrah ON Loyola Catholic 2023 OF Allen Community College
Iyad Ansari ON Orchard Park 2023 C Pensacola State College
Jacob Berney ON St. Marcellinus 2025 SS
Jessi Berney ON N/A 2023
Brady Cerkowynk ON Richview Collegiate Institute 2022 C Connors State JC
Noah Chang ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2022 SS New Mexico JC
Morris Chousky ON NA 2024 LHP
Nicholas D'Elia ON Cardinal Carter 2024 OF
Jaozef Del Rosario ON Father John Redmond 2024 C Missouri Valley College
Stefan Di Corrado ON Crescent School 2024 3B
Anderson Fenwick ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2024 C Connors State JC
Ashton Fitzpatrick ON St. Martins Catholic SS 2024 3B Antelope Valley College
Adrian Forrest ON Marshall McLuhan 2022 OF
Cody Fuss ON Huron Heights 2023 OF
Christian Giannone ON Michael Power/St. Joseph 2023 SS Vermont State University - Castleton
Jacob Gillis ON Erin District 2022 OF Bossier Parish CC
Kieran Glassford ON Assumption Catholic 2024 LHP Connors State JC
Ronan Glassford ON Assumption catholic 2022 OF Erie CC
Taeg Gollert ON Humberside 2022 SS Missouri State
Tyler Grzela ON St. Josephs Catholic 2022 1B Missouri Valley College
Jake Heaton ON Georgetown 2022 C
Seth Hedges ON Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute 2023 1B Connors State JC
Mitch Hickingbottom ON NA 2024 C
Wes Johnston ON Senator O'Connor 2024 RHP Panola JC
Sebastian Khan ON David Suzuki 2022 RHP Indian Hills CC
Nikko Khananisho ON Bill Crothers 2022 SS Connors State JC
Josh Khang ON Earl Haig Secondary School 2023 OF
Markus Kirksey ON TNXL Academy 2024 1B USC Union
Gavin Lake ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2023 RHP Southeastern Illinois JC
Cole Leclair ON TNXL Academy 2023 SS St. John's
Myles McBean ON King's Christian Collegiate 2024 SS
Christopher Melvin ON Elmira District 2024 RHP Paris JC
Rhys Montgomery ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2022 LHP Connors State JC
Keon Moseni ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2022 SS Antelope Valley College
Connor Rodwin ON Notre Dame 2022 C Genesee CC
Josiah Romeo ON Mayfield 2024 RHP Florida State
Daniel Sandoval ON St Joseph 2023 3B
Kalayo Shaw ON TNXL Academy 2023 SS
David Stanley ON The Study Academy 2023 OF Connors State JC
Keshav Tebeck ON North Park 2023 2B New Mexico JC
Kaleb Thomas ON Brantford Collegiate Institute 2023 RHP Missouri State
Owen Vickers ON Bloor 2022 1B University of Guelph
Jason Zhang ON Mentor College 2022 OF