2021 Games: Quick Hits

Jordon Banfield
Arizona Scouting Director

The Invite-Only 2021 Games took place on Wednesday, June 6th at Hi Corbett Field, home of the Arizona Wildcats. The event featured many of the state's top freshmen and gave players an opportunity to earn an invitation to play for Team Arizona in our premier national event, the PBR Future Games in August. Today, we start the event analysis with some Quick Hits on a few prospects who stood out. At an event of this caliber we cannot possibly include everyone who performed well and also posted brief notes and videos throughout the day on Twitter. 

Complete video, data and pictures are already posted to players' individual profiles with scouting reports to follow in the coming weeks. As always contact [email protected] or direct message @PBRArizona on Twitter with any questions and/or information.

-3B/SS Wes Kath gets a little better every time we see him and this day was no different. he continues to get bigger, but also drastically improved his run time on this occasion, posting a 7.20 60-yard dash after turning in a 7.60 at a PBR event last fall. Kath shows effortless actions in the field with a loose, whippy arm action (84 mph infield velo) and soft hands. While he's currently playing more 3B, it's not out of the question that he could handle SS if the athleticism continues to tick up. Offensively he's continually showed an ability to be on the barrel with a simple, slight uphill path and should grow into some real power, which he flashed smoking a double off the wall in RF at Hi Corbett in live game action.

--RHP/IF Cayden Collins is intriguing as a position player, but has a chance to be a premium prospect on the mound. Collins ran his fastball up to 85 mph with virtually no effort and a clean arm action from a low 3/4 slot. He showed the ability to throw his breaking ball for a strike and has plenty more in the tank as he continues to mature. With the recent jump, Collins has established himself as one of the top couple arms in the AZ 2021 class.

-IF Barrett Skaugrud spent the entire spring pitching for the state champions Sandra Day O'Connor HS, but his future is on the infield where he likely profiles as an offensive second baseman at the next level. Skaugrud shows an advanced rhythm in the box with loose wrists and should continue to add power as he grows into his high-waisted 6-foot, 135-pound frame. Skaugrud also urned in a 7.09 60-yard dash which marks a significant improvement from our previous looks.

-LHP Joey Collier showed more of what stood out at the recent D-Backs Academy Scout Day where we got our first look at the young lefty. Collier sat 81-83 mph with hist fastball, pounding the strike zone with only average effort and the type of athletic delivery that should project for more velo down the line. He also flashed a harder 76 mph slider with tight rotation and established himself as one of the top arms in the class.

-C Ryan Campos valued mostly outfield this spring at Red Mountain but absolutely cemented his spot as one of the top 2021 grads in AZ with his performance at this event. Despite his diminutive 5-foot-7, 160-pound frame, there's nothing quiet about Campos' tools. He started off the day by turning in a 6.97 60-yard dash, 87 mph ext velocity and 1.87 best pop time with 75 mph velo from the crouch. Campos capped that off by taking one of the better rounds of BP, showing real bat speed and and on-plane bath.

-C Zach Kress continues to show he's one of the top defensive catchers anywhere with a best pp time of 1.91 and elite flexibility and receiving ability behind the plate. Kress has also finally started to add some mass to his 5-foot-11, 145-pound frame and shows enough hand-eye to be a factor on offense down the line.

-RHP/3B Kaden Schiefelbein has always shown an interesting combination of athleticism and projection and it appears thats starting to come to fruition. With his ceiling like highest on the mound, Schiefelbein turn in a 6.99 60-yard dash and ran his fastball up to 82 mph with a short, clean arm action at 6-foot, 130-pounds.

-RHP Alex Ramirez showed some of the most arm strength at the event, topping out at 85 mph on the mound and despite some effort in the delivery, shows enough feel that should warrant some wrong college interest down the road.

-LHP Max Zdimal also showed some hitting ability at an event last fall, but missed the spring with injury and elected only to pitch on this day, shaking off the rust to touch 83 mph with his fastball from the left side.

-SS/RHP Elie Kligman made the trip over from Nevada and proved to be one of the more polished prospects in attendance. Kligman appears to be a true switch hitter, showing an advanced swing from both sides and found the barrel multiple times in live game action. 

-SS Chase Valentine plays with the type of energy that absolutely stands out the moment you walk up to the field. He will be the type of player that makes everyone around him better. It also doesn't hurt that he appears to be the top infield defender in the class, moving effortlessly around the diamond and playing underneath the baseball with soft hands and the ability to make accurate throws from all angles. Valentine has also started to mature some physically, as he's now more than 5-foot-9 and turned in a significantly improved 7.31 60-yard dash.



-OF/1B Kyle Alexander shows some present strength and connected on two of the louder barrels of the day in game action. He turned in a very solid 7.0 60-yard dash and 89 mph exit velocity.

-C Tanner Smith has always been able to hit, but there was some question whether or not he would be able to stick behind the plate. Smith appears to be making a jump in that regard, turning in a significant;y improved 1.98 best pop time with 72 mph velocity from the crouch.

-3B Ayden Markovich capped a solid spring at the variety level with a standout offensive performance where he posted a 6.86 60-yard dash and 86 mph exit velocity from the left side while showing some of the better bat speed at the event.

-RHP Augie Walters has bene on our radar since last fall and continues to climb with his athletic 6-foot-4, 170-pound frame and the type of effortless arm speed that could make him a very high velo day down the road. On this day he did nothing to hurt that status, running his fastball up to 85 mph.

-2B Tanner Rice isn't a physical wow type prospect but has impressive instincts and advanced feel for the game. Really battles in the box from the left side and turned in a solid 7.14 60-yard dash.

-OF John Lauinger is one of the better athletes in the class, moving naturally in the outfield and posting a 6.92 60-yard dash. Everything he does is quick-twitch, including his flat path swing.

-IF/RHP Nicholas Lustig does;t possess a standout tool, but shows a solid swing, ability to defend on the infield and ran his fastball up to 80 mph on the bump. It;s very likely he will be able to help a college program.

-C/RHP Cade Westerlund posted the top catcher velo at the event (76 mph) and brings a true physical presence with his 6-foot, 190-pound frame. He may profile even better on the mound, where he touched 84 mph with his fastball and aggressively pounded the zone with intent and some arm speed.

-SS Aaron Limon has made some swing adjustments to keep his barrel in the zone longer and remains and intriguing athlete, posting a 6.85 60-yard dash.

-OF Jake Terry showed well in our first extended look at him, turning in a 6.84 60 and 83 mph outfield velo. He's the right type of athlete and just needs to continue adding strength to drive the ball more consistently.

-OF Quade Swearingen was one of the top athletes in attendance, posting the top 60-yard dash time at 6.83. His 81 mph exit velocity is not indicative of his present strength level or the type of contact he made during BP.

-LHP Trevor Toland is starting to make a big jump, despite his still very thin 5-foot-11, 140-pound frame. Poland touched 79 mph with his fastball and showed one of the better breaking balls at the entire event with feel to throw it both in and below the zone.

-IF/OF Tyler Kearney has made some swing adjustments that will benefit him in the long run and allow him to drive the baseball more consistently. kearney is a solid athlete (7.10 60-yard dash) and can defend any position on the diamond.

-LHP Matthew Fike touched 80 from the left side and also posted a solid 7.15 60-yard dash making him an intriguing follow with the combination of size and athleticism.

-1B Beau Ankeney posted the top exit velocity at the entire event (91 mph) and connected on a rocket double to LF in live game action which was good to see as he;s always taken impressive BP.

-Braydon Rogers is a true utility guy who can play virtually any spot on the diamond. An impressive athlete (7.03 60-yard dash) with a solid 6-foot, 170-pound frame, Rogers has a chance to become a prospect in the outfield or at 3B.

-SS Jose Lopez has always intrigued in game action as a switch hitter with solid defensive action and arm strength, so it was exciting to get a true evaluation on his tools. Lopez did not disappoint, posting a 7.08 60-yard dash and 84 mph infield velo after a solid varsity spring at Poston Butte. Lopez' teammate Colton Vercoe is also worthy of mention as a follow after running his fastball up to 80 mph with an intriguing 6-foot-3 frame.