AZ Athletics Scout Day: Catching Analysis

Jordon Banfield
Arizona Scouting Director

PBR’s first travel organization scout day in Arizona took place on November 12 at Sunrise Mountain HS in Peoria. This week we begin our positional analysis from the event, starting with the catchers.

2019 prospects Dylan Skov (Cactus Shadows) and Ethan Snodgrass (Sunrise Mountain) battled for the top spot with Skov's athleticism and arm strength earning him the top spot. 

Here’s a look at our top catchers:


Dylan Skov C / RHP / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2019

Solid all-around prospect. Very similar testing data to the Fall Prospect Showcase. Can help college program behind the plate and on offense. Plays with elite energy. 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame with some strength in upper body and athletic lower half; 7.20 60-yard dash. Hits from wide, balanced setup and shows solid bat speed and a path that keeps the barrel in the zone. Front side tends to get soft at times. Made solid contact in BP and will be able to drive the ball more consistently as he learns to firm up his front side through his swing. Athletic receives and blocker showed solid carry on throws turning in a best pop of 1.99 with 78 mph velocity from the crouch.


Ethan Snodgrass C / 1B / Sunrise Mountain, AZ / 2019

Turned in a much better performance than only a couple weeks prior at the Fall Prospect Showcase. His 88 mph exit velocity, 7.44 60-yard dash, and 1.96 best pop time were all significant improvements as his body continues to get leaner and more athletic. Snodgrass' hitting ability was never in doubt. 6-foot, 190-pound frame with long torso and thick lower half. Relaxed setup with advanced easy rhythm in box. Keeps barrel in zone a long time, making lots of hard contact in his round. Quick transfer behind the plate.


Garrett Olson C / RHP / Mountain Ridge, AZ / 2020

5-foot-10, 145-pound frame with high waist. Two-way prospect shows good skills as pitcher and catcher. On the mound sat 74-75, T76 working exclusively from the stretch using a high ¾ arm slot, short stride and low effort delivery. 65-57 mph changeup with late fading action is most advanced secondary pitch. Also mixed in developing 62-64 mph breaking ball that he tending to leave up in the zone. Defensively showed good, quiet receiving ability behind the plate and turned in a best pop time of 2.2 with 69 mph velocity. The LHH uses a toe-tap trigger and does an excellent job getting on plane with the pitch, generating consistent hard contact during his round. 7.38 60-yard dash. 


Austin Thomason C / 1B / Sunrise Mountain, AZ / 2021

Solid 5-foot-11, 195-pound frame, very strong for 2021 prospect. Hits from open setup creating a very narrow hitting base at stride foot plant. Cuts off swing at times which limits extension and power some; possesses physical tools to drive the baseball. 80 mph exit velocity. Sets up high behind the plate and used a quick transfer and short arm action to turn in a best pop time of 2.25 with 65 mph arm strength. 8.08 60-yard dash.


Jackson Alsobrooks C / 1B / Mountain Ridge, AZ / 2021


5-foot-11, 145-pound frame. Hits from tall, slightly open setup with medium stride. Shows flat bat path and will continue to improve significantly on offense as he adds strength to his frame. 71 mph exit velocity. Can get over rotated with back side at times, which affects balance through his swing. Turned in 7.78 60-yard dash. Defensively, registered a best pop time of 2.61 and 62 mph velocity from the crouch.