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The Arizona Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the season. This running blog will feature information on underclass prospects, unsigned seniors, draft prospects, junior college prospects, and anything else that is notable. We will provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times, and more. 


Continue to check back over the course of the week, as the Arizona Scouting Staff will add scouting reports daily.


Friday, arpil 8th

+ David Constantini - Higley, AZ 2023 (Uncommitted)

5-foot-8 150 pounds, uncommitted 2023 MIF prospect out of Higley. Constantini has a compact build with above average athleticism and plays with a high motor. He was all over the place on Friday vs Williams Field, recording 3 hits, running the bases, and playing defense. Simple approach and swing mechanics at the plate. He sets up with a base outside of shoulder width, uses a very small toe tap stride (almost no strike), transfers the weight to the back side and hits from a strong and balanced position. Hands are quick with a short and direct bat path that gets to the top half of the baseball. He was able to get the barrel to the ball with low/hard contact on each of his hits on Friday night. He's hitting .378 on the year with only 3 XBH, but when Constantini is on 1st base he is a threat to get into scoring position quickly. Projects as a 2nd basemen for now pending added size and arm strength. 


+ David Bull - Higley, AZ 2023 (Uncommitted)

6-foot-3 180 pounds, uncommitted 2023 with a great build and room to grow. David Bull is a power potential CIF that was finding the barrel consistently on Friday night vs Williams Field. Simple setup and mechanics at the plate, used his size and leverage in his favor. Hitting from a slightly wider base and strong in his legs, Bull showed some pop to the pull side and off side in Friday. With not much movement throughout the swing, Bull keeps it simple and gets the barrel to the ball. He showed the ability to drive the ball to the pull side with true ball flight. On a pitch on the inner third, Bull kept the hands tight to the body and kept his direction through center, swing resulted in a 2B. Later in the game, Bull drove one to right field for a line out. On a pitch on the outer half, Bull was slightly out front, but did a good job keeping the hands back and creating hard contact. Bull is hitting .322 on the year with 2 HR and 16 RBI. Still yet to see Bull on the mound and explore his two-way potential. 


+ Shane Miller - Higley, AZ 2024 (Uncommitted)

6-foot 155 pounds, Shane Miller is a high ceiling LHH SS out of Higley. He plays the game with quiet and smooth actions all around. The swing is simple and short from the left side and really exaggerates getting through the baseball with the top hand. He finishes his swing with 2 hands, almost Chase Utley like. He recorded 3 hits on Friday vs Williams Field, all with low hard contact. He's the SS for one of the top teams in the league, and a leading offensive contributor. There's nothing flashy about his game, just plays fundamentally sound baseball. Defensively, Miller has smooth and mature actions in the infield with arm strength that will play from the left side. Still with much room to grow and add athleticism. Miller is a high follow for us as we near the 2022 summer circuit. 


+ Kade Newman - Williams Field, AZ 2022 (Uncommitted)

6-foot-3 190 pounds, uncommitted two-way prospect out of Williams Field. Newman has size, strength, arm strength, and a hit tool. Past the midway point of the 2022 season, Newman has put together a great year for himself, hitting .377 with 18 RBI and 14 XBH (4 HR). Newman is a threat to drive on to the gaps each time up, he hits from a strong position and likes to work to the pull side. Room to add some extension in the swing path, but the swing is short and stays tight. Very projectable body that will play on the corners and on the mound. Still yet to see Newman on the mound, currently with 6 appearances, 12.2 IP, 17K/12BB, 5 H.


+ Kenan Harvey - Williams Field, AZ 2023 (Uncommitted)

6-foot-4 200 pounds, Kenan Harvey is a potential two-way prospect out of Williams Field with ability and upside at the plate. The RHH OF is having a great year at the plate, hitting .404 through 57 at bats with 8 doubles and 3 home runs. One of the leading offensive contributors in the middle of Williams Field's lineup, with a gap-to-gap approach and power potential. Harvey has controlled actions around the field with average speed and clean play in the outfield. His presence in the box is noticed with his size and rhythm. And with bat speed, strength, and a swing that gets on plane early, Harvey is in a spot for success. Harvey is a competitor on the mound who has been getting his work out of the bullpen. As Harvey continues to develop, we could see the two-way potential increase, but for now Harvey's best success is at the plate.


Thursday, april 7th

+ Eddie Montoya - Valley Vista HS, AZ 2022 (Regis commit)

5-foot-10 180 pounds, Montoya is Valley Vista's leader in the clubhouse and on the stat sheet. The Regis commit stands in the left handed batters box and gets the bat through the zone well. Flat swing with quick hands and a bat path the has great direction through the middle. Montoya does a great job getting to the inner half of the baseball and whistling line drives back up the box and the other way, with drag/push ability and base running skills. He's hitting .392 on the season with half of his knocks being XBH. Leads his team in AVG, H, R, XBH, BB, SB. On Thursday vs Copper Canyon, Montoya showed he has the ability to let the ball get deep and still drive balls to the middle/oppo gap against low velo. He hits from a balanced position and sticks to his approach at the plate, with intent to delivery a quality at bat each time in the box. 


+ Adrian Montoya - Valley Vista HS, AZ 2025 (Uncommitted)

5-foot-11 215 pounds, Adrian Montoya is an interesting prospect in the 2025 class that will remain as a high follow for us. He has a stalky build with strength, bat speed, and arm strength. We saw Montoya out at the Preseason All-State Games in January, where he showed his competitive mentality and tools he possesses. Montoya will have to stay on the corners defensively with limited range, but the feet, glove and arm work well from the left side. He's putting up power numbers and producing runs as a freshmen at the 6A level, with 3 HR, 13 R, 10 RBI. His time on the mound in his freshmen campaign has been limited to relief appearances, but we see him on the mound for Valley Vista as a starter in years to come. The arm strength and bull dog mentality on the mound has been noticed, with projections of an mid-upper 80s FB as he continues to develop. 


+ Eddie Cotto - Alhambra HS, AZ 2022 (Uncommitted)

6-foot-2 175 pounds, Eddie Cotto is putting together a very impressive year in his senior campaign. He has a longer build with athleticism and much projection left. On Thursday vs Mountain Ridge, Cotto collected two hits, and drove in a run with a first inning double to right center field. The bat path is very loose, easy, and flat to the inner half of the baseball. Both hits recorded yesterday were to the middle of the field on a line. He has some speed with long and easy strides. Cotto plays the game smooth and confident. Currently playing 1B for the Lions, with ability to play other spots in the infield. Cotto leads his team in AVG, H, and 3B, while walking 15 times and striking out only 6. Cotto is just one of many exciting and under the radar prospects in this Alhambra lineup, as he and the Lions look to continue the nice run they've been on dating back to last year. 


+ Marco Pacheco - Alhambra HS, AZ 2023 (Uncommitted)

5-foot-9 185 pounds, Marco Pacheco is the ace of the staff for an Alhambra team that is 18-1, and he is proving he belongs in the conversation with the top performers in the state. Pacheco was the Lions #2 arm for a state runner up team last season, and has taken over as the #1 in 2022 and they have not skipped a beat. Pacheco took the mound on Thursday vs #4 ranked Mountain Ridge and was lights out. His mistakes were limited, the FB had some action and was staying off the heart of the plate, and he mixed in the SL/CH well. Throwing the 2 seam and SL to RHH, and the FB/CH to LHH, he was able to keep the Mountain Ridge hitters off balance, and frustrate them by not missing over the plate, he did not give them much to hit all night. The FB sat 83-85 and topped 86 mph, SL sat 74-76 with horizontal break, and CH was 75-76 mph. He pitches with some rhythm and great tempo, and seemed to get more confident as the game went. As the pitch count rose, and fatigue set in, Pacheco gave up 2 late home runs, but that was still not enough to knock off the Lions, as Pacheco goes CG for the win. 


Wednesday, april 6th

+ Bradyn Barnes – Basha HS, AZ 2023 (Arizona St commit)

Medium mature frame w/ long arms and projection remaining. Average athlete. Good arm action and delivery from HTQ slot. Super smooth w/ minimal effort. FB 85-89 (2100-2200 rpm) sat 87 w/ fringy natural cut and average angle. CB 72-76 (2000-2200 rpm) w/ slurvy break and average finish. CH 76-77 (1250-1350 rpm) w/ downer fade and short arm-side wrinkle. Strike where scattered as he lost his ability to repeat his delivery in the third inning. Brighter days ahead. Like the operation and stuff from high-school lefty. Finished w/ 2 IP, 3 H, 5 ER, 2 BB and 1 K. 


+ Joshua Butler – Sandra Day O’Connor HS, AZ 2023 (Arizona St commit)

Makes the all body team, standing 6’6 and 200 lbs. Long levers w/ plenty of projection left to add physicality. Solid athlete, two-way prospect w/ solid coordination over his long frame. Simple operation from HTQ slot w/ looseness to arm action. FB 87-90 (2100-2200 rpm), sat 88 w/ riding life through the zone and solid angle. Tough pitch for hitters to handle. CB 75-76 (2000-2100 rpm) w/ overhand short 12-6 break that he landed for strikes. Had feel for the strike zone and moved ball around to all quads. Size, operation and stuff make the sky the limit for him on the mound. Finished w/ 1 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 0 BB and 2 Ks in a relief appearance. 


tuesday, april 5th

+ Josh Wakefield - Mountain Ridge, AZ 2022 (Uncommitted)

6-foot 165 pounds, Josh Wakefield had a day vs O'Connor. He made noise with the bat, and his presence was known on the mound as well. Wakefield remains uncommitted, as the athletic two-way prospect has shown well all season. Wakefield has been playing a great outfield, recording multiple outfield assists with his strong and accurate arm from the outfield. He's turned in quality at bats, gotten on base, and driven in runs for the Mountain Lions. And he's given his team quality innings in relief with some feel for spin. He tossed 2 scoreless innings vs O'Connor sitting 80-82 with the FB, and sat 68-69 with the CB. His breaking ball is tough on LHH, with his high 3/4 arm slot and long arms, and the type of break the pitch has, it's shown to be an out pitch. Offensively, Wakefield has been very consistent putting the ball in play and using the whole field. He likes to use the off side, but has some sneaky pop in the bat, with ability to leave the yard to the pull side. 


+ Ky McGary - Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ 2024 (Uncommitted)

6-foot 160 pounds, keep an eye on Ky McGary over the next few years. McGary, two sport athelte, was impressive on Tuesday vs Mountain Ridge. He was roaming the outfield, running balls down, throwing runners out, and having success at the plate. He has a projectable body with a great hit tool and speed. McGary lined a ball to right center for a knock, drove a ball to deep left center for a double, and showed speed down the line on a ground out in his last at bat (4.19). He has a short swing with a clean bat path and a knack for the barrel. McGary is a very interesting prospect here in Arizona's 2024 class. 

2-4 2B, 2 RBI


+ Jake Sanko - Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ 2024 (Uncommitted)

5-foot-9 150 pounds, Jake Sanko had a nice day on Tuesday vs Mountain Ridge, but didn't have much to show for it on the stat sheet. Sanko is an all around great athlete with speed, a consistent bat with pop, and ability in the infield with arm strength. We saw him at our Preseason All-State Games in January, where all those tools were on display, and they show just about every time he's on the field. He produces a high rate of contact with pop to the pull side, and is always a threat on the base paths. We saw that hard contact on Tuesday, as Sanko lined two balls to left, only one falling for a knock. 

1-3 1B


+ Kolt Kurzman - Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ 2022 (Uncommitted)

5-foot-8 165 pounds, uncommitted 2022 prospect turned in a two hit day on Tuesday vs Mountain. He drove in the first run of the day for the Eagles with a soft liner over the third basemen's head. In a 2k count, Kurzman spread the stance out, got in his legs, and fought one off and sent it into left for an RBI. It was a tough FB in on the hands and Kurzman showed the ability to pull the hands in and just get enough barrel on it to find some grass. Kurzman has a smaller but compact build with the ability to play in the middle infield and is a top/bottom of the order type bat, that'll get on the bases and make things happen. 

2-4 RBI, R


+ Tally Wright – Chandler-Gilbert CC, AZ (RHP – Hamilton HS, AZ)

Committed to UC Santa Barbara. Medium mature, compact frame at 6’1/200 lbs with solid athleticism showing ease to movements and solid coordination. Stretch only delivery from HTQ slot, simple mechanics that he repeats consistently, showing some effort in head. FB 89-92 (1900-2000 rpm), sat 91 with average riding life and angle. CB 72-75 (2300-2360 rpm) with overhand 12-6 break that he used for putouts. CH 82-83 (1650-1850 rpm) with short arm-side fade and fringy sell. Solid strike thrower, comes after guys and mixes three pitches effectively. Plus competitor who pitches with emotion and doesn’t back down. Threw a 7 inning complete game allowing 8 hits, 0 earned runs, 1 walk and striking out 10. 

+ Jackson Thomas – Yavapai, AZ (RHP – Mountain View HS, AZ)

Uncommitted true freshman. Large physical frame at 6’2/200 lbs. NWU delivery from HTQ slot with fringy ability to repeat and effort in head. Ball comes out with some hair on it. FB 90-94 sitting 91 in first inning before declining to 85-88 by the third. CB 72-76 with slurvy overhand break. Strikes were scattered but competitive. Finished with 6 IP, 6 hits, 1 earned run, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts.  

+ Camden Plewe – Chandler-Gilbert CC, AZ (3B – Williams Field HS, AZ)

Uncommitted freshman. Large lean frame with wiry strength, 6’3/185 lbs. Has some funk to how he does things, Hunter Pence style. Punching contact oriented swing that shows hand strength and feel for the barrel. Walks more than he punches out. Not much impact in the swing due to the slappy approach, more gap power than homerun. Shows solid speed on the bases despite some heaviness in his feet. Defensively looks fringy at 3B with below average arm strength from funky throwing motion. Question his ability to stick in the dirt at the next level. Finished the doubleheader 4-for-6 with 4 singles. 


Justin Chambers – Higley HS, AZ 2023 (Washington St commit)

Large lean frame with lean strength and projection remaining. Solid athlete with solid coordination and mobility. NWU drop and drive delivery from TQ slot. FB 84-89 (1900-2000 rpm) sat 87 with short natural cut and fringy angle. SL 73-76 (1850-1950 rpm) with corner turn into the zone and dropping depth through it. Used SL for punchouts. CB 68-71 (1700-1800 rpm) with slow rolling break that looks like a less powerful version of his SL. CH 74-75 (1500-1550 rpm) with arm-side fade and average sell. Average strike thrower with advanced feel to mix his four pitches and keep hitters off-balance. Finished with 6 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 earned runs, 2 walks and 11 strikeouts. 

+ Mason Russell – Casteel HS, AZ 2024 (U Arizona commit)

Large physical frame with long torso and arms, solid projection left. Average athlete with average coordination throughout delivery. NWU operation from HTQ slot that he showed solid ability to repeat. FB 85-89 (2150-2300 rpm), sat 87 with slight cut and average angle. CB 74-77 (2250-2350 rpm) with solid top to bottom shape with power to finish through the zone. CB is out pitch. CH 78-80 with tumbling downer fade. SL 78-80 with short tilting sweep and fringy shape. Solid command, keeping the ball to the edges and battling a tight strike zone all night. Finished with 4.2 innings pitched. 5 hits, 2 earned runs, 4 walks and 8 strikeouts in a no-decision. 


Monday, april 4th

+ Tate Scott - Chandler, AZ 2022 (Uncommitted)

6-foot-1 180 pounds, OF Tate Scott has gotten off to an outstanding start here in his senior campaign. L/R with a strong and projectable build, quiet actions, and an effortless swing from the left side. Hitting from an open stance with a stride that brings him back to square, Scott showed the ability to let the ball travel, use different contact points, and gain extension through the baseball to drive with authority to all parts of the field. On Monday vs Perry, Scott went 2-3 with a double deep to left field, and a no doubt home run over the right field wall for his 9th of the season. He roams CF for the Wolves, with the ability to play all three outfield positions. Scott remains uncommitted entering the back half of his senior season.




+ Brody Sexton - Chandler, AZ 2022 (Yavapai commit)

5-foot-10 180 pounds, Brody Sexton turned in a solid all around performance on Monday vs Perry. Hitting in the heart of Chandler's order, Sexton has a strong and compact build with a good hit tool and versatility in the field. Sexton has the ability to play on the left side of the infield, as well as behind the plate. He showed his adjustability and athleticism in the infield, fielding tough hops and making throws on the run from SS. The hit tool showed on Monday, as Sexton drove a double to deep right field over the right fielders head. He has the strength to drive balls all around the yard with a direct bat path and bat speed. Sexton is one of the many upperclassmen on this Chandler team who is going to contribute a ton to their success. 


+ Aiden Shumaker - Chandler, AZ 2022 (Chandler-Gilbert commit)

5-foot-11 145 pounds, Aiden Shumaker is consistently giving the Chandler Wolves quality outings. Each time out, he's pounding the zone, working deep into ball games, and putting his team in a position to win. From an over the top slot, Shumaker features a low-mid 80s FB (82-85) that he stays on the corners with, a straight CH (69-70), and can spin it a little bit with a downward breaking CB (68-69). Shumaker's ability to change speeds and stay out of the heart of the plate keeps him in ball games and makes him effective. He threw a complete game shutout on Monday vs a skilled Perry team. Great athlete on the mound that can field his position. Shumaker got an out at home plate on a suicide squeeze back to the mound, and showed some athleticism covering 1B on a 3-6-1 double play. Shumaker's command and baseball IQ makes him a great starting option for Chandler.


+ Kyle Sleconich - Chandler, AZ 2022 (Chandler-Gilbert commit)

6-foot 150 pounds, two-way prospect, L/L headed to CGCC following his senior season. Yet to see Sleconich on the mound; however, he showed very well at 1B on Monday vs Perry. Sleconich understands how to use his feet/body/glove over at 1B. Very skilled with the glove at 1B, digging out multiple throws and turning a 3-6-1 double play. He also made a tough play on a pop up in foul ground right on the wall. Sleconich is a smooth and confident defender that understands his position very well. Sleconich is putting together a very good senior season at the plate, swinging from the left side, he's hitting .405 in 2022, contact/scrappy type hitter. He has a gap-to-gap approach with ability to spray liners all over the field, with a low rate of strike outs (6K, 6BB). 


+ Cole Carlon – Corona del Sol HS, AZ 2023 (Arizona St commit)

Big physical lefty with a Major League body, standing 6’5 and weighing 205 lbs. Solid athlete, was a dominating force on both sides of the ball today. Throws from HTQ slot with a leverage arm swing. FB worked 84-89 (2340-2480 rpm), sat 86 with solid arm-side sinking movement. CB 71-73 with fluttering 2-7 shape. CH 77-79 with arm-side fade and fringy sell as he slows his body. Average strike thrower who shows ability to land strikes when needed. Future is on the mound where his size, projection and stuff from the left-side make him an intriguing pro prospect. Finished his day with 6 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB and 9 Ks. 

Offensively he showed ability to drive the ball into the gap with natural strength. Flashing sneaky speed for his size, legging out two extra base hits. Finished the day 3-for-4 with 2 doubles, 2 runs and 2 RBIs. 


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