Commitment Spotlight: Nick Arias

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director

Today, We had the pleasure of catching up with 2022 SS Nick Arias of Tucson Magnet High School. Arias recently made a commitment to the Grand Canyon University to further his baseball career. Arias' name has come up plenty on the recruiting scene over the last couple years and even stood out to the PBR staff in back to back years as a member of Team Arizona at the PBR Future Games. For this, our staff has ranked him as No.1 Shortstop prospect in the state of Arizona. He also  cracked our selective National Player Rankings at No. 412. Arias is a very well-rounded player that pretty much does anything you ask of him with some success. He has gotten stronger over the last year and his projectable body should continue to progress into college. Defensively, his arm should play anywhere on the diamond as he worked into the low 90's across the diamond at our pro-style workout in Georgia this year. Offensively, he has balanced LD approach with consistent barrel. Has a chance to come into some more power in the future. GCU picked up one of the top prospects in the state here. 

Nick Arias

Class of 2022 / SS

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2022
  • Primary Position: SS
    Secondary Position: 2B
  • High School: Tucson
    State: AZ
  • Summer Team: Tucson Champs
  • Height: 6-0
    Weight: 170lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R

Scouting Report


5-foot-11 165-pounds, looked noticeably stronger than last time we saw him with lean strength & definition throughout his frame. Hits from an athletic slightly spread out base. Uses a leg lift gathering weight into his back hip. Stays in control of his load, letting his body work into footstrike. Rhythm in his hands getting to a solid launch position. Gap to gap approach with flat path through the zone. Extension to swing, reaching at times. Above average pull contact at 88mph exit velocity. Hits some hard LD’s to pull side in our games for hits. Looked the part at shortstop. Showcased a strong arm across the diamond at 88mph with sure hands. Plays more athletically than 7.47 60-yard dash time would suggest. Should be followed closely.



PBR: Why did you choose the school you did?
Arias: I chose GCU because I loved everything about the school from the campus to the coaching staff and baseball program. I felt like it is a place where I can go and instantly feel right at home and play baseball. 
PBR: What other schools were you considering?
Arias: The main other school that I was considering was Washington State University. 

PBR: Where did the coaching staff first see you? How did your relationship develop with him?
Arias: I first met the GCU coaching staff at an event I had gone to at GCU and we stayed in touch since then. Coach Stankiewicz is an amazing coach and he is a laid-back and respectable person so I felt like I developed a great relationship fast with him.

PBR: Do you feel relieved now that the process is over and you can just focus on baseball and not deal with everything that goes into picking a school?
Arias:  Most definitely relived, I never realized about how stressful but exciting this process would be and I’ll never forget it. I never tried to focus on it but since committing it feels like all the stress on my shoulders is gone and I can just focus on playing baseball 

PBR: Was there one deciding factor that put your choice over the top?
Arias: The confidence that the GCU coaching staff has in me to be their guy and to help develop me to be the best I can be at what I do is the biggest thing that really got me to want to go there. 

PBR: Who has helped you the most to get to where you are today?
Arias: My dad has hands down helped me the most with all the time he’s spent with me. Whether it’s doing dry swings at my house in front of a mirror, videoing me taking swings hitting, taking ground balls or coaching me on the field through the summer and for high school. My dad has helped me the most.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process? Was it easy/difficult?
Arias: I knew it would be stressful but I always told myself at the end of the day to always be yourself and have fun. The biggest thing is to have confidence in yourself and to always work hard and you’ll see how many people recognize it.  

PBR: What plans does the coaching staff have in store for you in your freshman season?
Arias: The coaches have a lot of confidence in me to be the starting SS but nothing is just rewarded so I have to keep working to get better  and when I get there to show them why I should be the Starting shortstop

PBR: What is your most memorable baseball moment to date?
Arias: The most memorable baseball moment I have is probably is when I was 12 in little league. My dad was arguing with the umpire behind the backstop, but the pitcher threw the ball and I ended up hitting a homerun and the umpire just turned around waving his hand signaling a homerun. 

PBR: Who is the best player that you have competed against?
 Arias: I don’t really have a best player but in general just going to showcases and competing with the best players from all over and everyone competing for the same goal wether it was for a college offer or to play for a national team. 

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