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Summer Leaders: INF

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director


This summer, Prep Baseball Report events across the country have been powered by TrackMan & Blast, some of the industry-leading technology to capture pinpoint accurate, actionable data from player performances. Prep Baseball Report and its partners are dedicated to recognizing talent and unleashing their potential. We have been able to collect key metrics throughout the summer on some of the top prospects throughout the state and country. This data has been collectws and will be sharable with coaches & scouts as well as help players identify areas of development.

On Sunday, August 16th, PBR Arizona had the chance to wrap up its summer season with their end of the summer review. PBR had a chance to see many players from across the state at all ages. We also had the chance to see the progress many players have made throughout the summer season or where players currently stand in their development process. In conclusion of the summer season, we wanted to take the time to highlight the leaders from all of our events this summer in specific metrics that we have collected with our Blast & Trackman technology. Today, we will be looking at the highest recorded infield velocities from the entire summer. 

Here are the leaders from the entire summer:

INF Velo

Rank Player School GRAD MPH Event
1 Nick Arias Tucson 2022 91mph Future Games
2 Ryan Kucherak Hamilton 2023 89mph Future Games
3 Luke Thiele Hamilton 2021 88mph 21 TPG
  Nick Arias Tucson 2022 88mph 22 TPG
  Ruben Castro Tucson 2022 88mph Future Games
4 Brayan Espinoza Nogales 2021 87mph 21 TPG
  Joshua Tiedemann Hamilton 2023 87mph 23 TPG
5 Ruben Castro Tucson 2022 86mph 22 TPG
6 Joshua Tiedemann Hamilton 2023 85mph Future Games
7 Steven Vasquez Odyssey Prep 2021 84mph 21 TPG
  Masen Schechterle Brophy College Prep 2021 84mph Summer Review
  Thomas DeChesaro Saguaro 2022 84mph 22 TPG
  Trenton Harrington Chaparral 2022 84mph 22 TPG
  Dominic Palma Cactus Shadows 2022 84mph 22 TPG
  Connor Mattison Canyon View 2023 84mph Future Games
8 Austin Balmes Corona Del Sol 2022 83mph Summer Review
  Cole Caruso Cactus Shadows 2021 83mph 21 TPG
  Anthony Loth Florence 2021 83mph 21 TPG
  Henry Chabot Brophy College Prep 2022 83mph 22 TPG
  Tyler Acton Verrado 2023 83mph Future Games
  Karsen Waslefsky Casteel 2022 83mph Future Games
  Mario Bejarano Tucson 2022 83mph Future Games
9 Julian Alemany Brophy College Prep 2022 82mph Summer Review
  Carter Bailey Corona Del Sol 2023 82mph 23 TPG
  Dillon Roberts Cactus Shadows 2023 82mph 23 TPG
  Paul Cruz Empire 2021 82mph 21 TPG
  Brok Liu Chandler 2021 82mph 21 TPG
  Maguire Peterson Notre Dame Prep 2021 82mph 21 TPG
  Campbell Cozby Thunderbird 2022 82mph 22 TPG
  AJ Singer Mountain Ridge 2022 82mph 22 TPG
  Karsen Waslefsky Casteel 2022 82mph 22 TPG
10 Marshall Williams Sunnyslope 2021 81mph 21 TPG
  Antonio Gianni Cactus Shadows 2023 81mph 21 TPG
  Justin Chambers Higley 2023 81mph 23 TPG
  Tyler Clementz Basha 2023 81mph 23 TPG
  Cooper Neville Mountain Ridge 2023 81mph 23 TPG
11 Tyler Bare Desert Ridge 2021 80mph 21 TPG
  Brayden Grantham Red Mountain 2022 80mph 22 TPG
  Miles VandenHeuvel Chaparral 2023 80mph 22 TPG
  Andrew Grenert Horizon 2023 80mph 23 TPG
  Brady Lord Basha 2023 80mph 23 TPG
  Zach Tomlinson Hamilton 2023 80mph 23 TPG
  Lucas Brutsche Basha 2023 80mph Summer Review
  Aidan Young Chaparral 2023 80mph Summer Review

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