Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Showcase: Infield Analysis

Jordon Banfield
Arizona Scouting Director

The Unsigned Senior Showcase took place on Wednesday, October 10th at Sunnyslope HS in Phoenix. The event gave uncommitted 2019 prospects an opportunity to perform in front of 55 college coaches and scouts, by far our most highly attended event ever in Arizona. This event will become a staple for PBR every October, due to the response from top unsigned players and large number of college coaches that travel to the area during that week every year. Today, we continue our event coverage with our Infield Analysis. 1B Justin Flebbe was clearly the top infield prospect in attendance, showing significant power that he can get to in game action and advanced defensive ability at first base. The final spot on the list was very tightly contested with Jackson Moltz (rated as a pitcher where his future clearly lies), Tanner Thomason, Jacob Snelgrove and Christian Jacob all warranting signifiant consideration. 

Complete video, data, pictures and scouting reports have been posted to players' individual profiles. As always contact [email protected] or direct message @PBRArizona on Twitter with any questions and/or information.



6-foot-1, 180 pound frame. Flebbe is clearly the top power bat available in AZ and is set for a significant bump when rankings are updated. His swing mechanics are very simple, with a strong, wide base and slight leg lift trigger. Flebbe does an outstanding job creating separation with a strong coil and consistently gets his foot down on time unload lower half and drive the ball. He stays through the baseball, getting excellent extension and generates hard line drive and fly ball contact from CF to the LF foul pole; 93 mph exit velo was tops at the event. There's absolutely no question he is a D1 bat and shows the type of present strength, combined with an advanced swing and approach that could make him an early contributor. In addition, he's a polished, college-ready defender at first that moves comfortably and excels on picks. Posted 84 mph across the infield. He's also shown himself to be a mid-80's LHP on previous looks, but his future is likely in the batter's box. Posted 7.39 second 60-yard dash.  



Recent Central Arizona commit. Rangy 6-foot-4, 175-pound frame with significant projection remaining. Alexander put on by far his best performance in front of PBR, showing some added strength that is allowing him to drive the ball with more authority; 88 mph exit velo. Has also improved his rhythm in the box, starting slower and earlier and getting his foot down on time instead of early. Alexander is now taking advantage of his long limbs to leverage the baseball and some of the projectability we’ve always talked about is starting to show up. Posted a 7.16 60-yard dash. Also posted 86 mph infield velo and while he’s currently comfortable up the middle is likely to project best at 3B when his body reaches maturity. There's no doubt he's a terrific get for CAC and has a chance to become a high-D1 prospect on either side of the ball after his junior college career.



6-foot-2, 195-pound frame. Body is still somewhat young with plenty of room to mature and add strength. Showed very solid 86 mph arm strength across the diamond with impressive carry. Feet will dictate whether he can stick at 3B or has to move across the diamond to first.  Lopez’ swing has gotten slightly longer and steeper since the last event he attended, with his hands now held significantly higher. The barrel was in/out quickly at times, working to a high two-handed finish.  He also made some serious loud contact when he squared it up and posted an 89 mph exit velocity. Posted 7.68 second 60-yard dash.





5-foot-10, 175-pound frame. Relaxed, confident setup in box and despite not taking his best round of BP on this look, has established himself as one of the top unsigned bats in the class. Uses leg kick timing mechanism to be on time consistently and barrel the baseball out in front with 86 mph exit velocity.  Showed quiet actions defensively on the infield with impressive reads off the bat during his infield portion. Consistently got his desired hop and presented the glove to the ball with efficient transfer. Profiles best to 3B, where he showed the ability to throw from multiple arm angles and posted 82 mph velocity across the infield. Posted 7.43 60-yard dash, but showed significantly better at summer event.



Listed 6-foot, 170 pound frame. Coming over from California for the event, Mase turned in a very strong 6.83 second 60-yard dash on a slow track. Swing can get a little long for a smaller prospect at times, nearly barring his arm and casting the barrel at times. Looking to lift and do damage to the pull side during his round of BP; 80 mph exit velo. Efficient lower half. Showed the necessary tools to defend in the middle of the diamond with strong, confident actions and much imrpoved 84 mph velocity across the infield.



6-foot-3, 205-pound 1B/RHP. Kokodynski put on by far the best performance we've seen from him. The elite student (31 ACT, 1410 SAT) should have no trouble finding a home after taking an impressive batting practice where he left the yard and registered 89 mph exit velocity. Kokodynski hits from a wide, balanced setup with a short, reaching stride. Showed a quiet approach with a short load and flat bat path. Gets started late at times and could benefit from more rhythm and an earlier trigger. Posted 7.76 second 60-yard dash. Moves comfortably around the bag at first base, plays low on groundballs and has found a defensive home after previously spending significant time in the outfield. 80 mph velocity across the diamond isn’t indicative of arm strength as we found out when he hopped on the mound.



Rangy 6-foot, 165-pound frame with high waist. Stewart was the top defensive infielder at the event and most likely to be able to handle shortstop at the next level. Showed advanced footwork and bat reads on ground balls and the ability to move comfortably to both sides. Threw accurately from all angles as well as on the run and posted 82 mph infield velocity. Posted 7.34 second 60-yard dash. Offensive profile is slightly less certain as he hits against a very stiff front side, limiting his ability to adjust to pitch location. Wrists work well enough that with some tweaks and his defensive ability could become a contributor lower in a college lineup; 88 mph exit velo.



6-foot, 178-pound frame. Part of a very deep infield at O'Connor HS, Nichols has flown mostly under the radar, but continues to show well every time we see him. Despite not possessing a standout tool, he's just a very solid player that consistently barrels the baseball to all fields with a very quiet swing in the box, generating 88 mph exit velocity. Defensively, Nichols' feet and arm action may profile best to 3B at the next level, but it’s certainly not impossible he could stick up the middle with his confident hands. 83 mph velocity across the diamond with slightly longer arm action. Posted 7.28 second 60-yard dash


ELI YOUNG 1B / 3B / GILBERT, AZ / 2019

6-foot-3, 215-pound frame with thick lower half. Brings physical presence in box and has room to add even more mass in upper body. Young sets up with a wide balanced base, slightly open with a short, simple stride. Shows solid balance in swing and creates power with strength; 88mph exit velocity. Showed legitimate power to all fields and was seemingly most comfortable driving the ball to RCF; lets baseball travel deep in zone. Provides big target at first base and was comfortable around the bag; tended to field ball deep and play high on ground balls. Also posted 80 mph infield velo and 8.07 60-yard dash.



5-foot-11, 155 pound frame with strength in lower half. Hits from very narrow setup with a near negative stride at times. Hands work well in swing and create some natural loft. Could really benefit from working into a stronger base and getting started earlier to make more consistent hard contact out front. Shows stronger swing than 80 mph exit velocity indicates. Kellerhals impressed during his portion of the infield workout where he consistently got around and through the ball and the ability to throw from multiple arm slots and posted 82 mph velocity across the infield. Likely 3B profile as he tends to play high at times, but charges the ball well. Posted 7.3 second 60-yard dash.