Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Showcase: Outfield Analysis

Jordon Banfield
Arizona Scouting Director

The Unsigned Senior Showcase took place on Wednesday, October 10th at Sunnyslope HS in Phoenix. The event gave uncommitted 2019 prospects an opportunity to perform in front of 55 college coaches and scouts, by far our most highly attended event ever in Arizona. This event will become a staple for PBR every October, due to the response from top unsigned players and large number of college coaches that travel to the area during that week every year. Today, we continue our event coverage with our Outfield Analysis. This list was difficult to assemble after the top two spots, with Alec Acevedo taking one of the top round son BP at the entire event but projecting more to first base at the next level and the final six spots somewhat interchangeable causing us to expand our list to 11. Other prospects like Jacob Griffin (more of a 1B) and Joseph Agate just narrowly missed being included.

Complete video, data, pictures and scouting reports have been posted to players' individual profiles. As always contact [email protected] or direct message @PBRArizona on Twitter with any questions and/or information.



Athletic, long-limbed 6-foot-3, 175-pound frame. Nager was our top-rated uncommitted prospect in the state coming in to the event and that doesn't seem likely to change. Coming off of Tommy John surgery, Nager is just starting to round back into form (84 mph OF Velo), despite not throwing at full strength yet. Some rust remains apparent, but the toolset is undeniable as he posted a 6.81 60-yard dash on a slow track and 90 mph exit velocity, with a frame that offers elite projection. There’s significant power potential as he adds strength and improves his swing rhythm and Nager should be able to provide above average defense in an outfield corner as he gets more reps out there. Currently handles the ball in the air better than on the ground, stopping his feet at times.



Very physical 6-foot-4, 205-pound frame with proportional strength. McGregor is another tremendous student (33 ACT) and physical specimen with the type of tools that could really pay off for a program willing to invest in his development. The combination of MLB body, arm strength (90 mph OF velo), raw pop (91 mph exit velo) and athleticism (7.1 60-yard dash) combined with his academic prowess should make McGregor a fit for a number of places and good provide them with a very big reward down the road. Continued to show the same type of swing improvement and ability to tap into the always present raw power we’ve seen throughout the fall.



6-foot, 185-pound frame. Acevedo took one of the top rounds of BP at the entire event and posted a strong 92 mph exit velocity. With a leg-kick that he really makes work and low hand load, Acevedo drove the ball with authority to all fields, even banging one off the top of the batter's eye in CF. He's likely to end up at 1B, but has been a consistently elite offensive producer and you see no reason that won't continue at the college level.Acevedo does show confident actions and solid footwork in the outfield and could handle a corner spot if the 7.49 run time improves, although his body is likely to continue to mature and the bat will play plenty at first. Also posted 81 mph outfield velo.



Listed 6-foot-3, 190-pound frame. Thompson has a bigger swing, but possesses probably as much raw pop as any hitter in the class. He hung out some vicious line drives in batting practice, not getting as much lift as on previous looks and turned in a 91 mph exit velocity. Starting with a slightly narrower base than we’ve seen before, drifting forward into big separation. Would likely benefit from cutting down on some of the moving parts in swing to allow raw pop to show up more often in game action. Posted 7.19 second 60-yard dash and certainly has the type of offensive tools to impact the game at the next level. He's relatively new to the game and a somewhat raw defender with 83 mph velocity from OF, but a program willing to invest in his continued development could reap a big reward down the line.



6-foot-2, 200-pound frame with present strength throughout. Shows strength in swing and drove the ball with authority when he found the barrel; 88 mph exit velocity. Have seen him make more consistent hard contact at previous events. Leg-lift timing mechanism was somewhat inconsistent, resulting in a double-tap at times. Hands work in swing and show natural strength capable of producing easy power. Posted 7.23 60-yard dash and showed confident, easy outfield actions that should allow him to handle a corner at the next level. 85 mph outfield velo from high slot with longer windup.



Listed 5-foot-11, 195- pound muscular frame; well-built with advanced hand/forearm strength. Registered 6.96 second 60-yard dash and has previously turned in more elite times.  Strength in swing with early hand load to trigger; 90 mph exit velocity. Lifts leg slightly, without gaining much ground, and is now hitting from a slightly narrower base that we saw this summer. Takes short, choppy steps, but field ball with confidence and released 85 mph throws from high slot quickly.  Hedalen impressed with at least top 10 stats in all categories; 60-yard, throwing velocity, exit velocity.



Athletic 5-foot-10; 160-pound frame. Shows fast-twitch ability. Posted 6.89 60-yard dash with strong burst and good form throughout.  Starts with wider base, taking virtually no stride and loading only his hands straight back. Very little coil/rotation in swing. Made strong line drive contact and showed some feel for the barrel that resulted in 85 mph exit velocity. Perhaps his most impressive tools were on display during his outfield workout. Hobbs repeatedly was in correct position to receive and release the baseball with athletic outfield actions and a clean, quick transfer. He posted the outfield top velocity at the Unsigned Senior Showcase with 90 mph. Would be very interesting pitching prospect if he could take outfield arm action to the mound.



5-foot-9, 165-pound frame. Posted 6.84 second 60-yard dash on a slow track, putting him in the top five at the event. Relaxed, open setup with good use of his levers and solid feel for the barrel.  A well-controlled stride and natural swing path drove the ball with 85 mph exit velocity and exude confidence in the box. Can really get out over his front side at times, causing him to get a hair steep. Strong defender who shows solid reads and accurate 81 mph velocity from the outfield.



6-foot, 182-pound frame.  Came over from California to work out at Unsigned Senior Showcase. Tomlinson showed playable speed at 7.03 and actions that should allow him to settle into a corner spot. Tends to stop feet completely before fielding the ball and posted 80 mph velocity from straight over the top arm slot. Switch hitter posted 84 mph exit velocity and showed a very different swing RH vs. LH. From the left side Tomlinson made consistent line drive contact with an easy rhythm and some looseness, although his hands tended to leak forward early, losing some separation and sapping power. The right-handed version is significantly more aggrieve and rotational, with more separation, but didn’t allow him to find the barrel as often on a short look. 



6-foot, 185-pound frame. Posted second-best 60-yard dash time at the event (6.81 on a slow track) and has previously showed even more elite times. Scroggin shows advanced defensive actions in the outfield with quick feet and a strong arm. 88 mph outfield velo from higher slot and short crow hop with quick release at times. Scroggin has made some offensive improvements since we last saw him, still loading his hands very deep, but swinging more under control and less uphill. Would likely benefit from a more line drive focused approach, instead of trying to lift; 82 mph exit velocity. Athleticism and defensive ability should make him a fit for a program at some level.





5-foot-10, 175-pound frame. Gerardo made lots of hard contact during his round of batting practice; 88 mph exit velocity.  With a quiet and consistent set up/load he showed a short simple swing with a consistent line drive plane.  Made consistent hard contact during his round of BP with a swing that should translate well to higher levels. Showed sure hands and good carry on his throws from the outfield, accurate and head high with 80 mph velocity. Posted 7.53 60-yard dash, but turned in a 7.15 at an event last winter ad should move well enough to handle an OF corner.