Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Showcase: Pitching Analysis

Jordon Banfield
Arizona Scouting Director

The Unsigned Senior Showcase took place on Wednesday, October 10th at Sunnyslope HS in Phoenix. The event gave uncommitted 2019 prospects an opportunity to perform in front of 55 college coaches and scouts, by far our most highly attended event ever in Arizona. This event will become a staple for PBR every October, due to the response from top unsigned players and large number of college coaches that travel to the area during that week every year. Today, we continue our event coverage with our Pitching Analysis. Central Arizona commit Jacob Alexander grabs the top spot after showcasing the best combination of present stuff, control and projection. Travis Higdon may have the most ceiling of anyone on the list as a high-vela lefty, but is further from reaching it. The last spots on the list were tightly contested with Riley Beauregard, Carter Krosky and others just missing. I also wouldn't rule out Travis Densmore making a huge leap in the coming years and AJ Kostic is also worthy of mention and difficult to rank as the only junior attending a senior event.

Complete video, data, pictures and scouting reports have been posted to players' individual profiles. As always contact [email protected] or direct message @PBRArizona on Twitter with any questions and/or information.

Top Pitching Prospects



Jacob Alexander SS / RHP / Queen Creek, AZ / 2019

6-foot-4, 175-pound frame with enough broadness in shoulders to pack on significant mass as he matures. Two-way prospect is intriguing in both spots although I’d currently lean more towards the mound as the arm is ahead of the bat. Does not take a very direct path to home plate, swinging his stride leg around, creating a rotational lower half. Lands closed at times. Slight hook in back of arm action doesn’t seem to cause him any issues, as he’s able to get out front consistently. Fastball 84-85 mph, touching 87 with downhill plane and lots more velo on the way. Curveball was thrown in the zone with varying shape at 68-73 mph. Appears that it could benefit from being thrown harder as more of a mid-70’s slurve to eliminate the sometimes early break. Delivery isn’t overly conducive to a quality changeup, but he did show a couple at 73-74 mph. Top pitching prospect at the event due to combination of present arsenal/ceiling.




Travis Higdon LHP / Canyon Del Oro, AZ / 2019

High-waisted 6-foot-2, 160-pound frame. Broad shoulders, and long levers combined with fast twitch ability give Higdon a potentially very high ceiling. Fastball sat 85-86 mph with heavy sink. Uses a very low front side and deceleration phase of arm action is very violent. Flashed a sharp curveball at 72-74 mph that should really improve once he can firm up and raise the front side. Has the makings of a true swing-and-miss pitch. 78-79 mph changeup is more of a developing offering and may not be needed much as Higdon has more of a relief profile at the next level.




Mason Kokodynski 1B / RHP / Brophy Prep, AZ / 2019

6-foot-3, 205-pound frame that could develop into an imposing physical presence. Future could very well be on the mound, despite his raw power as his only defensive home is at first base. Could offer two-way value to the right program. Stuff was significantly improved across the board from our last look in late June. Could benefit from cleaning up his arm circle and creating a more consistent release point. Fastball sat 83-85, T86 with significant heaviness. 73-75 mph curveball showed some inconsistency but was a true 12-6 hammer at times. Also flashed a 76-77 mph changeup with fade. More mound time will be key for Kokodynski as he continues to find a repeatable delivery and arm action that allows him to maximize his potential.




Matthew Bohnert LHP / OF / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2019

5-foot-9, 150-pound frame. Undersized left-handed pitcher with compact delivery and quick arm action. We’ve seen considerably better stuff from Bohnert throughout the summer and fall. On this look he was really racing down the mound, with the ball coming out of his glove very late and his arm racing to catch up. Fastball sat 82-83 mph with arm side run. Curveball was best secondary offering at 67-71 mph with depth. Cut off 73-74 mph changeup at times, but has previously shown as solid third offering. Bohnert has consistently shown himself as a three-pitch lefty with a mid-to-upper 80’s FB in recent months.




Tanner Isaacs LHP / Desert Ridge, AZ / 2019

Listed 6-foot 3, 167 pound frame. Body shows room to add strength and mass. Issacs works fast and in a direct line to the plate with a clean arm circle and high front side.  Arm action slightly shorter than our last look, getting on top of the baseball on the back side more easily and consistently. Fastball sat 81-83 mph with improved lower half mechanics that have made his delivery more efficient. Curveball was consistently thrown for a strike at 70-71 mph and has potential to turn into more of an out pitch as the rotation is tightened. Changeup flashed tumbling action at 76 mph. Secondary offerings will only improve with more arm speed. Ceiling is quite high for this projectable-bodied left-handed strike thrower.




Tyler Gustafson LHP / Desert Ridge, AZ / 2019

6-foot-2, 155-pound frame with broad shoulders and lots of room to add strength/mass. He generates significant arm speed, with a clean action and has the type of frame that really projects to add strength. Gustafson really pitches with intent, creating some head violence, but generally was around the zone with his low-80’s fastball that topped out at 84 mph. Tends to slow delivery on secondary pitches with arm action getting shorter and closer to a 3-piece look. Curveball sits at 66-68 mph, and also showed a changeup at 71 mph; both developing offerings.Very interesting follow that could be at outstanding Juco fit as he continues to develop.




Dane Vanderwerf RHP / Estrella Foothills, AZ / 2019

6-foot-0, 175 pound right-handed pitcher. Fastball/breaking ball guy all out of the same window.Ran his fastball up to 86 mph (sat more in the lower 80’s) with an uptempo delivery. He generates some arm speed and showed the ability to spin a 68-70 mph slurve with varying shape and tight rotation. With some mechanical refinement that allows him to more consistently repeat his high-effort delivery can certainly be a contributor at the college level, most likely out of the bullpen. Shows competitive and confident demeanor on the mound. Also mixed in a 70-75 mph changeup that’s more of a developing third offering. Would like to see him work exclusively from the stretch given his likely future as a reliever and efficient, explosive lower half mechanics.




Jonathan Weiss RHP / Basha, AZ / 2019

Physical 6-foot-1, 190 pound right-handed pitcher with present strength in body. Stabs ball straight back out of glove then quickly gets on top before delivering with high 3/4 arm slot. Very long stride prevents him from posting at times and causes flatter plane on pitches. Showed ability to throw all three of his pitches in zone.. Fastball sat 82-85, T86 and flashed slight cutting action at times; he grips the pitch almost like a split. 64-65 mph curveball had more of a hump in it than on our last look, but still showed tight rotation and 12-6 shape. 71-73 mph changeup has improved as he threw a couple that really tumbled when reaching the plate. Is generally able to repeat and can certainly pitch at the next level. May benefit from some mechanical adjustments that allow him to get out front at release and work more downhill.




Kyle Conway RHP / OF / Highland , AZ / 2019

6-foot-0, 185-pound frame with some present strength. Arm slot has dropped some since we saw him last and is now ¾ to slightly below depending on the pitch. Head violence has quieted significantly and lower half has become more fluid. Delivery remains velocity focused, but was generally around the plate in his bullpen. Lands on and grinds heel, aggressively kicking his back leg through on fastballs. Posted the top mound velocity at the Unsigned Senior Showcase, touching 89 mph on his final pitch. Sat more 81-85. Showed a potential out pitch curveball at 67-69 mph with very tight rotation and digging action. Developing changeup he really tries to turn over sat 70-72 mph. The combination of arm strength and ability to spin it should find him a place at the next level.




Jackson Moltz RHP / 3B / Pinnacle, AZ / 2019

6-foot-4, 200-pound frame with broad, developed shoulders, some present strength and a less developed lower half. Showed significant arm strength on the infield that didn’t translate to the mound on this look. Works exclusively from the stretch and pitches with serious intent that creates some head violence. Creates big hip/shoulder separation in delivery that is geared to maximizing velo. Arm gets significantly behind his body at times, but was generally able to catch up when throwing his fastball. Fastball sat 81-82 mph, flashing arm side run and was thrown in the zone. 67-68 mph curveball shows proper rotation and when he gets it out font has makings of a solid second pitch. Straight 75 mph changeup is developing third offering. Interested to see him again on the mound as every indication is the stuff will be better.