Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Showcase: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti & Jason Forari
Arizona Scouting Director

On Tuesday, September 26th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Unsigned Senior Showcase at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. The Unsigned Senior Showcase is an open event held for uncommitted prospects in the 2024 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Unsigned Senior Showcase, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Bryan Lorenz 1B / 3B / Northwest Christian, AZ / 2024

Bryan Lorenz is one of… if not the top uncommitted bat in the state of Arizona, a promising defensive third baseman who combines power at the plate with the ability to make consistent hard contact. His ability to drive the ball to all fields showed during the BP portion of the day where he hit multiple home runs to the pull side and to the deep part of the park in left center. In the field his strong arm and clean actions make him a valuable asset in the field and has shown the ability to stay at the hot corner as he moves on to the next level. With a max exit velocity of 103.7 mph, Lorenz's power potential becomes even more evident, as he has the capability to produce extra-base hits consistently.

Hunter Southey SS / OF / Desert Ridge, AZ / 2024

Hunter Southey, a versatile 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect from Desert Ridge High School, demonstrates a promising blend of offensive prowess and positional flexibility. At the plate, Southey has a quick and powerful bat, consistently generating a max exit velocity of 103 mph, indicative of his ability to drive the ball with authority. His average bat speed of 76 mph suggests a natural propensity for quick reactions and an ability for making adjustments when facing different pitching styles. In the field, Southey's defensive skills are solid, with room for growth, particularly in the area of arm strength. With continued development, he has the potential to become a valuable asset in both the infield and outfield. Southey's combination of offensive potential and positional adaptability make him an intriguing prospect to watch as he goes into his senior season. 

Tanner Ford RHP / OF / Boulder Creek, AZ / 2024

Tanner Ford, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound right-handed pitcher out of Boulder Creek High School, emerged as a standout prospect at the senior uncommitted event. Ford showcased his strengths on the mound, featuring a fastball that consistently sat in the 87-88 mph range topping at 89 mph. What sets Ford apart, however, is his diverse arsenal of secondary pitches. He showed an above-average breaking ball that showed late sharp break and a changeup that falls off the table. His performance at the senior uncommitted event solidifies his status as a pitcher to watch closely in the coming season.  

Orlando Cobarrubias OF / Sunnyside, AZ / 2024

Orlando Cobarrubias, a 6-foot, 190-pound outfielder representing Sunnyside High School, stood out with his impressive performance. As a left-handed hitter, Cobarrubias displayed above-average power at the plate, evident in his impressive 96.6 mph exit velocity while producing line drives and fly balls to the big part of the field. In the outfield, Cobarrubias showcased his ability to move well side to side with confidence in his fielding skills. His 88 mph arm strength adds to his defensive prowess. Cobarrubias's combination of power at the plate and defensive skills in the outfield makes him a promising prospect, with the potential to make a significant impact as he goes into his senior campaign.

Caden Truman SS / 2B / Desert Ridge , AZ / 2024

Truman displayed an average to arm within the infield but offering plenty of fluidity within his defensive tools with consistency of making on target throws with plenty of rhythm. At the plate Truman displayed consistent hand and bat speed that produced more consistent line drive contact with higher overall average exit velocities. Drove the ball to all parts of the field with plenty of extra base hit power. Truman was consistent with his swing with persistent in terms of quality of contact and power at the plate. 

Greg Mattison OF / RHP / Canyon View , AZ / 2024

On the mound Mattison impressed with an impressive secondary offerings and a fastball that showed a decent feel within the zone. The fastball worked between 85-87 mph with some flash of late carry towards the upper half of the zone. Fastball also flashed some running action with above average spin rates when working away in the zone. The slider and changeup secondary combo offered effective breaks and movements inside and outside of the zone. The slider worked in the lower 70’s with average spin rates but plenty of late running action with some decent flashes of depth. The slider saw horizontal break upwards of 19 inches. The changeup worked in the upper 70’s with plenty of late depth and run with effective fading action late into the zone. Both the slider and changeup have the movements and breaks to develop into plus offerings.

Jeremy Crawford OF / RHP / Boulder Creek, AZ / 2024

Crawford the big framed outfielder showcased plenty of strength and size within his game. In the outfield displayed an average to slightly above average arm with plenty of accuracy towards the plate with plenty of athletic and quick movements. At the plate Crawford displayed advanced bat and hand speed that produced some of the loudest and most impressive power totals. Crawford finished the event with the highest exit velocity of 104.8 mph with the highest average exit velocity throughout the event. The power was on display in which Crawford  consistent line drive power with more emphasis towards the pull side while still creating power towards the opposite field. Overall Crawford showcased plenty of power and strength within his game that will create value in the outfield and towards the middle of a lineup. 

AJ Diaz SS / 3B / Hamilton, AZ / 2024

Diaz was an impactful infielder with one of the strongest arms throughout the event with plenty of quick movement and poise in the dirt. Diaz moved comfortably throughout the infield with consistent control of his strong arm. At the plate showed above average results in terms of hand and bat speed that resulted in consistent hard exit velocities and contact rates. Diaz showcased an effective balance of contact and power within his swing but showed some tendency to get under the ball resulting in higher fly ball rates. There is plenty of power that resulted in one of the higher average exit velocities with consistent deep contact results. Overall plenty of athleticism at the plate and in the infield that will create impact through all components of his game. 

Wyatt Wolff SS / 2B / Basha, AZ / 2024

Wolf displayed plenty of athleticism and strength within the infield and at the plate. In the infield showcased a quick and easy arm that produced the highest infield velocities topping out at 91 mph, with plenty of comfortability in terms of movement and arm accuracy. Showcased plenty of tools and athleticism to create value from the shortstop position. At the plate showed the ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field with an equal mix of fly ball and line drive contact. Showed some tendency to get under the ball at times but when Wolf barreled the ball there were some impressive exit velocities. Overall Wolf shows plenty of room to grow physically, but displayed advanced athleticism within his game that offers defensive and offensive value and upside. 


Tucson Fall ID AZ 10/01 University of Arizona (Hi Corbett Field)
Phoenix Fall ID AZ 10/29 Grand Canyon University