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Bucciero Twins Heading Separate Ways To D-I Schools

Bruce Hefflinger
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Bucciero Twins Heading Separate Ways To D-I Schools

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RIDGEFIELD, Ct. - Matthew Bucciero remembers it well.

“One of our first home runs we hit back-to-back,” Matthew reflected about the fun time he has had playing baseball with his twin brother, Daniel Bucciero. “I hit a second one that game.”

That memorable experience came during 11U baseball and the two have continued playing together ever since. But the separation was inevitable. That will come after this season when the Ridgefield High School seniors head off to different colleges after making commitments to schools an hour apart, Daniel to Fordham and Matthew to Fairfield.

“We talked about it from the beginning while the process was going on,” Daniel explained. “Should we go to the same school or go our separate ways? It was about whatever was the best offer. We were always leaning on going our separate ways to be individuals and start out fresh.”

Matthew concurred that attending different universities was in the best interest of each.

“I think we both preferred going to separate schools,” Matthew said. “It wasn’t a big factor at all. We found schools we like and now we’ll go our separate ways.”

Daniel’s connection with Fordham began in early summer during a showcase at the university located in the Bronx and continued at a tournament in Georgia.

“Communication started after that and we arranged a visit to campus when I got back,” the 24th-rated 2022 shortstop in New England related. “They came to watch me in another tournament and from there they called and offered. It took a few days and I accepted.

“One of the things he mentioned a lot was he likes how versatile I am,” Daniel continued. “I can play infield or outfield. He also likes my bat. Being versatile with a good bat, he said I can fill a few holes.”

Matthew also considered Fordham in his recruitment, but the 18th-ranked senior shortstop in New England decided on a school in his home state of Connecticut.

“They saw me online,” the 6-2 195-pounder noted about Fairfield. “I put a lot on twitter and Baseball U retweeted it. After that, (assistant) coach (Brian) Fay came to watch one of our high school games and continued watching me into the summer. I toured the campus and after that he called me and offered. A couple of weeks later I took it.”

The similarities between the two brothers are evident.

“They like my versatility and that I can play anywhere,” Matthew related. “They also like my bat. They said that’s what they’re looking for, a good right-handed hitter.”

The 35th-rated 2022 in Connecticut saw a lot to admire at the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference school located 45 minutes from his home in Ridgefield.

“They had a really good year last year,” Matthew pointed out about Fairfield, which advanced to the championship game of the Austin Regional before being eliminated by Texas. “They have good facilities, the campus is brand new and it’s close so family can come watch.”

The desire to play at the next level has been there for a long time.

“I’ve always wanted to play baseball as far as I can go,” explained Matthew. “I’ve always enjoyed playing. But when it hit me was my freshman year. If I wanted to get there I had to put in the work.

“I’ve really improved a lot in the weight room,” Matthew continued. “You can see improvement in my swing and my arm. It’s visible to me and also hearing other people say it means a lot. I’m seeing it pay off.”

Daniel had thoughts of going to Fairfield like his twin brother and was also talking to Holy Cross.

“With Fordham I just liked the campus and the surrounding area and how it’s in the Bronx,” the 51st-ranked 2022 in Connecticut noted. “When they told me how much they wanted me and how the program works, it sold me.”

Like his brother, Daniel has been enamoured with the idea of playing college baseball.

“It’s always been in my mind,” the 6-3 197-pounder explained. “But it really started up my freshman and sophomore years when everything got competitive and people were putting in your head where are you going to college. They were saying you can do it if you really want to.”

With a 4.2 GPA and a business-related major the plan at this time, Daniel believes he can be a huge asset to the Atlantic 10 program located an hour-and-a-half from home.

“I can bring a quiet leadership, someone that’s always supporting the team,” Daniel said. “Once I get more comfortable with everyone I can be a strong leader. I’m also someone that can perform anywhere on the field and my bat can be helpful in the lineup.”

Matthew also sees leadership as a quality he can provide at Fairfield.

“I’m a hard worker who is always looking to get better while trying to make others better,” Matthew explained.

Admittedly, the recruiting process had its difficulties for each.

“With Covid and everything it was different,” Daniel noted. “It was long with a lot of emails and it didn’t always look perfect. But with the help of Baseball U and my trainer it was easy enough.”

His twin brother agreed wholeheartedly.

“It was frustrating sometimes,” Matthew said. “It was slow to begin, especially with Covid, so I was sending out emails with a lot of unknowingness. I just believed if you played hard, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Play hard and good things happen.” 

It all worked out for both.

“Our parents were supportive about whatever we wanted to do,” Daniel pointed out. “Once the decisions were made everybody was relieved. There was a sigh of relief. We didn’t have to worry about it any more.”

Matthew made his commitment to Fairfield three days before his brother made it official with Fordham.

“It was a happy moment for everyone,” reflected Matthew, a 4.0 student on a 4.5 scale leaning toward a major in the business field. “We could all take a deep breath. Me and Daniel were committed. What an exciting moment for the family.”

It also brought some reflection.

“We’ve been on the same team since we were five,” Daniel noted. “Being in this with my brother has been a big part of it all. He’s always been there to go to the cage or to the field. I wouldn’t have had near the opportunities to get better without him. And we made a bunch of great memories along the way.”

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