Future Prospect Showcase - Fox Cities: Player Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Supervisor – Wisconsin/Illinois

Every year our 7th and 8th grade Future Prospect Showcases give a glimpse into the future of the talent that is coming down the pipeline in Wisconsin. Out most recent event took place in Appleton where players had the chance to show their stuff for our scouts. Here’s a look at some of the top players. (in alphabetical order)

Masen Beatty, C/OF, Pewaukee, 2019
5-foot-9, 150-pound, C/OF, average build. Left-handed hitter, open stance, short stride, lower half works okay, fair balance. Above-average bat speed, level, fluid swing, can have a pull-side approach, 74 mph exit velocity. Defensively possesses a short, loose arm action, high ¾ slot, 70 mph from the outfield. Showed average hands, clean exchange, ability to play through the ball. Behind the plate had a 2.34-2.44 pop-time, throwing 63 mph out of the crouch. Ran a 7.69 60-time.

Bennett Frazer, SS/RHP, Oconto, 2019
5-foot-6, 135-pound, right-handed hitting, two-way player. Showed soft hands, quick footwork, clean exchange, ability to play through the ball. Short arm action, high ¾ arm slot, with the ability to carry, 71 mph across the infield, above-average instincts defensively. Hits from a balance setup, smooth load, lower-half can work, good extension. Fast bat, line-drive, gap-to-gap approach, 74 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.33 60-time. Off the mound has longer arm action, tall-and-fall delivery. Some rhythm, works on-line, lands square, athletic finish. Fastball 70-71 mph, touched 72 mph, straight. Changeup had good arm speed, had some sink, 57-60 mph. Curveball worked on a 11/5 plane, sweeping action, up in the zone, 53 mph. Younger brother of highly ranked 2016, Central Michigan commit Grant Frazer.

Hunter Hackbarth, SS, Hortonville, 2019
5-foot-5, 110-pound, right-handed hitting, SS.  Displayed average hands, quick exchange, footwork can improve. Short arm-action, some accuracy, 58 mph from SS. Offensively showed a balance set-up, short stride. Uphill bat path, drags bat through the zone at times, gap-to-gap approach, 64 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.52 60-time.

Reagan Klawiter, LHP/OF, Verona, 2019
5-foot-9, 130-pound, two-way player, highly projectable, looks to project best as a LHP. Off the mound displayed quick arm speed, high ¾ arm slot, long arm action, tall-and-fall delivery. Smooth rhythm, falling to the third base side, athletic finish. Straight fastball, up in the zone, 71-72 mph. Curveball worked on a 1/7 plane, showed good depth, makings of a plus pitch, 51-52 mph. Defensively showed average hands, athletically played through the baseball. Left-handed hitter, balance setup, tendency to wrap on his load, average lower half, above-average balance. Average bat speed, loose wrists, pull-side approach. Ran a 8.01 60-time.

Eli Kramer, OF/RHP, Hortonville, 2019
5-foot-11, 145-pound, OF/RHP, left-handed hitting, lanky build. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance, short stride, good balance. Loose wrists, fast bat speed, pull side approach, 80 mph exit velocity. Defensively showed soft hands, quick footwork, ability to play through the ball, ran a 7.05 60-time. Natural instincts, 78 mph from the outfield. Throws from a high ¾ arm slot, long arm action, drop-and-drive delivery. Some rhythm, working across his body, athletic finish. Fastball showed some cut, 76-77 mph. Sweeping slider, 10/4 plane, tendency to get around it causing it to back-up, 64-66 mph. Changeup had some cut, 61-64 mph.

Ian Moller, C/RHP, Dubuque(IA), 2021
5-foot-5, 135-pound, C/RHP, strong build. Defensively showed soft hands, good footwork, clean exchange, natural instincts behind the plate. Short arm action, over-the-top, 63 mph from the crouch. 2.32-2.35 pop times. Right-handed hitter, tall, open stance, good balance. Above-average bat speed, pull-side approach, 75 mph exit velocity. Could be a big bat as he matures. On the mound had a high ¾ arm slot, short arm action, worked in line. Straight fastball, 67-68 mph, touched 69 mph. Changeup had sink, 58-59 mph. Curveball worked on a 10/4 plane, sweeping action, 55-56 mph. Ran a 8.26 60-time.

Jacob Raether, RHP/3B, Middleton, 2019
6-foot-0, 173-pound, two-way player, lanky build. On the mound showed an over-the-top arm slot, long arm action. Delivery lands slightly open. Fastball was straight, 65-67 mph, touched 68 mph. Curveball was erratic, 51-52 mph. Defensively projects best at first base. Arm played at 63 mph across the infield. Right-handed hitter, balance setup, long stride, lower have worked okay. Average bat speed, long, uphill path, 89 mph exit velocity. Ran an 8.18 60-time.

Carter Robinson, RHP/1B, Appleton North, 2019
5-foot-11, 165-pound, lean frame, two-way player. On the mound worked from a high ¾ delivery, loose arm action, tall-and-fall delivery. Showed some rhythm, landing slightly open. Straight fastball, 72-74 mph. Sweeping  slider, 10/4 plane, 64-65. Slows arm on his changeup, showed some sink, 65-66 mph. Defensively had average hands, appearing stiff at times, 72 mph across the infield. Right-handed hitter, crouched stance, slight arm-bar on load. Average bat speed, level plane, 79 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.11 60-time. Good overall athlete with upside and a fast arm.

Ryan Stefiuk, LHP/1B, Green Bay Preble, 2020
6-foot-0, 175-pound, LHP/OF, strong build, large frame, very projectable. Throws from a high ¾ arm slot, long, loose arm action, tall-and-fall delivery, low effort delivery. Smooth rhythm, slightly across his body, athletic finish, throws three pitches for strikes. Heavy fastball, 73-75 mph. Sharp curveball, on a 1/7 plane, 58-60 mph, plus pitch for his age. Changeup has good arm speed, fade action, 64-66 mph. Defensively displayed average feet, clean exchange, throwing 72 mph across the infield. Right-Handed hitter, tall, open stance, average balance. Above-average bat speed, fluid rhythm, 76 mph exit velocity. Ran a 8.34 60-time. Could project as one of the top arms in the 2020 class.

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