Missouri Valley Open Showcase: Top Overall Prospects


By Rob Allison
Iowa Scouting Director

The Missouri Valley Open Showcase brought almost 30 prospects to showcase themselves to colleges in attendance in the one day event held at Millard West High School in Omaha, NE.

With many of these prospects participating as 2 way players at event; all their skills are taken into consideration in evaluation and posting of this list.

This year's top prospect is Korey Kuhlmann, a left-handed pitcher from Maple Valley Anthon Oto HS in Iowa, who is currently uncommitted. Kuhlmann is extremely projectable on the mound and showcases a fastball from the left side in the upper 80's. He also led the state of Iowa this past summer in strikeouts; leading his team to an appearance at the Iowa State Tournament in Des Moines.


1. Korey Kuhlmann, LHP, Maple Valley Anthon Oto, 2015
6-foot-1, 210-pound left-handed pitcher. Shows good life and run on fastball. Hides the ball well and has a quick arm. Curveball is above average at times. Changeup has late run. Overall has great arm with above average movement. Very high ceiling. Simple and raw mechanics on mound. Very high ceiling at college level. Limited pitching instruction. Led state of Iowa in strikeouts as a junior. Heavy workload at high school level. Chance to flourish in college.

2. Grant Suponchick, 1B/RHP, Papillion Lavista South(NE), 2015
6-foot-2, 230-pound 2 way player. 7.06 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Simple crouched stance. Inline direction to pitcher. Leg kick trigger. Very short to contact. Stays inside baseball well. Ball comes off bat differently. Gap to gap approach with big pull-side power. Consistently hits everything on the nose. 91 mph exit velocity. Defensively has third base/first base actions. Heavy feet. Arm works. Shows some fluidity despite body size. 78 mph across infield. On the mound shows good arm. Feel for 3 pitches. Plus command. Fastball has movement. Has velocity on slider. Overall very good 2 way player. Looks can be deceiving. Good athlete with strength. Very usable player and should be sought after commodity in dual role.

3. Connor Childs, OF, Elkhorn South(NE), 2016
6-foot-1, 195-pound outfielder. 7.1 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Physical build. Athletic balanced set-up. Has rhythm in load. Strides slightly across body. Has strength in swing. Ability to drive ball to oppo gap. Stiff lower half; still shifts weight appropriately through contact. Ball jumps after contact and has good extension. 82 mph exit velocity. In the outfield, shows good actions. Moves to ball with purpose. Aggressive fielder. Arm works well from over the top slot with accuracy. 82 mph outfield velocity. Overall is proto right fielder type player with middle of order ability and projectable tools to play that spot in the outfield.

4. Ben Dotzler, RHP/SS, OA-BCIG, 2016
6-foot-2, 205-pound 2 way player. Thick powerful build. 4.53 home to first. 6.87 60 time. Balanced set-up offensively.  Straight back load with balanced stride.  Choppy swing, very short in zone, short finish.  Cuts off swing.  Limited use of lower half.  82 mph exit velocity off tee.  Defensively projects as a third baseman.  Average glove and feet.  Opens front side early using mid ¾ arm action, 80 mph across infield.  On the mound, high leg kick, good rhythm, lands online and closed.  Arm works, creates good arm speed, strength in delivery, minimal front side, shows arm strength with fastball and secondary pitches.  High follow as a right handed pitcher.  Fastball sat 83-85.  Slider 74-77 mph.  Also showed knuckleball ranging 64-67 mph.  With simple adjustments to front side mechanics could see increase in velocity.

5. Cole Johnson, C, Millard North(NE), 2016
5-foot-10, 170-pound catcher. 7.4 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Narrow stance with long inline stride into contact. Active load. Line drive swing plane with great extension through contact. Good barrel awareness with gap to gap approach. 84 mph exit velocity. Behind the dish shows energy. Ability to receive baseball. Lower half is in good blocking position; loses control of head and upper half; gets out and over base. Very quick feet and exchange on throws. Square to target with accuracy. Has ability to catch and throw. 2.05-2.16 pop times. Arm strength- 73 mph to second base.

6. Jonah Ulane, RHP/1B, Millard South(NE), 2016
6-foot, 190-pound 2 way player. 7.94 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Balanced set-up. Looks to drive baseball. Swings with authority. Minimal rhythm. Uphill swing plane against stiff front leg. 82 mph exit velocity. Defensively is active around bag. Aggressive to ball. Ability to start double play. Arm works well. 80 mph across infield. On the mound, has solid build. Projectable power type arm. Max effort on release. Plus movement on 2 seam fastball. Command of fastball and slider. Curveball and change are still developing. 84-86 mph fastball. 74-76 slider with depth. Curveball was 68-71. Change at 74-77. Interesting 2 way player.

7. Mike Brown, RHP/SS, Millard South(NE), 2016
6-foot-1, 155-pound 2 way player. 6.84 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Easy load with inline stride. Good barrel plane. Line drive swing with gap to gap approach. Limited physically. 77 mph exit velocity. Defensively moves with fluidity. Projectable middle infielder. Works up to down at times. Has lateral quickness. Arm works well from over the top slot. Good accuracy and consistent release. Infield velocity of 80 mph. On the mound, very athletic with live arm. Long arm circle with slight wrap behind. Good extension out front. Shows arm speed with secondary pitches. Fastball jumps on hitters due to arm speed. Straight action at 80-82 mph. Curveball showed 11/5 break at 69-70 mph. Changeup had good fade at 70-71 mph.

8. Ben Palensky, OF, Papillion Lavista South(NE), 2015
5-foot-11, 170-pound outfielder. 7.34 60 time. Right-handed hitter. High back elbow. Inverted C load. Body has room to fill out. Uphill swing plane with ok bat speed. Inline stride and balanced to contact. 85 mph exit velocity. Defensively, shows above average actions. Good routes to ball. At times will be flat footed. Arm works well. Level shoulders with online accurate throws. 80 mph from outfield.

9. Nate Teitler, 3B/RHP, Omaha Gross(NE), 2015
5-foot-10, 165-pound 2 way player. 7.56 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Projectable bat. Good rhythm. Balanced set-up. High back elbow creates length to swing. Has barrel whip through zone. Knee to knee stride creating linear direction. Line drive swing plane. Good extension through contact. 79 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows average actions. Some stiffness in body. Fields up to down. Works through ball once it’s been fielded. Average/ok glove. Showed above average actions turning double plays from second base. 77 mph across infield. On the mound has high ¾ arm slot. Hitch in delivery effecting command. Lots of moving parts. Inconsistent in ability to repeat. Four pitch mix. Fastball at 76-79 mph. Curveball 64-66 mph. Slider 67-69. Change 58-61.

10. Quintin VanAckeren, LHP/1B, Papillion Lavista South(NE), 2016
6-foot-3, 170-pound 2 way player. 7.5 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Long wiry body. Pre-set hand load. Leg kick to stride. Lands square. Uphill swing plane against stiff front leg. 73 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows above average action at first base. Extremely soft hands. Moves well laterally. Footwork around bag is good. Good defender. 75 mph across diamond. On the mound has a good frame to grow into. Arm has life. Lands open with unorthodox delivery. Showed low ¾ arm slot at times with plus movement on pitches. 2 seam fastball and changeup showed depth and potential. Fastball 76-78. Curveball was 59-63. Changeup at 63-67.


Andrew Blum, RHP, Lincoln Lutheran(NE), 2016
6-foot-3, 210-pound right-handed pitcher. Simple delivery with minimal rhythm. Low hand set. Stabs down with short arm stroke. Over the top slot. Good balance point. Gets extended to home plate. Lands slightly open. Tends to push fastball towards plate. Fastball was straight with some downhill plane at 76-80 mph. Curveball showed sweeping action at 63-67. Changeup was inconsistent in zone; showed good depth at times- 71-72 mph.

William Calderon, OF, Brownell-Talbot(NE), 2015
6-foot, 160-pound outfielder. 6.75 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Slight inverted C load. Negative stride into contact. Uphill swing plane with limited extension through contact. 79 mph exit velocity. In the outfield shows average actions. Takes necessary routes and makes routine plays. ¾ arm slot with outfield velocity of 75 mph.

Brady Charbonneau, 3B/RHP, Logan-Magnolia, 2015
5-foot-5, 160-pound 2 way player. 6.94 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Simple load and stride mechanics. Stride is inline and square. Minimal weight shift through swing. Lacks rhythm and energy. Flat swing plane. Rotational through zone. 72 mph exit velocity. Defensively has stiff actions to ball. Needs to loosen upper half. Works through ball well and uses lower half following throws. ¾ arm action with infield velocity of 77 mph.

Samuel Dannehl, C, Ralston(NE), 2015
5-foot-10, 170-pound catcher. 7.38 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Physical player. Pre-set hand position. Double stride trigger to swing. Complicated timing mechanism. Has good upper half set-up with flat line drive swing plane. 71 mph exit velocity. Live athletic actions behind plate. Shows ability to receive above average. Quick feet and proper blocking position. Exchange and feet work well together. All throws online; short of the bag. 2.2-2.34 pop times with 75 mph velocity to second base.

Blake Christensen, RHP, Millard West(NE), 2015
6-foot-7, 200-pound right-handed pitcher. Simple step and turn delivery. Decent balance point with heavy leg swing. Long arm stroke. Over the top slot with head jerk and effort on release. Upper half and lower half had good sequence and work together well. Fastball was straight at 74-78 mph. Curveball was 63-69 and changeup was 68-70. Had cleaner mechanics and was able to repeat pitches better out of stretch. Has frame to be a monster. True project pitcher who could pay big dividends with time to develop physically and mechanically. Already has some feel for pitching and strike zone.

Christian Dumont, OF/RHP, Bellevue West(NE), 2016
5-foot-9, 135-pound 2 way player. 6.81 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Slight shoulder turn load. Coils and gathers energy before swing with small knee to knee leg kick. Good weight transfer through swing into contact. Level swing plane with gap to gap approach. Straight legs limit hip mobility and creates rotational swing to and after contact with short finish. 77 mph exit velocity. In the outfield has above average actions and routes to ball. Fields cleanly off the ground with athleticism. Uses lower half in throws. Arm works well from high ¾ slot. 83 mph from outfield with accuracy. On the mound uses big rocker step; travels across rubber. Is able to get to good balance point. Lands very closed to home; limiting hip involvement and extension to plate. Long clean arm action from high ¾ slot. Fastball was 79-81 mph with downhill plane at times. Curveball was 67-69 mph. Changeup 69-72.

Charlie Hasty, OF, Plattsmouth(NE), 2015
6-foot, 180-pound outfielder. 7.22 60 time. Right-handed hitter with high hand set. Pre-set load. Minimal rhythm. Front heel turn trigger. Rotational swing with pull approach. Short to baseball with slight uphill finish through contact. 83 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows athletic actions in outfield. Aggressive and confident to baseball. Makes routine plays. Decent arm speed with above average accuracy. Shoulder tilt and tends to throw flat footed. Arm works well from over the top slot. 82 mph from outfield. 

Aaron Homme, RHP/C, Papillion Lavista South(NE), 2015
5-foot-9, 190-pound 2 way player. 7.69 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Balanced set-up from crouched stance. High back elbow with shoulder load. Small leg kick trigger. Loads and strides to same spot. Rotational swing with strength to pull side. 83 mph exit velocity. Behind the plate shows average receiving ability. Moves well for size blocking baseball. Consistent feet and exchange. All throws on the bag. Plus accuracy. 2.13-2.22 pop times at 78 mph. On the mound shows simple delivery. Long extended arm action. High leg kick; works up to down. Glides to home plate with limited explosion. Lands inline and closed. Fastball was straight at 79-81 mph. Curveball 63-67. Changeup was 66-67. Best secondary pitch was slider at 70-72 mph with depth and sharp bite.

Ryan Krolikowski, 1B/RHP, Grand Island(NE), 2016
6-foot-1, 245-pound 2 way player. 8.0 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Square stance with minimal rhythm and load. Long stride into contact. Flat bat plane with short finish. Wide base in swing minimizes power potential. 85 mph exit velocity. At first base makes routine plays. Heavy feet. Moves well enough around bag and is an adequate receiver. 76 mph across infield. On the mound uses simple slide-step delivery. Low ¾- sidearm slot. Hand is consistently underneath baseball at release. Flattens fastball. From low slot shows good sweeping action on breaking ball at 66-68 mph. With simple adjustments on mound would be usable situational reliever at college level pitching wise. 

Matthew Lamb, C/RHP, Grand Island(NE), 2016
5-foot-10, 180-pound 2 way player. 6.97 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Balanced set-up. Average to deep load. Inline stride with front heel turn trigger. Legs are stiff in swing. Middle to pull approach. Ok bat speed with short finish. 86 mph exit velocity. Defensively receives baseball with thumb underneath and high elbow. Blocking mechanics are solid. Feet and exchange are quick and clean. Pop times and arm strength are solid. Inconsistent release point and accuracy. 2.03-2.16 pop times with 76 mph arm strength. On the mound has long arm action from high ¾ slot. Throwing hand wraps around body after hand/glove break. Limited use of lower half effecting extension to plate. Fastball was flat 77-81 mph. Good shape to curveball with moderate velocity- 63-64 mph. Changeup was 65-68.

Logan Lichter, OF/RHP, Millard South(NE), 2016
6-foot-1, 155-pound 2 way player. 6.81 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Hands in good load position. Uphill swing plane. Tends to roll over at contact. Swings against stiff front leg effecting weight shift through contact. 74 mph exit velocity. In the outfield uses short choppy steps in routes. Shoulder tilt on throws. Tends to throw uphill. Has decent velocity at 82 mph. Average actions. On the mound can be robotic. Body has projection with room to fill out. Throws from high ¾ slot. Fastball was straight at 77-80 mph. Curveball showed good shape with velocities of 66-67 mph. Changeup was 71-72.

Brendan Madsen, OF/LHP, Bellevue West(NE), 2016
5-foot-7, 140-pound 2 way player. 7.06 60 time. Left-handed hitter. Very active swing. Low hand set with uphill swing plane. Stiff lower half. Over swings at times. Pull approach with wiry strength. 85 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows athletic actions. Good feet and routes to ball. Arm works well from high ¾ slot. Ok accuracy on throws. 79 mph outfield velocity. On the mound throws from high ¾ slot. Deceptive hitch in delivery. Wraps ball around back. Limited use of front side. Quick arm. Fastball was 74-78 mph. Curveball showed potential 67-68 mph. Had late action on changeup. Has tools to work with.

Chris Monaghan, 1B, Nebraska City(NE), 2015
6-foot-3, 245-pound first baseman. 8.93 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Extended load. Slight arm bar. Front heel turn trigger. Strides inline. Swings against stiff front leg. Uphill swing plane with pull approach. 72 mph exit velocity. At first base shows active feet. Average actions. Big target at first receiving throws. Glove is average-ok. Able to make routine play.

Levi Nekuda, LHP/1B, North Platte(NE), 2015
6-foot, 190-pound 2 way player. 8.22 60 time. Left-handed hitter. Pre-set hand load with slight shoulder rotation. Short stride. Straight legs into swings. Pull approach. Short bat path to contact. Cut-off finish. 76 mph exit velocity. At first base, glove is adequate. Moves to baseball with confidence. Ability to start double play with usable hands and feet. 68 mph across infield. On the mound gets to good balance point. Efficient movements. 2 piece arm action. Does not use front side. Fastball shows good downhill plane at times. Moderate sink arm side away to right-handed hitters. Limited use of lower half with little extension to plate. Fastball was 71-73 mph. Curveball was 60-64. Changeup was 61-66 mph. 

Shea Price, OF, Millard West(NE), 2015
6-foot, 180-pound outfielder. 7.09 60 time. Right-handed hitter.  Balanced set-up. Inline stride. Slight shoulder rotation in load. Pushes bat through zone. Limited use of lower half in swing. Level bat plane. Uses whole field. 75 mph exit velocity. Defensively, average actions in outfield. Ability to make routine play. Aggressive routes on groundballs. Throws flat footed effecting carry. 77 mph outfield velocity.

Parker Rasmussen, 3B/RHP, OA-BCIG, 2015
6-foot-2, 185-pound 2 way player.  7.37 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Pre-set hands. Deep load with arm bar. Wide stance with limited weight shift through swing. Swings against stiff front leg. 82 mph exit velocity. Defensively, shows average actions in infield. Fields up to down. Inconsistent front side on throws. Heavy feet. 71 mph across infield. On the mound has short arm action. Tends to push baseball towards plate. Lands inline and closed. Good frame with chance to fill out physically. Fastball and change were flat. Curveball had good shape with potential to improve. Fastball was 74-78 mph. Curveball was 60-64 mph. Also threw a slider at 69-70.

Jacob Sarver, 3B, Millard North(NE), 2015
5-foot-11, 162-pound third baseman. 7.47 60 time. Left-handed hitter. Deep load with ok batspeed. Front heel turn trigger. Good extension through contact. Middle to pull approach with slight uphill bat plane. Exit velocity of 80 mph. Defensively, ok first step quickness. Feet become heavy covering ground. Usable glove. Ability to make routine. Average actions. Arm works well. Has hand speed on release. Accurate throws across diamond. 78 mph velocity from high 3*/4 slot.

Mitchell Savine, LHP/1B, Bellevue West(NE), 2015
6-foot, 165-pound 2 way player. 7.44 60 time. Left-handed hitter. Open stance. Strides to open. Dead pull approach. Long extended load. Uphill swing plane with over rotation on backside. 79 mph exit velocity. At first base shows above average actions. Soft hands and ability to slow game down. Above average first baseman with ability to pick balls in dirt. 73 mph across infield. On the mound shows funky over the top delivery. Deception with knees and elbows coming towards hitter. High balance point with drop and drive approach with recoil on finish. Relies on deception and movement of pitches. Fastball was 72-75 mph. Curveball was 64-69 mph. Changeup was 69-71 mph.

Bradley Spencer, 3B, Papillion Lavista South(NE), 2015
6-foot-2, 170-pound third baseman. 7.28 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Balanced set-up. Minimal load with hands. Big leg kick to gather energy and trigger swing. Uphill swing plane with some extension out front. 79 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows average actions. Field up to down. Minimal use of lower half on throws. One piece arm action with below average carry. 74 mph across infield.

Riley Wohlers, C, Logan-Magnolia, 2016
5-foot-11, 175-pound catcher. 7.38 60 time. Right-handed hitter. Pre-set load. Choppy uphill swing plane. Minimal rhythm and use of lower half. Rolls over at contact. 75 mph exit velocity. Behind the plate needs improvement on receiving. High elbow and thumb underneath. Good foot quickness and body is in proper blocking position. Exchanges are clean. Tends to fall away from target with momentum. Most throws on bag. 2.1-2.32 pop times. 76 mph arm strength.


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