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PBR IA Scout Blog- Upper Midwest Open Tournament

Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa

The Upper Midwest Open Tournament featured select 2020 through 2023 grad teams; with many rosters dotted with up-and-coming top committed and uncommitted grads from Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Nebraska. The tournament was held at TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf, IA on September 14 and September 15, 2019




StiKs Academy 2023

  • ‘23 LHP Grant Beth started on the mound for StiKs Academy 2023. Throws from a high ¾ arm-slot with a physical body and room to add size. Fastball sat 74-76 mph with arm-side run, thrown for strikes. Slider sat 68-70 with decent depth. At the plate, displayed pull-side power with an aggressive swing.

  • ‘23 OF Caden Wilson of StiKs Academy 2023 displayed a lean, athletic body that moves well. Ran a 4.01 home-to-first, stealing multiple bases on the day. Twitchy, quick hands in the box, hitting hard line-drives all over the field. Confident actions in the outfield with a good arm in RF, showing good carry and accuracy.

  • ‘23 RHP/OF EJ Kuster of StiKs Academy 2023 has a solid frame with room to grow. Very effective on the mound, fastball sat 71-73 mph T75 with sink. Curveball sat 62-63 with an 11/5 and ok movement. Longer arm action with some push. At the plate, line-drive swing with flat bat path.

  • ‘23 RHP/INF Emiliano Ramos started at 3B and on the mound for StiKs Academy 2023. Strong frame and line-drive/fly-ball approach at the plate. Averages hands defensively and makes the routine plays. Throws from a loose, low ¾ arm-slot, fastball sitting 77-78 mph with sink. Curveball sat 70 mph with a small, tight shape with cut action. 

StiKs Academy 20/21

  • ‘21 OF Anthony Gross of StiKs Academy is athletic in the outfield, reading balls off the bat early working behind and through the ball. Has a strong arm with accuracy from CF. Small but physical frame with a smooth line-drive/fly-ball swing, launching a 3B to LF.

  • ‘21 MIF Tyler Young showed an athletic build in the middle infield as well as active footwork on balls hit to him. Adequate hands and good arm, using his momentum towards first well. Quiet rhythm at the plate, flat path producing line-drives off the bat. 

Peak Performance Poncelow 2023

  • ‘23 RHP/INF Brice Wallar of Peak Performance Poncelow showed an athletic build with room to add strength. The RHH has a compact, line-drive swing. Played middle infield showcasing a strong arm and good glove/footwork at his position. On the mound, fastball sat 69-71 mph with varying action. Curveball was 60-61 mph with 11/5 shape and a changeup at 65 mph. Threw all three pitches consistently for strikes.

  • ‘21 C/INF Brock Wallace of Peak Performance showcased a strong arm behind the plate with accurate throws down to second. Consistently strong framing and blocking skills. In the box, has a low handset with a flat bat path through the zone.

Peak Performance Dotson 20/21

  • ‘20 C Mason Simmons of Peak Performance Dotson receives well behind the plate. Strong and accurate arm on throws made down to second. The right-handed hitter has an athletic crouched stance with a mid/pull approach and a line-drive swing.

  • ‘21 RHP Kyden Johnson started on the mound for Peak Performance Dotson. Throws from a mid ¾ arm-slot throwing strikes. Fastball sat 70-71 mph with arm-side run. Curveball sat 60-62 with tight spin and depth. The LHH has a line-drive contact approach to the opposite field.

Peak Performance Kramer/Woods 2020

  • ‘20 INF/OF Bodie Wallar started in CF for Peak Performance Kramer/Woods. Good first step in the field with adequate arm. The LHH has an aggressive, strong swing and an athletic build. Feet and hands work well.

  • ‘20 MIF Bryce Hall has a physical build with strength in his bat. Uses his quick hands and hips to turn on the ball as a RHH, producing a line-drive/fly-ball swing. Above average footwork at shortstop with fast transfers and good glove.

Iowa Sticks Baxley (20/21)

  • ‘21 LHP Brock Miller of Iowa Sticks Baxley started on the mound with a long, skinny frame. Fastball sat 68-70 mph, curveball 59-63 with 2/7 shape and tighter spin. At the plate, the LHH has a short, compact quick with room for added strength and size.

  • ‘21 LHP Connor Cox threw on the mound for Iowa Sticks Baxley. Works from a ¾ arm slot, fastball sat 74-76 mph T78. Changeup sat at 69 mph with fade, hiding the ball well. In the box, raw swing with room to grow into his body. Showed aggressiveness on the base paths.

  • ‘21 Iowa Sticks’ Skyler Van Riper shows patience and pose in the box. Contact hitter that looks to slap the ball to the opposite field. Compact, inside-out swing and aggressive on the bases.

Iowa Sticks Kohl 20/21

  • ‘20 OF Leo Mauro of Iowa Sticks Kohl has an athletic frame and moves well in CF. Generates hard contact looking to drive balls up the middle.

  • ‘21 RHP Tomas Locker threw for Iowa Sticks Kohl on the mound. Fastball sat 70-73 mph and curveball sat 62-65 mph with an 11/5 shape. Sizeable frame with room to add strength.

Quad Cities Sticks Black (20/21)

  • ‘20 RHP/INF Jonah Warren of QC Sticks Black sat 77-80 mph with his fastball, working both sides of the plate. Curveball sat 69-70 mph and had a smaller, shape with okay depth. Changeup sat 68-70 mph with fade. Short arm action, hiding the ball well down the mound.

  • ‘21 C TJ Kimm of QC Sticks Black has a strong, physical body at the plate. Has an uphill swing path, looking to elevate the ball. Showcased some pop in his bat, putting a double off the wall in LF. Defensively, solid blocker and quick transfers with on-target throws.

  • ‘21 QC Sticks Black INF Ben Cooper displayed a solid frame at the corner infield positions. Plays through the ball well with a strong arm and good footwork. Quiet hands in the box, with a mid/oppo approach at the plate. Line-drive swing, spraying balls around the field all weekend.

  • ‘21 MIF Cody Schroeder of QC Sticks Black showcases an athletic body in the middle of the field. Has good timing pre-pitch, good range, and smooth hands in the field. At the plate, has a contact approach from the left-side, using all fields.

  • ‘21 RHP/INF Keian Secrist started on the mound for QC Sticks Black. Fastball sat 80-82 mph with life through the zone. Curveball was 63-65 mph with 11/5 shape and better feel as the game progressed. Easy arm action and athletic body with room to add strength.

  • ‘20 INF Jacob Norris of QC Sticks Black showcased athleticism in the field and at the plate. The RHH has a big swing, getting good lift on balls hit to all fields.

Quad Cities Sticks Red (20/21)

  • ‘20 MIF Noah Weiman of QC Sticks Red showed an advanced approach at the plate with an aggressive line-drive swing, hitting two triples to CF and RCF. Athletic build with soft hands and quick transfers in the middle infield. High IQ on the basepaths and in the field.

  • ‘20 Donovan Weaver did the primary catching duties for QC Sticks Red. Agile behind the plate, moving well laterally to block balls in the dirt. Quick catch and throw, recording 2.08-2.20 pop times to second with consistent accuracy. Simple approach from the right side, looking to drive balls up the middle.  

  • ‘20 INF QC Sticks Red Logan Smith displayed a big frame at 1B with pull side power from the left side. Rhythm and pop in his swing, recording several extra base hits over the course of the tournament.

  • ‘20 RHP/INF Aidan Fitzgibbon started on the mound for QC Sticks Red. Fastball sat 77-80 mph and had varying movement. Slider sat 68-69 mph with tight, late break. Threw both pitches effectively for strikes from an over-the-top arm slot.

  • ‘20 QC Sticks Red OF Noah Owens showed off his speed in the outfield and on the basepaths. Smaller in size but quick with good footwork and adequate hands. Flat bat path, producing a line drive swing with an approach up the middle.

Iowa Sticks Zrostlik (2023)

  • ‘23 RHP Mason Hicks started on the mound for Iowa Sticks Zrostlik. Fastball sat 76-77 mph from a low ¾ arm slot. Curveball had a 10/5 that sat 60-63 mph, breaking late across the zone. Changeup was thrown at 69 mph with sink and fade. Long, lanky body with room to add strength.

  • ‘24 INF Sahaas Jetti has a long, lanky frame with some whip in his arm. Showed the ability to pick balls in the infield and good range on balls hit to either side of him. Has clean footwork and hands, should continue to improve further with added size and maturity.

Iowa Sticks Orvis (2023)

  • ‘23 INF Carson Knebel has projectability in his long, lean frame. The right-handed hitter generates backspin with a downward angle swing producing consistent line-drive/flyball contact to his mid/pull side. Adequate footwork in the field, throwing from a ¾ arm slot.

  •  ‘23 RHP Jackson Shields threw on the hill for Iowa Sticks Orvis. Fastball sat 67-69 mph while his curveball sat 52-54 mph with 10/4 shape. Coils his body producing some whip in his arm on the mound. Projectable frame that should grow strong and add velocity.


  • ‘20 INF/RHP Mitchell Brent of the Gamers displays a strong, athletic build from the left side. Smooth line-drive/fly-ball swing using all fields. Sure hands and adequate glove in the field.

  • ‘20 C Holvin Catala has some strength and durability behind the plate. Strong lower half used to drive balls to his mid/pull side. Frames pitches and keeps balls in front using his body.

  • ‘21 RHP Brady Kauzlarich for the Gamers. Fastball was 73-75 mph with arm-side run and late life. Slider sat 68-69 mph having good depth and cut action. Throws from a ¾ slot with a whippy, loose arm.

Gamers 22

  • ‘22 INF Wyatt Molloy for Gamers 22 displayed consistently hard line-drive contact from the right side. Had a single up the middle and a 3B over to the CF field wall. Loose arm action with sure hands in the field, and will continue to add strength as he develops.

  • ‘22 Gamers C Keaton Scott showed physicality and grit in his work behind the plate. Keeps the ball in front of him and quick transfers on throws. Compact line-drive swing, using all areas of the field.

Gamers 23

  • ‘23 RHP Kane Williams showcased some pitchability for the Gamers ‘23. Fastball sat 67-70 mph with varying action. Curveball was 61 mph with 10/5 shape and good changeup at 64 mph with fade. Will continue to add velocity as he puts on weight.