Prep Baseball Report

Quad Cities Open: Infielder Analysis

By Drew Locascio and Rob Allison
Illinois and Iowa Scouting Directors

The inaugural Quad Cities Open took place on Sunday, September 25th at Black Hawk Junior College in Moline, IL.  The event was open to all high school classes in the state of Illinois and Iowa. Following the event the PBR scouting staff compiled all of the notes from the workout and throughout the week we will break down the event position by position.

Earlier in the week we began the analysis from the event taking a look at the catcher’s in attendance. Today we breakdown the infielders. One of the top uncommitted 2017’s at the event was SS Sam Stonskas (North Scott, IA). Offensively he made hard contact to the pull side with the ability to drive balls to the whole field. Defensively, hands work soft and has an accurate arm across the diamond.

A 2019 to keep an eye on moving forward is 3B Charlie Allison (Rock Island, IL). 6-foot-2, 170-pound Allison is a left-handed hitter with a high ceiling offensively. Loose, fluid swing and creates leverage through contact.

INFIELDERS (Listed Alphabetically)

Charlie Allison, 3B, Rock Island (IL), 2019
6-foot-2, 170-pound, long, strong, athletically built infielder. High ceiling left-handed hitter. Bat has length through the hitting zone, uses the whole field, consistently found the barrel and sprayed line drives. Hitterish, athletic setup, smooth, easy load and short stride; 86 mph exit velocity. Defensively, enough arm to play the left side of the infield; some accuracy and effort, clocked at 79 mph. Reliable hands and fundamentally sound. Also, ran a 7.43 60. High follow 2019 left-handed hitter.

Luke Anderson, 1B/LHP, Central Dewitt, 2020
6-foot-2, 170-pound left-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.45 runner. Muscular lean athletic frame. Deep crouched stance, double tap trigger to stride, aggressive swinger, steep uphill swing plane, mid-pull approach, 82 mph exit velocity. Appropriate routes and angles in outfield with avg. accuracy and carry to target, long 1-piece arm action from ¾ slot producing 72 mph arm strength from outfield. Tends to sit back on ground balls with late glove presentation, fields deep into body, 73 mph arm strength across infield. On mound, controlled delivery, slight back arm at balance point, high front side, up and over delivery to plate, longer arm action, solid extension to plate. Fastball was 73-75 mph, touching 77 mph, with varying action on a downhill plane. Sideways spin on breaking ball with small shape and break. Flat action on changeup; tends to fall off mound on release.

William Angstman, RHP/3B, Cedar Rapids Xavier, 2018
6-foot-3, 215-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.25 runner. Solid tempo and rhythm in delivery. Heavy stab down on back side of arm action, short release by head, solid finish and extension after release. Fastball was 72-74 mph with occasional cutting action. Showed feel for breaking zone in zone with wobbly spin; flashed one tight breaking ball when released out front. Flat action on changeup for strikes. Square stance, no stride, slight front foot trigger, shows rhythm in hands, short barrel plane through zone, solid mid/pull contact, 86 mph exit velocity. Long extended arm action, clean release with accuracy to bag, 78 mph arm strength across infield, solid skills with glove, heavier feet in field with average range.

Jordan Benson, RHP/INF, Moline (IL), 2018
5-foot-10, 147-pound two-way prospect with a smaller, athletic frame.  Projects best on the mound. Right-handed pitcher, strike thrower, drop and drive delivery. Long, quick arm action out of an over-the-top slot. Fastball, flashed life, varying cut and run action, sat 81-82 mph. Curveball works 11/5 shape, tight spin, with good shape and depth, occasionally up in the zone, 66-69 mph. Changeup, firm, fade action, split the plate, 74-75 mph. Offensively, right-handed hitter with a pull approach. Balanced setup, closed front foot, short leg-lift trigger, tendency to spin. Registered an 82 mph exit velocity from a tee. Defensively, works around the baseball, steady hands and feet play well on the infield. Arm flashed above average accuracy and clocked at 78 mph across the diamond.

Jonathan Berry, RHP/INF, Rock Island Alleman (IL), 2019
5-foot-5, 165-pound two-way prospect. On the mound, controlled delivery, stays on-line with home plate, lands slightly closed and finishes upright. Long, sideways arm action from a low ¾ slot. Some life to his fastball, mostly straight, up in the zone at times, 76-79 mph, touched 80. Slider, 10/4 shape, sweeping, sideways break, occasionally backs up, 70-73 mph. Changeup, maintains arm speed, feel for the zone, tendency to short arm and sat 73-74 mph. At the plate, right-handed hitter, looks to pull and finds barrel consistently; 77 mph exit velocity. Defensively, accurate arm from a low ¾ slot and long release. Clocked at 75 mph across the infield. Also, ran a 7.75 60.

Caleb Delzell, 1B, Camanche, 2020
6-foot-2, 150-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. 8.3 runner. Closed stance, double tap trigger, flat swing plane, short barrel path through zone, ground ball and live drive contact with gap to gap approach, 68 mph exit velocity. Reads hops well, fields down to up, solid feet and actions around bag, 59 mph arm strength across infield.

Antonio Dominguez, 1B, United Township (IL), 2017
5-foot-11, 260-pound, right-handed hitting first baseman. Offensively, short, level path through the zone, line-drive approach; exit velocity clocked at 90mph. Open setup, short leg lift trigger, quiet load with hands. Defensively, active defender, energy is evident. Reliable hands, fields from the ground up. Clean exchange, long arm action from a low ¾ to ¾ slot, throws clocked at 73 mph across the diamond. 8.19 runner in the laser timed 60.

Greyson Durbin, INF, United Township (IL), 2017
5-foot-10, 146-pound, lean, left-handed hitting infielder. One of the top runners at the event, ran a 6.76 60. Offensively, pre-pitch rhythm and load, balanced setup, short stride and middle-away approach; registered a 73 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, reliable hands and clean transfer on the infield. Arm works short, accurate throws, average carry and clocked at 70 mph across the diamond.

Evan Hall, SS, Camanche, 2018
5-foot-10, 135-pound right-handed hitting shortstop. 7.03 runner. Square narrow stance, front heel turn trigger, limited weight shift through contact, shows ability to use whole field, two hard line drives to gaps, 79 mph exit velocity. 69 mph arm strength. Shows solid glove in field, avg. accuracy and carry on throws, needs to follow throws across and be more active in field.

AJ Hatlestad, SS/RHP, Sherrard (IL), 2018
6-foot-3, 165-pound long and lean, projectable two-way prospect. On the mound, short leg-lift, lower front side, repeats delivery, lands on-line and closed with effort throughout. Strike thrower. Arm works short and out of a ¾ slot. Fastball, some run and sink action, sat 79-81 mph. Curveball works 11/5, short break and shape, 65-66 mph. Also, threw a knuckleball, late action, solid pitch, 61-64 mph. At the plate, right-handed hitter, aggressive swings, looks to pull and some looseness throughout; 85 mph exit velocity off of a tee. Balanced setup, smooth load and heel turn trigger. Defensively, steady hands on the infield, feet worked quick and displayed athletic actions moving to his glove side. Throws clocked at 75 mph across the diamond. Also, ran a 7.33 60.

Isaiah Perez-Hall, 3B, Burlington, 2018
5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed hitting infielder. 7.44 runner. Strong frame, clean pat path through zone, transfers weight well to contact, fly ball contact with mid/pull approach, 83 mph exit velocity. Fields underneath body, solid glove, long 1-piece arm action with length on release, avg. accuracy and carry to bag, 69 mph arm strength.

Sam Stonskas, SS, North Scott, 2017
5-foot-9, 155-pound right-handed hitting shortstop. #46 ranked player in IA 2017 class. 7.2 runner. Square stance, body load, balanced stride, mid/pull approach with ability to use whole field, short barrel path through zone, hard line drive contact to pull side of field, 79 mph exit velocity. Flashes actions in field, above avg. glove, short arm action with quick release, accurate to bag with carry on throws, 78 mph arm strength.

Cale Warren, 2B, Davenport West, 2018
5-foot-11, 165-pound switch-hitting middle infielder. 7.47 runner. Similar hitting mechanics from both sides of plate, some stiffness to swing, double tap trigger to stride, slots hands low to launch barrel, shows better barrel control from right side, line drive and fly ball contact, 79 mph exit velocity. Solid actions in field, clean fielding with soft glove and quality exchanges, long release on throws with accuracy to bag, 75 mph arm strength.

Seth Wetteland, C/INF, Rockridge (IL), 2017
5-foot-7, 150-pound, multi-positional prospect. Ran a 7.18 60. Offensively, balanced, narrow setup, smooth deep pre-pitch load with a middle/pull approach, occasionally gets out on his front foot. Ball jumped off bat when squared up; registered an 83 mph exit velocity. Defensively, worked out in the infield and behind the plate. On the infield, funnels underneath, in the center of body, accurate throws across the diamond clocked at 70 mph. Behind the plate, good flexibility, deep crouch with low target; good target presentation and receives with thumb underneath. Pop times ranged between 2.13-2.26 and clocked 67 mph from the crouch.

Jacob Williams, RHP/1B, Rockridge (IL), 2018
6-foot-2, 161-pound, lean, projectable frame, two-way prospect. Offensively, slightly closed setup, hands load pre-pitch, pull approach at the plate with minimal use of lower half. Registered an exit velocity of 73 mph. Defensively, at first base, steady hands, some effort in throws, long arm action and a ¾ slot; clocked at 78 mph across the diamond. On the mound, repeats delivery, stays on-line, lands square and finishes upright. Arm works long and out of a ¾ slot. Fastball works mainly flat, slight arm-side-run, thrown for strikes and sat 76-77 mph. Slider looks to be best pitch; works 10/4 with good spin and depth, 66-69 mph. Changeup, thrown with near fastball arm speed, feel for the zone, run-fade-sinking action and sat 71-73 mph. 7.75 runner in the 60.