Prep Baseball Report

Super 60 Deep Dive- Jackson Wentworth

Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

This past weekend on February 7th, 2021 the Super 60 took place at Mosh Performance Center in Franklin, Wisconsin. This national event is held for high school draft prospects for the upcoming season. Talent comes from all over the country to one location to showcase their skills in front of professional scouts. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into Wentworths' performance from the Super 60.

The #3 ranked player in Iowa’s 2021 class and #216 nationally; the Kansas State commit performed significantly well at this year's event. Overall; he consistently pounded the strike zone with an above average 3-pitch mix. The fastball was consistently 92-94 mph to both sides of the plate, his typical hammer breaking ball was 75-76 mph, and the changeup registered in the 79-80 mph range.


Digging into the data; the fastball showed above avg. spin at 2585 showing some jump through the zone at a max of 14.5 IVB, and slight 3.4 average horizontal movement. His signature breaking ball was in the 2500’s spin rate as well with an eye popping -19.2 max IVB and -14.5 horizontal movement; culminating in an overall Bauer units max of 34. His heavy low spin changeup averaged 1574 spin with 13.7 IVB and HM of 15.5.

Overall he shows the ability to tunnel all three pitches well and has success with his pin-point control in the lower quadrants in the zone; and in the future could see desirable results working more north to south in the strike zone if he can continue to produce higher spin rates on the fastball and tunnel the breaking ball down in zone to deceive hitters.