Prep Baseball Report

Underclass Prospect Games: Pitching Analysis

By Rob Allison
Iowa Scouting Director

The Underclass Prospect Games brought over 30 uncommitted prospects to showcase themselves to colleges in attendance in the one day event held at the University of Iowa. 

2016 right-handed pitcher's Ben Dotzler(OA-BCIG) and Javin Drake(Wilton HS) stood out in the event with Dotzler showing mid 80's velocity and Drake with a very projectable frame, low 80's velocity, and a knock out slider. 

Based on his body type, projection, and feel for secondary pitches Javin Drake takes home the top spot in this category with a host of others in the mix.


1. Javin Drake, 3B/RHP, Wilton, 2016
6-foot-4, 190-pound third baseman- right handed pitcher.  Long body with lean strength.  Good projection with body.  On the mound, shows controlled delivery, dynamic leg kick, high hand set, long arm stroke, and ability to create arm speed out front.  Fastball was 78-81 mph.  Curveball showed average action at 64-67 mph.  Slider was plus pitch with hard late action at 72-74 mph.  Very projectable athlete as 2 way player.

2. Ben Dotzler, RHP/SS, OA-BCIG, 2016
6-foot-2, 205-pound 2 way player. Thick powerful build.  On the mound, high leg kick, good rhythm, lands online and closed.  Arm works, creates good arm speed, strength in delivery, minimal front side, shows velocity with fastball and secondary pitches.  High follow as a right handed pitcher.  Fastball sat 83-85.  Slider 74-77 mph.  Also showed knuckleball ranging 64-67 mph.  With simple adjustments to front side mechanics could see increase in velocity.

3. Porter Hummel, LHP, West Sioux, 2016
6-foot-0, 160-pound left handed pitcher.  On the mound, simple delivery, good balance point, tends to collapse towards home with upper half, eye level changes effecting command.  Lands online and closed, hides ball well, hard for hitter to pick up.  Stagnant hands, needs more rhythm, arm still works well, decent stroke.  Quality fastball/ changeup mix.  Maintains arm speed with changeup.  Fastball topped at 79.  Curveball was an average offering at 62-63.  Changeup showed good action at 68-70.  With some minor mechanical adjustments and physical maturity shows ability to be big surprise in 2016 class.

4. Zeb Adreon, 1B/LHP, Pleasantville, 2016
6-foot-1, 180-pound first baseman/ left handed pitcher.  On the mound, controlled athletic delivery, good balance point, upper and low half work well together, ok extension to plate, loose arm with some quickness out front.  Fastball sits 76-77 mph, touched 78mph. Curveball hovered at 67.  Changeup was 68.

5. Brendan Dougherty, 3B/RHP, Dowling Catholic, 2016
6-foot-1, 160-pound third baseman- right handed pitcher. On the mound, simple balanced delivery.  Controlled rhythm.  Low effort mechanics.  Short repeatable arm.  Ability to play catch.  Throws strikes with three pitches.  Fastball ranged 77-79 mph.  Curveball sat 64-66mph.  Changeup was 69-70 mph.

6. Jack Knutson, 3B/RHP, Blue Valley Northwest (KS), 2016
6-foot-0, 200-pound 2 way player from Kansas.  On the mound, arm works ok.  Balanced athletic delivery.  Lands hard across body effecting fluidity and making mechanics somewhat hitchy.  Does have arm strength.  Throws consistent strikes with all pitches.  Fastball ranged 77-82 mph and breaking ball was 71-72 mph.


William Angstman, 3B/RHP, Linn-Mar, 2018
6-foot-0, 170-pound third baseman/ right handed pitcher.  On the mound, low hand set, falls towards home, lands open, minimal use of front side.  Fastball sits 73-75 mph.  Touched 76 mph.  Curveball was 64-66 mph.  Changeup ranged 66-67mph.

Brady Donohue, RHP, Marion, 2017
6-foot-3, 155-pound right handed pitcher.  Long lanky build.  Short arm action from over the top slot.  Low hand set, simple step and turn to balance point delivery.  Fall delivery, lands open, tends to fall to first base side.  Fastball ranged 75-77.  Curveball sat 64-66 with late action.  Change up was 69.

Derek Dreller, LHP/1B, Dowling Catholic, 2016
6-foot-2, 170-pound left handed pitcher- first baseman. On the mound, balanced delivery, upper and lower half work well together.  Lands hard across body.  Effects fluidity of arm.  Arms starts long, quickly shortens to high ¾ action.  Average action on all pitches.  Fastball ranged 75-78 mph.  Curveball had sweeping action at 61-64 mph.  Changeup was 62-63 mph.

Connor Lindaman, 1B/RHP, Davenport Assumption, 2016
6-foot-4, 240-pound 2 way player.  On the mound, low hand set, stagnant hands, shoulder tilt in delivery, tends to miss up in zone, does have some arm speed which allows him to get out front.  Arm works well, fluid stroke.  Average breaking ball for strikes.  Front side swings open causing him to fall off towards first base side.  Fastball ranged 79-82.  Curveball 61-64.  With minor adjustments could be valuable arm on mound; upside and future though is as a middle of order bat who projects to hit with power and produce runs.

Ryan Miller, RHP/1B, North Scott, 2016
6-foot-3, 175-pound frame. On the mound, simple delivery,  upper and lower half work together, swings front leg open, lands open, arm is left behind.  Catapult arm action at times.  Loses arm speed.  Fastball was 75-77 mph.  Curveball ranged 65- 67 mph.  Changeup was 63-67 mph.

Colton Mills, 1B/RHP, Johnston, 2016
6-foot-3, 200-pound 2 way player.  On the mound, simple delivery to balance point, collapses and rushes ball to plate, big should tilt, front leg swings open, lands open, uses primarily upper half only in release.  Fastball ranged 73-76 mph.  Curveball was 54-56 mph.

Michael Olsen, 1B/RHP, Linn Mar, 2017
6-foot-1, 175-pound first baseman and right handed pitcher.  On the mound, stagnant hand, mid-level hand set, arm works ok, lacks arm speed, lands hard across body.  Fastball ranged 67-69.  Curveball was 57-60.

Maxwell Ridenour, SS/RHP, West Delaware, 2016
5-foot-11, 175-pound 2 way player.  On the mound, simple balanced delivery, stays tall, upper and lower half work well together, land across body, forces arm and body to catapult towards home.  Shows athleticism and ability to throw strikes with two pitches.  Fastball ranged 76-79.  Curveball was 70-71.