Prep Baseball Report

Player Analysis: Team Gray from the Top Prospect Games

By Chris Fuller
Kentucky Scouting Director

Previously we released the complete statistical analysis from the 2013 Top Prospect Games.

Team Gray featured some impressive performances from several different players.  To start with, six players ran a sub 7.0 60 yard dash, led by Quenton Brownlee and Seth Murphy at 6.70, and followed by Nolan Simpkins and Tristan Purcell at 6.75.

The team also featured three of the top infield arms with Zac Wiley at 88 mph, and Murphy and Dalton Pope at 86 mph.

Te team had outfield arms too, as Wiley's throws came in at 88 mph, Brownlee registered 87 mph, and Jared Proctor registered 84 mph.

Wiley also showed the best arm from behind the plate at 80 mph.

The team also featured some top pitching performances as Murphy consistelntly sat 85-88 mph, touching 89 on a few occasions, Spencer Jackson showed some livliness to his arm with an 86 mph fastball, and Edward Mathis showed excellent pitchability from the left side with an 81-82 mph fastball and good command of one of the better curveballs of the day.

The following is a complete analysis of Team Gray.

Edward Mathis, LHP, South Oldham HS, 2014
6-foot, 165-pound prospect shows long arm action and looseness through a high ¾ slot, fastball sat 81-82 mph, 2-seamer shows some arm side run and throws a very effective cutter that he is able to run inside on right-handed hitters, has very good command of 68-73 mph curveball that has sharp 1/7 action, shows very good pitchability, pounds the zone and not afraid to pitch inside, good upside.

Nolan Simpkins, OF, Butler HS, 2015
5-foot-11, 168 pound prospect, good speed, ran 6.75 60 yard dash, moves well, throws registered 77 mph from the outfield.  Offensively the left-handed hitter hits from a balanced setup, short stride, good balance, gets some lower half involvement in swing but can benefit from more, quick hands create moderate bat speed, registered 81 mph tee exit velocity, showed good contact with 2 hits in game play and used his speed to beat out an infield single as well.

Spencer Jackson, SS/RHP, Male HS, 2014
6-foot, 158-pound prospect with lanky build, athletic infield actions, quick feet, soft hands, clean exchange with good arm strength at 80 mph across the infield.  At the plate, hits from a balanced/athletic setup, long stride, good lower half torque in his swing, consistently squared the ball up in batting practice, had 2 hits including a double to left-center in game action and showed the ability to make hard contact the other way, ran 7.03 60 yard dash.  On the mound, shows a loose arm and long arm action, fastball sat 82-85 mph touching 86, curveball shows late 11/5 action at 74-77 mph, lacked some command but solid potential.

Tanner Bell, OF, Wayne County HS, 2015
6-foot-1, 160-pound prospect, plays through the ball well, takes good angles, uses short arm action, throws registered 73 mph from the outfield.  At the plate, hits from an open setup, dives at times, hands drop in load and trigger from chest level, line drive swing plane, shows some rhythm to swing, registered 72 mph tee exit velocity, ran 7.20 60 yard dash.

Logan Hicks, RHP, Meade County HS, 2015
6-foot-1, 155-pound prospect with lanky build and room to fill out, uses a high ¾ arm slot, fastball is straight at 77-79 mph, curveball shows gradual 11/5 action, showed the ability to throw his curveball for strikes, repeatable mechanics and on-line delivery.

Tristan Purcell, 2B, ST. Xavier HS, 2014
5-foot-8, 155-pound prospect shows athletic and fluid footwork, plays through the ball, accurate arm at 70 mph across the infield.  Offensively the left-handed hitter starts with an open setup, uses a leg kick trigger, wraps some in load, hands show some quickness and gets good lower half involvement in swing, showed very good speed with a 6.75 60 yard dash, registered 80 mph tee exit velocity.

Jared Proctor, LHP/OF, Nelson County HS, 2014
5-foot-10, 150-pound prospect shows two-way potential.  In the outfield, plays through the ball and moves well, takes good angles, ball takes awhile to come out but has good arm strength with online carry at 84 mph.  At the plate uses a balanced setup, some pre-pitch movement, smooth load, good rhythm to swing, good use of lower half, had a good round consistently squaring the ball up, improved 60 time from previous event to 6.82, 80 mph tee exit velocity.  On the mound, uses long arm action through a high ¾ to over the top arm slot, fastball sat 82-84 mph touching 85, 2-seamer shows some arm side run, curveball sat 67-69 mph with tight spin and 1/7 action, stayed behind changeup to get some arm side run at 78 mph.  Solid 2014 prospect.

Kyle Goodman, OF, Butler HS, 2014
5-foot-11, 155-pound prospect, shows soft hands, fluid feet, and plays through the ball well, good arm strength of 82 mph with carry.  At the plate, tall setup, wraps some in load, long swing path, showed quickness down the line on several infield singles in game play, ran 7.01 60 yard dash, registered 79 mph tee exit velocity.

Anthony Piccolo, OF/RHP, Male HS, 2014
5-foot-11, 170-pound prospect with shows good feet, plays through the ball well with clean exchange, throws showed good accuracy at 81 mph.  At the plate, uses a balanced setup, no load, short stride, can benefit from more lower half involvement in swing, good balance, registered two singles in game play with pull tendencies, ran 7.13 60 yard dash, 78 mph tee exit velocity.  On the mound, uses short arm action through an over the top arm slot, fastball straight at 76-77 mph, slows arm on curveball at 59-62 mph with gradual 12/6 action.

Casey Klein, LHP, Kentucky Country Day HS, 2014
5-foot-11, 180-pound prospect, uses short to medium arm action through a ¾-high ¾ arm slot.  Fastball showed improved velocity from previous event and sat 77-78 mph with good arm side run, curveball shows sweeping 2/8 action and sat 61-65 mph, changeup sat 72-74 mph with some arm side run, gained better command of curveball later in his 1st inning into his 2nd inning of work.

Jack McCreery, C, Ballard HS, 2015
5-foot-6, 170-pound prospect with strong lower half, shows solid receiving and blocking skills behind the plate, sets up well, arm strength at 72 mph from the crouch, pop times registered 2.05-2.21, room to improve pop times with quicker footwork and glove to hand transfer.  At the plate, shows a quiet approach from a balanced setup, triggers hands from chest level, long swing path, hit a double in game play, aggressive baserunning thrown out stretching into a triple, ran 7.31 60 yard dash, 78 mph tee exit velocity.

Seth Murphy, RHP/SS, Garrard County HS, 2015
6-foot, 165-pound prospect is one of the top pitching prospects in the 2015 class and also shows good two-way potential.  On the mound, he throws from a high ¾ slot with long and loose arm action and registered the top velocity of the event with a fastball that sat consistently 85-88 and touched 89 on a few occasions with some arm side run, flashed a 67-69 mph curveball with tight spin and 11/5 action, and 72 mph changeup with arm side run and sink.  As a position player, shows 86 mph arm strength across the infield, room for improvement in footwork and hands, runs very well with 6.70 60 yard dash.  At the plate, starts with balanced setup, short stride, wraps in load, good rhythm, swing gets long at times, good use of lower half creates bat speed, registered 84 mph tee exit velocity.

Quenton Brownlee, RHP/SS/OF, Franklin County HS, 2014
5-foot-11, 185-pound prospect with athletic skills, good lateral movement in the infield and quick release, throws registered 79 mph across the infield.  Plays through the ball well in the outfield, shows athleticism, 87 mph arm strength with carry. Offensively, quiet approach, balanced setup, smooth load, short stride, good balance throughout, very good lower half torque in swing creates bat speed through the zone, ran 6.70 60 yard dash, registered 88 mph tee exit velocity, very good raw tools.  On the mound, medium arm action through a high ¾ slot, fastball sat 81-83 mph touching 84 with some cutting action, curveball sat 64-68 mph down in zone, athletic two-way prospect.

Zachary Wiley, C/3B/OF, Collins HS, 2014
6-foot-2, 180-pound prospect with athletic build, projects best as 3B at the next level, shows fluid footwork, soft hands, and excellent arm strength across the infield at 88 mph.  Behind the plate, shows athleticism, good receiver, footwork and throwing mechanics are raw, long arm action, throws from the crouch at 80 mph with pop times of 1.91-2.02.  In the outfield, plays through the ball well, good actions, 88 mph arm strength with carry.  Offensively, uses a balanced setup, no stride, short path to the ball with explosive lower half that creates barrel whip through the zone, good round of BP and hit the ball hard in game play with a hard single to left and a line drive triple to center.  Potential to be an athletic, high-level corner guy with pop in his bat.

Mason Jeffries, 3B, Collins HS 2014
5-foot-11, 190-pound prospect with strong frame, shows good lateral movement, good arm strength at 81 mph across the infield.  At the plate, hits from an open stance, squares frontside, shows quickness in hands, short stride, good bat speed at 86 mph off the tee, good round of BP consistently barreling up the baseball, showed the ability to hit to all fields in game play with a solid single to left-center and also to right field.

Zach Allen, RHP/1B, South Laurel HS, 2015
6-foot-3, 215-pound prospect, big body/strong build, shows good athleticism around the bag, arm strength at 78 mph across the infield.  At the plate, hits from the left side, raw strength in swing, projects to hit for power, balanced setup, short stride, shows the ability to take the ball the other way.  On the mound, throws from high ¾ arm slot, some stiffness in delivery, fastball sat 79-81 mph with some slight arm side run, curveball showed sharpness and 10/4 action at 66-67 mph, has a tendency to get around his changeup at 71 mph. 

Dalton Pope, 3B, Bourbon County HS, 2014
6-foot-1, 220-pound strong bodied prospect, room to improve footwork and hands, shows very good arm strength at 86 mph across the infield.  At the plate, hits from a balanced setup, short stride, swing gets long at times, shows raw strength and ability to find the barrel, pull tendencies, single to left and double off the left field wall in game play.  Has raw skills and strength, power potential at the plate.