Prep Baseball Report

Top Uncommitted 2016 Catchers

By Chris Fuller
Kentucky Scouting Director

The early signing period is a little more than a month away for this year’s senior class, and while the recruiting process in baseball has sped up significantly over the past few years, there are always quality players left on the board this time of year. This year is no different.

We recently updated our Class of 2016 rankings and have begun to take a look at the top ranked uncommitted seniors by position group. Today we take a look at some of the top uncommitted catchers from the 2016 class.

Name: Vincent BoilsVincent Boils
Height: 6-1
Weight: 197
High School: Southwestern
Position: C
State Ranking: 46
Scouting Report: (8/8/15) 6-foot-1,197-pound right handed hitter with solid offensive and defensive abilities. Hits from a balanced stance, short stride with good balance, short and compact swing, impressed in BP with line drives to the gaps and flashes of power, 84 mph exit velocity off the tee, went 0-for-4 in game play making hard contact in two at bats. Solid receiving and blocking ability behind the plate, keeps pitches in the zone, quick transfer and release with solid footwork, very accurate throws with 76 mph arm strength, showed best pop times to date at 1.94-1.97, one of the top uncommitted catchers in the state.

Name: Derek SchneiderDerek Schneider
Height: 6-2
Weight : 230
High School: McCracken County
Position: C
State Ranking: 62
Scouting Report: (8/8/15) Strong-framed 6-foot-2, 230-pound right handed hitter hits from an open stance and squares up with a short stride, has strength in swing with power potential, shows frame generated bat speed, took good round of BP showing gap power, 84 mph exit velocity (90 at previous event), ran 4.81 down the line, went 2-for-5 in game play with singles to CF and RF. Has a short high-3/4 release with solid transfer, 76 mph velocity (78 at previous event) with accurate throws, pop times ranged from 1.97-2.10 (1.91-2.00 at previous event with better velocity) footwork stays online, solid receiver and blocker who handles pitchers well.

Name: Dalton DedasDalton Dedas
Height: 5-11
Weight : 185
High School: St. Xavier
Position: C
State Ranking: 75
Scouting Report: (6/16/15) 5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitter hits from a balanced stance with a short stride, explodes with lower half and maintains good balance, line drive type hitter with occasional pull side power, shows good bat speed through the zone, 91mph exit velocity, ran 4.54 down the line, went 2-for-3 in game play with a single to center and single to right. Very solid defensive catcher, good receiver and blocker, 73 mph arm strength with a quick release, pop times ranged from 1.96-2.03 with solid throws to the bag, solid all-around 2016 prospect.

Name: Isaac LineberryIsaac Lineberry
Height: 6-0
Weight : 200
High School: McCracken County
Position: C
State Ranking: 77
Scouting Report: (2/14/15) 6-foot, 200-pound prospect with strong frame, right-handed hitter hits from an open stance, squares front side with a toe tap and short stride, good strength present in swing, uses strong lower half well, show power potential, ran 8.02 60-yard dash, showed an increase in exit velocity at 85 mph (82 previous event). Defensively, has a good setup behind the plate, solid receiver with soft receiving hand, footwork drifts to third base side occasionally, short high-3/4 release with fairly quick transfer, 75 mph arm strength from the crouch with 1.97-2.08 pop times.

Name: Austin HashAustin Hash
Height: 6-4
Weight : 220
High School: Campbellsville
Position: C
State Ranking: 81
Scouting Report: (6/16/15) 6-foot-4, 220-pound right-handed hitter hits from a balanced stance, short stride, strong frame creates some bat speed, 86 mph exit velocity, swing generates some lift with pull-side power, ran 4.83 down the line, went 0-for-3 in game play. Showed 75 mph arm strength behind the plate, quick transfer and release, footwork stays online, pop times ranged from 1.94-2.02 with most throws accurate to the second base bag.