Central Massachusetts Open ID: 2017 Player Evaluations


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Central Massachusetts Open ID

By Dennis Healy and Dylan Hefflinger

PBR MA Director of Scouting and Editor in Chief

Sunday marked the second event for PBR in Massachusetts. The Central Massachusetts Open ID had a good turn out as there was a great deal of talent present. There were numerous 2015 graduates, who recently signed their NLI’s and are on their way to the next level in attendance as well as a number of talented uncommitted prospects in the 2015, '16, and '17 class. We would like to thank all who participated in the event.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding and updating profiles for each of the players in attendance, including complete analysis and video.

Interested in attending a PBR Massachusetts event? Check out our schedule by clicking here.

For now, please take a look at the full statistical results from the event by clicking here.

Central Massachusetts Open ID: 2017 Player Evaluations

Top Position Prospect

Top Pitching Prospect

Individual Player Evlauations

Brian Twomey, LHP, Hudson

6-foot, 182-pounds left-handed pitching prospect. Throws from a 3/4 slot with some arm-side run to his mid-70s fastball. The delivery has effort to it as he pulls hard with the front side and moves his head. There is deception to the delivery as he hides the ball very well. Spun a cutter at 69 and showed a 64 mph changeup. Also added in a decent split-finger at 67. Arm works and his frame is projectable.

Cam O'Toole, C, Grafton

5-foot-8, 155-pound young and very well skilled right-handed hitting catcher. Short arm path and good feet behind the dish. Pop time of 2.10 with room for improvement. Throwing 69 mph from behind home while being very accurate. Ran well for a catcher at 7.28 in the 60-yard dash. Nice and loose receiving skills during bullpens, showing the ability to block as well. The bat needs some strength to it as he drops his hands and is a bit long to the ball. The setup is even and simple.

Frank DiOrio, OF/LHP, Beverly

5-foot-10, 175-pound two-way prospect who put on quite a showing in Shrewsbury. An exceptional athlete. 80 mph from the outfield and 74 across the diamond at first. Showed excellent glove work and feet at first. Ran a 7.25 and swung the bat from both sides of the plate. The right-handed swing is flat and short to the ball. Frank sets up a bit wider than even and the bottom half movement is limited, helping his stay in position to hit. The left-handed swing is a bit longer and shows pull side power. It is safe to say with work, he could hit from both sides at the next level. On the tee he displayed an exit velocity of 87 and 88 respectively. On the bump the arm works fast and clean out of a tick higher than a 3/4 slot. Fastball touched 78 and the spin is plus at 68. The changeup was good and had depth at 73. Showed a slider/ cutter at 69. The delivery is closed at lift and he spins off a bit but tons to like on the mound as he has three advanced pitches already.

James Michaud, OF, Sheehan

5-foot-6, 128-pound outfielder who showed a 72 mph velocity in the outfield. The approach to the ball was aggressive and he stayed above the ball for carry. Ran a 7.06 60-yard dash and did it at an easy level. Simple swing out of an even stance, with hands produced line drives. Bat path is flat and simple, just needs added physical strength to it.  Reached a top exit velocity of 72 mph off the tee.

JD Bailey, OF/SS, Grafton

At 5-foot-9,155-pounds his frame has room to grow and is currently long and rangy. Ran an easy 7.25 60-yard dash and displayed a 72 mph arm. There is quickness to his hands at the plate, 79 mph tee exit velocity. Set up is wide and he lunges towards the ball to contact. Swing is a bit long as hands get out and around however, he showed good power potential. 

Liam Sullivan, INF, The Rivers

5-foot-10, 170-pound infield prospect who showed very well in the field with solid glove work and an accurate throwing arm due to him following his throw with his feet. Arm strength is 72 across the field and the throwing slot is proper for the pivot. Could play second or third. Ran a 7.84 60-yard dash but has time improve his time. The bat works very well, he hits off his front foot out of an even based stance. Serious potential at the plate as he drops that barrel head well at this point of his development.

Matt Tabor, SS/RHP, Milton Academy

5-foot-10, 150-pound two-way prospect. This is the second time Tabor has been to an event and Improved his 60-yard dash time with a 7.80. At shortstop, he showed the same smooth actions and got rid of the ball much quicker and cleaner this time around. The bat is light now due to physical strength but he has a even setup and loose hands to the bat path. On the mound, he touches 79 with arm-side action and displayed a good breaking ball at 68. Changeup had plus action to it at 71. Delivery is clean and repeatable. A good athlete and two-way prospect with the frame that is ideal for development. 

Noah Rivera, 3B, Greater New Bedford Votech

6-foot, 175-pound third base prospect that showed good athleticism at the event. Ran a 7.40 and showed life in the bat, with a tee exit velocity of 86. Glove played well at third and showed an accurate arm with 66 mph arm strength. Bat has good life to it and is flat through the zone, however he does cut off his swing a bit at finish. Bottom half set up needs to quiet down but he could be an offensive weapon with his hand speed

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