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Eastern Massachusetts Preview: Class of 2015/16 Player Evaluations

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Prep Baseball Report got off to a great start with their opening event at The SportsPlex in Danvers. 

In the coming weeks, we will be adding and updating profiles for each of the players in attendance, including complete analysis and video.

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For now, please take a look at the full statistical results from the event by clicking here.

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Eastern Massachusetts Preview 2015 Player Evaluations

Drew Naismith, MIF, Walpole High School, 2015

5-foot-7, 155-pound prospect. Drew is a 7.30 runner with good feet in the infield and arm carry at 71 mph. He swung the bat fine, showed a thick barrel through the zone and pull gap power. He hits out of a wide base and a low set up with his hands. 

Nicholas Staszewski, CIF, Hudson High School, 2015

6-foot-2, 197-pound prospect. Nicholas ran an athletic 7.30 at the event. He showed good and long arm strength with the ability to handle the glove. His position could be either corner. Nicholas is a left-handed hitter with a flat and long swing. He cuts off his finish which leads to a pull only approach. He could lean on the pull side ball but he will struggle with anything away from him. Nicholas is a good athlete so he could adjust and let his hands work more, time will tell.

Eastern Massachusetts Preview 2016 Player Evaluations

Top Position Prospect

Top Pitching Prospect

Individual Player Evaluations

Brian Doherty, IF/RHP, Billerica Memorial HS, 2016

Brian is a 5-foot-6, 170-pound right-handed hitting infielder who projects to be a college second baseman.  In the field he threw with a quick release and a short arm path. His fielding skills are fine, he does need to field the ball a bit further out in front of his body. His approach to the ball and prep steps are good. The bat has good life to it, hands are loose and free. Arms are short so his plate coverage and ability to get to the inner half pitch are good. Brian ran an event best 6.83. Good tools across the board

Devon Dimascio, RHP, Xaverian HS, 2016

6-foot-1, 160-pound prospect. Devon showed well with the quickness in his arm path. He shows a good feel for his body on the mound, with some deception to the delivery. His fastball has life at 83 but there is certainly more in there as his slot gets a tick too high when he gets up on the elevation. When Devon gets comfortable letting his arm work and keeping his shoulder plane the same he will see a jump in velocity. Devon's breaking pitch is good at 71 and short. His changeup is a split grip at 75. He has a chance to be a very good one.

Ethan Hebard, C, North Attleboro HS, 2016

6-foot-3, 165-pound big, physical catcher with good receiving skills. His footwork behind the plate needs some cleaning up and his arm is a tick long but he has arm strength. Ethan's pop time was 2.30 but that can be improved with work. Ethan shows a long bat path with some stiffness to it. His bat path is out and around with an exit velocity was 72. Ethan has the tools but he needs to loosen up his swing and let his ability work for him.

Frank Celona, C, Malden Catholic HS, 2016

5-foot-11, 170-pound prospect. Frank showed front-line catch and throw tools. He was 1.97 from behind the dish multiple times at the event. Frank showed a quality transfer, good feet and an accurate arm. He has a loose body and could put some pounds on in the future. At the plate, Frank shows a short compact swing with very little bottom half movement which leads me to believe he can stay in position to hit. Good looking player and one to watch.

James Bruneau, LHP/OF, Obridge Academy, 2016

5-foot-11, 190-pound prospect. James ran a 7.40 and threw 74 from the field. He is a good athlete with a physical stature. James' swing has some juice to it but he has no load with his hands yet and very little movement to go along with it. He gets the bat head out and showed 80 mosh bat speed. With some adjustments James could hit for some power. On the mound, James topped out at 75 from a high left-handed slot. His breaking ball was 59 and his changeup was 68.

John O’Donnell, LHP, North Attleboro HS, 2016

6-foot-1, 162-pound prospect. John showed a clean and long arm swing at our event. He topped out at 74 but his arm works too well for it to stay like that. He is rail thin and long armed and projects to make a jump from his low-3/4 slot. John commanded his pitches and showed crossfire with his pitches. His breaking ball spin is fine at 60 mph. John's changeup spin needs some cleaning at 65 mph but should be able to put it together at some point. Interesting, will like to see how much he progresses in 24 months.

Joshua DelSignore, C/OF, Sutton Memorial HS, 2016

6-foot-3, 185-pound prospect. Josh did it all at the event. He threw 82 mph from the outfield and worked out behind the dish as well. Joshua looks to be an outfielder first. He is a good looking athlete who ran a 7.40 and has a good arm. Joshua has some life in his bat with an 86 mph bat head speed. He has a big leg kick that he probably could eliminate to help him gain leverage in his swing. This will help him handle secondary stuff. There is potential in this player.

Kyle Freitas, 3B/RHP, Bishop Feehan HS, 2016

6-foot-1, 205-pound prospect. Kyle showed well my for himself on Saturday. He showed very good bat speed at 85 mph. Kyle also showed good feet around the bag and a 75 mph arm in the field. He ran a 7.70 but did show better feet in the field. On the mound, Kyle topped out at 79 mph with good spin on the breaker at 68. His changeup was at 68 mph and had good rotation to it. Kyle threw from a 3/4 slot while showing some crossfire to his fastball.

Nathan Florence, RHP, Minnechaug HS, 2016

6-foot-1, 165-pound prospect. Nathan is a very good prospect with a projectable body. He shows serious life on his current low-80s fastball. The ball jumps out of his hand and his long arms lead you to believe he could be a high level guy down the road. Nathan's changeup has solid rotation with some good action to it at 77 mph. Nathan's breaking ball is currently a bit soft but the spin is there and should improve while sitting in the upper-60s.

Nathan Porack, 3B/1B, Walpole HS, 2016

6-foot-2, 197-pound big, physical athlete who showed very well. He did run a 7.60 but should be a better runner than that down the road. Nathan threw 81 across the diamond and showed reliable hands and a clean transfer. At the plate, he has some thunder in his swing. Nathan's exit velocity was 91 and his swing is loose and powerful. Nathan needs some tweaking on his set up but if he puts it together he could be dangerous. Nathan is a great prospect to follow!

Pat Jordan, C/RHP, St.John’s Prep, 2016

5-foot-10, 170-pound good looking athlete who showed very well at the event. He ran a 7.60 and threw a 2.03 down to second base from behind he dish. Pat swung the bat from a high elbow start and a small stance with an exit velocity off the tee of 78 mph. On the mound he showed good arm speed with a long arm swing. Pat's fastball touched 83 with more in there. He spun a legit breaking ball at 71 as well. The breaking ball is a true out pitch. His changeup is a work in progress as he has only been pitching for two months.

Philip Barnett, RHP/OF, Newton North HS, 2016

6-foot-2, 165-pound prospect. Philip did a wide variety of things at our event, he pitched, played the outfield and the infield. Phillip showed a 76 mph arm in the field and showed bat speed out of an open stance He had an exit velocity of 73 off the tee. He is a long, wiry athletic kid who ran a 7.20 and showed good actions. On the mound, Phillip showed a long arm path with some deception to it. He topped out at 74 with the fastball and spun a breaking ball at 61 mph. Also showcased a good cutter at 69 mph. Keep in mind he was dealing with a basketball injury.

Rohit Bhagavathula, 3B, Westford HS, 2016

5-foot-10, 180-pound prospect. Rohit has a solid glove in the field and he showed a good transfer with some arm carry. His bat is his best tool as he leans on some balls from a close stance. The barrel stays flat in the zone and he throws his hands. Rohit currently has more pull power due to not letting the ball travel but that should change in time. He had an exit velocity of 82. Rohit ran an 8.10 which could move him to first base.

Stephen Burns, IF, Boston College HS, 2016

5-foot-7, 150-pound prospect. Stephen ran a 7.60 60-yard dash and showed good actions in the field. He threw 68 across the diamond and showed a nice glove,with good footwork. At the plate, the swing is a bit long with an exit velocity of 76. Stephen could shorten down his swing to improve that facet of his game. A good athlete who moves well.