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Shooter's Rapid Reaction: Workout Day - 20 Names to Know

Shooter Hunt
Vice President, Scouting

EMERSON -- The 2021 PBR Future Games kicked off in front of hundreds of college coaches Wednesday as rosters featuring the country’s top uncommitted underclassmen showed out at LakePoint Sports’ pristine facility just outside of Atlanta. Eager to identify future program-changers after a year spent streaming from home, college coaches were treated to a full pro-style workout that allowed the players to showcase their tools.

And they were NOT disappointed.

From speed to power to slick defense, every player exhibited the upside needed to compete at a high collegiate level, all while coaches feverishly jotted down notes and highlighted names to continue following throughout the four-day event.

Below, a list of 20 players that made an impact on Vice President of Scouting, Shooter Hunt, throughout the action-packed first day.

+ Will Gasparino, OF, Harvard Westlake HS, CA (2023)
On a California roster littered with elite prospects and talented players from top to bottom, Gasparino was a clear standout during Wednesday’s workout. In fact, the 6-foot-5, 190-pound, 6.77-runner might end up being the top prospect at the entire event after he showcased immense upside during batting practice. The right-handed hitter possesses electric bat speed with a flat path that gets on plane early, and he has the ability to make adjustments and change planes. He left the yard with ease, and there was more polish and athleticism to the approach than when I saw him earlier this spring. The long-limbed outfielder has plenty of room to continue filing out, clearly, so there’s a chance he develops even more power. Definitely a player that college coaches will be following closely the rest of the week.

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+ Cam Kozeal, SS, Millard South HS, NE (2023)
Kozeal had some “sleeper buzz” coming into the event having won a state championship at Millard South this past spring, and he certainly did not disappoint on day one of the Future Games. Swinging the heaviest barrel of the day, the left-handed hitter exhibited a professional approach throughout his batting practice round, making loud contact with an uphill path that underscores his future power potential. In addition, the 5-foot-11, 190-pounder has a compact frame that allows his hands to remain close to his body while still quickly working the barrel to the ball and staying long through the zone. In a short sample, Kozeal appeared to be the best pure hitter at the event, and will be of the highest priority to see in game.

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+ Andrew Manning, OF, Boston College HS, MA (2023)
Throughout batting practice, Manning put on a show, belting balls from the left side with upwards of 105-mph exit velocities and a handful of home runs. The 6.6-runner fills out the uniform with lean, defined strength throughout his 6-foot, 195-pound frame. The hands load freely down and back with a minor leg kick that allows him to build momentum through impact. Definitely a follow in-game, and one of the big winners of the workout day.

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+ Derek Curiel, CF, Orange Lutheran HS, CA (2024)
Though he only returned 10 days ago from a rib injury that kept him out for the better part of the summer, Curiel showed zero ill effects from the long layoff as he turned in a quality showing that included a 6.77-second 60-yard dash time. The 6-foot-2, 170-pounder has impressive bat-to-ball skills with the ability to cover the plate and change planes. He did so throughout batting practice, with a mature round that also gave a glimpse at some potential future power. With his elite athleticism and defensive capabilities, Curiel’s upside is among the highest in the country. The bat, meanwhile, is likely to have college coaches dreaming of an impact player down the road.

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+ Ryder Robinson, SS, American Fork HS, UT (2023)
Robinson, and the rest of his Utah team, may have had to wait until the final batting practice group of the day, but the best might have been saved for last. The lean and athletic, 6-foot-2, 165-pound switch-hitting infielder initially stepped into the box from the left side, where he comfortably put outstanding swings on nearly every pitch, delivering gap-to-gap drives that will likely get a boost as he continues to fill out his frame. Balanced throughout with fluid hands and intent to hit the ball hard, Robinson turned around right-handed and executed without change. The hit-tool gave the impression of being elite, and he is a firm follow for all eyes throughout the week.

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+ Casey Borba, 3B, Orange Lutheran HS, CA (2023)
Borba burst on the national stage a year ago at the PBR Future Games with a stellar showing, and if this year’s workout day is any indication of what’s to come over the rest of the week, he may have a chance to be even better. Always carrying a quiet confidence, Borba’s hands moved even more freely this year in sync with a controlled leg kick, and he was able to work gap-to-gap with some flashes of pull-side power. The overall approach appears more fluid now, and after a strong spring season in the nation’s toughest high school conference, Borba continues to trend up.

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+ Ben Reiland, OF, Orange Lutheran HS, CA (2024)
Only a rising sophomore, Reiland is quickly becoming the epitome of consistency. He put quality swings on every pitch he saw in batting practice, which led to every ball being well-struck. Unassuming at 5-foot-9, 145-pounds, the left-handed hitter stays within himself, working short-to-long through the zone with the ability to use all fields at a high level. Interesting in this look, Reiland showed off a bit of pull side power with some aggressive swings and also ran a 6.93 60-yard dash.

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+ Luke Taylor, C, Skyline HS, UT (2024)
Taylor’s natural strength and athleticism provided for some eye-opening power as he banged several balls over the wall in the final group of the day. The 6-foot, 170-pound backstop has strong wrists and quick hands as well as an athletic frame that should hold much more strength in the future.
+ Avery Ortiz, SS, Union HS, OK (2023)
Unassuming with a quiet confidence, Ortiz turned in one of the better all around days. That included a smooth operation at shortstop, a 6.73 60-yard dash time and a batting-practice performance that was both presently efficient and exciting in terms of his future potential. Ortiz’s 6-foot, 175-pound frame is athletic and plays close to the ground.
+ Cooper Neville, SS, Mountain Ridge HS, AZ (2023)
Neville, a 6-foot, 175-pound left-handed shortstop, showed off some intriguing physicality at the plate during batting practice. A short stride allows Neville’s hands to work the barrel into a power position before taking a more pronounced uphill path, and he’s able to maintain connection while keeping his hands close to his frame. There is more power on the way, and the 7.05-runner is an athlete who should continue to make quick strides forward.
+ Jonah St. Antoine, SS, Forest Hills Northern HS, MI (2023)
St. Antoine was one of the bigger (better) surprise performers of the day. The Team Michigan shortstop is listed at 5-foot-11, 170-pounds, but swung much bigger from the left side while maintaining balance and driving multiple balls out of the park. High-waisted and athletic, St. Antoine has some twitch to the hands, and the barrel showed some lag in the zone that resulted in hard-hit balls to all fields with nearly every swing.
+ Cameron Chee-Aloy, OF, Ontario Terriers, ON (2023)
Chee-Aloy showcased the enviable ability to impact the baseball and explode to top speed. After posting a 6.6 60-yard dash time early on, the right-handed hitter then stepped to the plate and exhibited some of the quickest hands of the event with an aggressive stroke that was both audible and impressive, featuring line-drive strength that will likely develop into much more power as his 6-foot, 175-pound athletic frame fills out.
+ Luke Billings, C/RHP, Prosper HS, TX (2025)
The Texas squad went top to bottom with players who are sure to excite college coaches and likely make a major impact on the rest of the Future Games. But on the workout day, the player that grabbed my eye was one of the youngest in the entire event: Luke Billings. The rising freshman looked much older with regards to his right-handed swings. He confidently hammered balls in batting practice, opening the eyes of every college coach that was in attendance. The 6-foot-2, 172-pounder has one of the more projectable frames, and given the present bat speed, Billings is already likely to draw a crowd from recruiters.
+ A.J. Evasco, 1B, Lincoln East HS, NE (2024)
Evasco, only a rising sophomore, showed immense power potential as he effortlessly flicked balls out of the yard from the left side. The 6-foot-4, 190-pounder is wiry-thin with some natural athleticism, and it doesn’t take much for him to impact the baseball. He gains momentum through impact and possesses an innate ability to lift the ball.

+ Antonio Perrotta, 1B/LHP, Georgetown Prep, MD (2023)
Perrotta, an imposing, 6-foot-4, 225-pounder, confidently stepped to the plate and proceeded to deliver exit velocities up to 97 mph with loud contact throughout. The left-handed hitter creates considerable torque throughout the swing, which works with impressive length through the zone. There is quickness to the hands, and they load freely to a power position with a medium-sized leg kick. The thought of him blossoming into a major run-producer at the next level surely will be on the minds of college coaches the rest of the week.

+ Drew Burress, OF/3B, Houston County HS, GA (2023)
Burress is listed only at 5-foot-9, but he has present compact strength and tools that shine much bigger than his height. The right-handed hitter has advanced barrel control, and his ability to get on-plane early and get the barrel out while remaining compact to the frame is highly advanced for the class. Burress posted exit velocities up to 100 mph and unleashed throws from the outfield at 96 mph, all while exuding an aura of confidence that allows those big tools to play up even more. He worked loudly from gap to gap with impressive bat speed, and while his frame might be shorter, the power he packs into each swing is both controlled and mighty.

+ Cale Stricklin, C, North Oconee HS, GA (2023)
Stricklin was my favorite defensive catcher at the National Program Invitational (NPI) earlier this summer thanks to the loose hips and soft hands that make him an elite receiver in the class. The workout day allowed the 5-foot-11, 185-pounder to showcase his skills, and he continued to impress as a strong defender, producing pop times as low as 1.85 seconds. The right-handed hitter has a balanced approach and employs an early setup that allows his hands to work freely with a slightly uphill path that produces some developing power.

+ Ethan Sutton, 3B/RHP, Allatoona HS, GA (2023)
One of the top uncommitted two-way players, Sutton’s right-handed swing is what caught my eye in this viewing. Leveraging his 6-foot-3, 205-pound frame, the right-handed hitter separates the hands into a power position before working the barrel flat through the zone to drive the ball to both gaps. Sutton is athletic but has room to add more strength, and his upside as a two-way player is likely to draw attention the rest of the week.
+ Dillon Moquin, OF, Stoneman Douglas HS, FL (2023)
Moquin has present defined strength throughout his 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame and swings the bat with intent. The left-handed hitter sets up early, getting the front foot down as the hands work back into a power position with a wrap. From there, he quickly turns the barrel out front, producing hard contact with a propensity for driving the ball in the air. The balance and controlled aggression stand out, and given Moquin’s present 99-mph exit velocity, his potential to hit for more power is evident.
+ Harrison Lewis, 1B/RHP, West Forsyth HS, NC (2023)
Lewis stepped to the plate with his broad-shouldered, 6-foot-5, 235-pound frame and proceeded to blast some of the biggest home runs of the day. The right-handed hitter has natural, raw strength with quick hands and strong forearms that provide some eye-opening bat speed and power. Also listed as a pitcher, Lewis will be an intriguing follow, along with the rest of Team Carolina, the rest of the week.

+ Aydan Hamilton, SS, Campbell County HS, KY (2023)
Long and lean at 6-foot-5, 185-pounds, Hamilton’s basketball pedigree was talked about before the event, and that athleticism showed at the plate during batting practice. Still maturing physically with more strength on the way, the left-handed hitter showcased some quickness to the hands, working slightly uphill, and the ability to drive the ball from gap to gap while flashing future pull-side strength. The wiry-athlete also posted a 6.87 60-yard dash time.

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