The Massachusetts Big Board: Top Uncommitted Class of 2016 Middle Infield Prospects



By Dennis Healy
PBR MA Director of Scouting 

Throughout the month we look to highlight some of the top uncommitted talent. Below we would like to showcase four uncommitted 2016 middle infielders for everyone.

Top Uncommitted Class of 2016 Middle Infield Prospects


Scott Holzwasser, LIncoln Sudbury

5-foot-9, 165-pound middle infielder. Holzwasser plays with the New England Ruffnecks in the summer. He is a smooth, athletic infielder with a good first step and range. Holzwasser is very able around the bag and shows plenty of arm strength to play in the middle of the field. With time, his body will fill and he should be a high level prospect. At the plate, Holzwasser is a top of the order or bottom type of the order hitter. Holzwasser spreads the field and will have to use the short game at the next level. Holzwasser is a gap-to-gap hitter now with a solid approach.

Rich Gilbride, Salisbury School

5-foot-11, 170-pound athletic infielder. On the field he is an average runner with a solid approach at the plate. Gilbride handles the bat well and stays within his skill set, a promising attribute to have. He grinds through his at bats and plays the game with energy. In the field, he shows a solid arm and the ability to get off the ball. Gilbride's glove is solid and with practice and time he will improve at the pivot.

Brian Doherty, Billerica High School

5-foot-6, 160-pound middle infielder. Although he is small in stature his game is good. He is a 6.8 runner and his speed plays in the games. Doherty uses his speed on the bases and at the plate to his advantage. His bat is average right now, while spreading the field from a balanced set up. In time, he should be able to handle the barrel more effectively with some added strength. He shows an accurate arm with a solid glove. Doherty's range is fine but may find himself as a second baseman.

Ian Fair, Walpole High School

6-foot-2, 190-pound protectable, athletic build. Defensively, he shows above average foot speed which translates to the game. His range and first step are above average. Fair's glove work is advanced for his age, and will only get better with time and reps. At the plate, he shows pull power and is still working on spreading the field. As Fair grows, he should turn a lot of heads with his projection and ability.

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