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George Halim
Assistant Director of Scouting - Canada

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Quebec Scout Blog: Uncommitted Catchers

You don’t need to look too far to know that Canada has produced some decent catchers.

Some of those catchers around Canada include Bo Naylor (2018, 1st-Round, Indians), and Andy Yerzy (2016, 2nd-Round, Diamondbacks), and Owen Diodati (Alabama, 2019) to name a couple

Quebec in particular has had success behind the plate as of late, producing Archer Brookman (Ohio State, 2016) Raphael Pelletier (Kansas State, 2020), and Nic Fortin (Louisiana-Monroe, 2022). Here we take a look at some catchers in Quebec worth keeping an eye on.

Matys Gagnon C / Academie Baseball Canada, QC / 2021

Report: Standing at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, Gagnon is one of the tougher catchers out of Quebec who is uncommitted. Behind the plate he’s physical, flexible, mobile, moves well for his size, and the arm works. At the plate he’s got some juice from the left side, the bat can be a bit slow at times. When he connects though, it’s loud. If a JUCO is looking for a catcher late in 2021, Gagnon is a safe option who could grow into a staple in the lineup. 

Gabriel St-Georges C / 2B / De Mortagne, QC / 2021

Report: At 5-foot-9, 170-pounds, Gabriel St. Georges could provide some relief to JUCOs looking to add a potential bat behind the plate. Overall, St. Georges does everything fairly well. He plays the infield, pitches and catches. The bat plays in game, but the body not being physically mature yet is a big factor. He’s got some mass to him, and when he gets into game shape he should be fine defensively. The arm works, it’s very long right now, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to correct. If you need a guy to play elsewhere in the infield as well, St. Georges is your guy. 


Franco Riposo C / 3B / Ecole Secondaire Edouard-Montpetit, QC / 2022

Report: One of the catchers who was noticeable in Montreal was uncommitted Franco Riposo. He stands at 5-foot-9, 160-pounds, but there’s some twitch to him. What stands out the most in his game is the defense. His transfer is fast, the feet are quick, and his throws have ride to them. He’s mobile behind the dish and receives his staff well. He also showed off his arm in-game, and has a good feel for the position. Offensively there isn’t a lot of power right now, but he also needs to get bigger and stronger, which is going to play a huge role in how he pans out. 

Deiten Lachance C / 3B / Le triolet, QC / 2023

Report: One of the more athletic catchers on the list, Lachance comes with a bit of intrigue. At 6-foot-1, 170-pounds, Lachance has long, wiry arms, and he’s quick with everything he does. Defensively he was sub 2.00 on his POP a couple of times, the arm works, the footwork is good and overall with a few less unnecessary movements he could be 1.95 with ease. At the plate he swings it alright, too. With a wood bat in his hands he still shows some bat speed and pop. Once Lachance gets more physical, he’ll be someone worth watching as he grows.